The Return of the Gods. Channeling of 10.04.1993.

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Table of contents hide 1 The spirit itself is like a living cell of that infinite body of the Great Creator, of Brahma, therefore, they are all Children of Light, for he is energy vibration n-rhythm-movement-sound-light-color. 2 The creative energy is perpetually discharged. 3 The Lesser Gods have been taking care of many aspects of the evolution in the five kingdoms 4 are closely related to the Angelic and Energy Hierarchies. 4 Man has to reach a great spiritual transformation to reach Divine Mind 6 and the Divine Creator.

Channeled Message from the Masters of Light.

In Portuguese the Original.

Today, humanity has the idea and conviction of a unique God, the Great Creator and Builder of the entire universe, stars and worlds, of all species of life, or as the Masons call it, "The Great Architect of the Universe" .

In India they call it Brahma, the Supreme, the Absolute, the Universal and Cosmic Spirit . This idea is correct, He is the one who ordered the entire Creation, through his Word, so that all our universe and life were created.

And it was through the divinities, the executors, their direct messengers and divine architects, that “all the works were created”, executed by the Cosmic Gods, which are divided into Major and Minor Gods related to the formation of matter, physical, astral and mental, that is, the worlds of the forms where the spirit and soul of human beings evolve towards the Universal Spirit, to the Absolute.

The spirit itself is like a living cell of that infinite body of the Great Creator, of Brahma, therefore, all are Children of the Light, for He is energy vibration-rhythm-movement-sound-light-color.

If all the peoples and religions that passed through the Earth, you will find mention of a great “pantheon” of Gods, each executing a function in accordance with the Great Divine Plan, and all fulfilling the Universal Laws following the Great Cosmic Master, who wisely The great orchestra rules where we are instruments for the divine melodies to be played, the divine sounds reproduced, the Divine Creation to continue His Works and the universe to continually expand.

It is difficult to find human words to designate Beings that are very high in evolution from those others, already evolved by themselves, the Beings of Light, the Masters. Many Beings of the highest Angelic Hierarchies, seen by your clairvoyance, arise in your spiritual eyes and in your higher consciousness as authentic Gods, due to their sublime divinity of love and wisdom, will and intelligence, their radiant spiritual beauty and their continuous action in helping the evolution of all beings and evolutionary lines of the Earth.

In this way, in the eyes of the ancient peoples and in many books of occultism and esotericism, they appear as divinities, taking care that the divine sounds and rhythmic vibrations are produced and the divine works executed so that everyone can have conditions of evolve, being aware of what they really are, Children of the Light, working and serving the Divine Light so that the works of the Great Creator are executed with much love and wisdom, for the benefit of the evolution of the universe and all beings .

The hidden philosophy shares from the point of view of science that the universe consists not only of matter, but of energy, and adds that the universe of force is the Kingdom of the Gods. Because fundamentally these Beings are directors of universal forces, agents of the Logos energy, their engineers or architects in the great creative process, faced as continuous.

The creative energy is perpetually poured.

In her march from her original source to the material manifestation as substance and physical form, she passes through the bodies and auras of the Gods . During the process, it is transformed, reduced in its primary power. Thus the creator Gods are also transformers of energy .

Countless in their number, innumerable in their orders and degrees, the Gods inhabit the superphysical worlds, each order executing its particular task, each with specific powers and presenting a characteristic appearance.

The set constitutes a line of evolving beings, in the present following an evolutionary path parallel to that of man, and which with it uses the planet and the Solar System as a field of activity and development.

The Cosmos everything is guided, controlled and animated by the almost infinite series of Hierarchies or sentient Beings, each having a mission to fulfill and that, we have already given them one name or another, that we call them Dhyam-Chohans or ngeles are Messengers only in the sense that they are the agents of the Karmic and Cosmic Laws.

The Lesser Gods have been taking care of many aspects of the evolution in the five kingdoms 4 and are closely related to the Angelic and Energy Hierarchies.

Mankind finally maturing, gradually becomes spiritually adult and begins to reach an evolutionary stage in which its upper plots of the mind and the mind-feeling are most used in order to reach more subtle levels .

The Greater Gods or, as we call them, the Titans of the Divine Light, are returning to Earth, getting closer to men.

Today, some of these major divinities are already in contact with many human souls, orienting them, passing on their fantastic wisdom and bringing energies that help humanity to finally enter. in the Kingdom of Heaven, in the Kingdom of God, which begins within each 5, in each soul, in each essence, in each atom.

Man has to reach a great spiritual transformation to reach Divine Mind 6 and the Divine Creator.

In this way, he will execute the Divine Works, for the implantation of the Kingdom of the Divine Light within each human being and on the planet, so that everyone returns to the cosmic coexistence, where all the intelligent beings that inhabit our visible universe and Invisible live, evolve and live together in fraternity, where everyone helps each other as a whole, where love-wisdom, will and intelligence direct the spirits, souls, minds and consciences to return to the Divine Kingdom of our Universal Mother-Father.

Master Zanon (Also known as Master Jupiter) 04/10/1993.

Spiritual Channel: Henrique Rosa.

¹ "The Kingdom of the Gods" - Geoffrey Hodson.

² "The Kingdom of the Gods" - Geoffrey Hodson.

³ Dhyam-Chohans. “The Lords of Light, the Devas or higher gods. The divine intelligences in charge of the superintendence of Kosmos. Children of wisdom; The planetary spirits, whose collective aggregate forms the manifested Word of the unmanifest Logos and constitutes, at the same time, the Mind of the Universe and its immutable Law. “-” The Secret Doctrine “- Helena P. Blavatsky.

4 According to esotericism, in relation to the present man there are five active kingdoms: the mineral, the vegetable, the animal, the human and the spiritual, this one also called that of the soul, and two more, that of the spirit and the divine.

5 "The Kingdom of Heaven is an internal state and you have to find it within you." - "The Internal Reality" - Paul Brunton.

6 "The fission of the nucleus of the atom, in recent years, is the external signal or demonstration that humanity encompassed the Divine Mind, and can now walk to embrace the love or attractive nature of the divinad." - "Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle" - Alice A. Bailey.

PORTUGUESE-SPANISH TRANSLATION: Patricia Gambetta, editor in the great family of

SOURCE: Book “O Hidden Government of the World. O Trabalho da Hierarquia Oculta ”, Editorial Portal. Second edition. Author Henrique Rosa.

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