Kryon: From Darkness to Light channeled by Lee Carroll

  • 2017
Table of contents hide 1 This particular channel asks a question: 2 How are you doing? ... And what will it be like to enter the Light coming from thousands of years of darkness? ... What habits are you going to keep from those you have had? in the dark? ... 3 Let me ask you a question: 4 Let's review ...

July 24, 2017, Buffalo, New York, USA UU.

Dear Greetings, I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

I want that around this place you put a bubble that blocks all the sounds and concepts of the outside. Here is an energy for you; and for some today it will be an energy of ... Eureka! ... This energy is not new, it is of memories; Dear ones, for you there will be a quantity of these memories. This is what you expected: That you were going to begin to remember the things that you had learned in the old days and that made sense, the energies that some experienced as Shamanic Beings ... Old Souls: The ancients were yourselves; and there is so much to remember ... You remember several prophecies in which you even participated, knowing on some level that one day you would live them ... And here you are ... All these things start to make sense according to the perceptions you have.

This particular channel asks a question:

How are you going to go from darkness to light?

When an Old Soul has been on the Planet for as long as the Humans, it has been alive at some level since when the Creative Source itself gave you the History of Creation in which you were imbued with the knowledge of darkness and Light ... Civilization after civilization, even during those that are not yet known for your history books ... You were part of that, how old you are; and in none of the cases did you leave the playground ... What do I mean by this? ... That on a scale of 1 to 10, in which 1 is the birth and 10 the graduation, you are around 3 and a half ... And this is the maximum that has been achieved in any of the civilizations of the Planet ... Oh! There have been some with enlightened beginnings that later became corrupted very quickly ...

And here you are with the idea of ​​being in a civilization that was prophesied, beginning the evolution of the Human Consciousness, of the Spirit, of all that is great. So you have lived perhaps millennia in an old energy ... And here you are in a changing energy in which the Light is beginning to show itself, in which darkness is beginning to revive everywhere because it is being defeated; because the Planet will no longer have the same characteristics it used to have; and all the systems that had control, with the lack of integrity and greed, will begin to succumb; that will begin in some parts of the Planet and then others will follow ... But they will succumb because the Light is overcoming ...

How are you doing? How will it be to enter the Light coming from thousands of years of darkness? What are your habits? to keep from those you had in the dark?

In these moments I want to share with you only a few attributes to feed your thoughts Old Souls; you are the hope of the Planet, you are the Light of the Planet, you are the experienced of the Planet, and yet many are still in the dark, how are you going to do it? So, as I frequently do, I will make a list that will not be long, of the attributes of the passage from the old to the new. And as in many other lists that I have given you, the number one is ste: Do you believe in that? Do you believe it? We have given you channels on health and your ability to take advantage of the Akasha, to speak with your cells, to work with your Innato And the number one has always been: Do you believe it? And the reason that This is essential and the most important is that if your consciousness does not accept it as true, the rest of your body has no chance.

You are the head of your cells, your Consciousness speaks to your Innato And you have to agree and participate in all that, you have to appropriate it Do you believe in that? Do you really believe that change is happening? If you look at the Planet and see everything that is happening in governments, in business, all that is strange; none of that was supposed to happen with the old road still rolling around in this new energy that has never been tested, that nobody had seen, weird things happen If you put a saltwater fish in fresh water, die ; unless there is a mechanism to refine your metabolism so that you don't need the salt, you are moving from darkness to light; and in this there is much sweetness; and everything you see is changing

Number 1: You have to believe it! And this is the first question I will ask you: Do you believe it when you are in the closet with yourself? Is this really happening on the planet? O is it just something you heard in a seminar channeling? It is just a c Have you been optimistic with which you disagree? O are you part of it? How many have you said to yourself: It is really happening! I am in the right place and at the right time to be part of this change, one of the greatest things that has happened on this Planet ... I am alive at the right time, I came to this "...? ... Maybe some of you are super-analytical and say:" I couldn't have come for this, I'm too old "... Or:" This or that is wrong with me, I can't proceed with that " ... Without understanding, Old Soul, that creating the Light is what you do best no matter who you are, or how old you are, or what is happening in your body ... The Creation of Compassion and Light is Creation of Consciousness; and you can all do it.

Many have said: "I will not return next time ... I have already done my job" ... Yes you will return! ... (Kryon laugh) ... I will say it again and again: You will not miss the party! ... Dear, next time once again you will not make the same mistakes you had made, you will arrive renewed; this is what is going to happen ... But for now we need you just as you are, literally, to win this battle between the Light and the dark while you are still here! ... And that's why we have offered you a longer life when you begin to understand how to heal your body, how to speak to your cells, how to do what medicine has said is impossible ... Right now here are some who have already done it! ... I know who you are here, I know who is in front of me … Miracles abound among you, in the audience there are synchronies of which you have not said anything, you have not told anyone or not to many; I know you all, I know what has happened. You are very mature for this information.

Once you have decided that it is real and that you have decided to appropriate it, then you can start ... Then you can start! ... So the number 2 is: What are you going to do about it? (Kryon's laughter) ... What changes in you because you know for yourself the fact that a change is happening between the Light and the darkness that is in the prophecies of the ages, that you are in an unusual mature time to the change? ... What is your next step? ... What are you going to do? ... Human, you keep old habits; and this is not something to be ashamed of or feel guilty about ... Habits are habits, you have done what you have done all your lives, to survive ... And now that begins to change ... And what would happen if you analyzed your reactions to things, your Attitudes towards things? ... Do you spend complaining? ... Maybe you don't even know that you do it, but maybe you do it because others do it and you get chained with them ... Did you know that this is a habit, a cultural habit? ... You may not even believe the things you say, but it is a habit ...

Do you have a positive approach to the future? ... Do you accept what others tell you by nodding and saying: "Yes, we are condemned ... Yes, that is terrifying ... Yes, this will never improve ... Yes ... Yes ... Yes"? ... Or do you think about it; and without taking the opposite, or being antisocial, you say: "Really I am not sure of that, I have also heard good things ... Really I am a little more positive!" ... Without making any statement that makes them feel uncomfortable or wrong? ... Have you already understood the diplomacy of common sense and joy? (Kryon's laughter) ... And how could you go against the flow without being seen as a stranger, as problematic, but as someone with advanced thinking and proactive joy? ... They are different things ... How would you have to change for this to be true? ... Would you have to start looking at things in a different way, to see that what you previously thought impossible was possible? ... Could you begin to consider what could be possible in your life, instead of considering it as something that already did you decide that it can't be? ... Mmmm ... I'm talking to someone who is here and who has decided who he is and that nothing will change him ...

Dear : That is simply not true! Once I gave a channel on the illusory of darkness, on the great falsehoods; This is one of them: That you can not change ... That you will never change ... That Human nature will always be the same ... Can you get out of the box of the past and start looking forward waiting for something new? ... When someone tells you: "These are the facts ... It's the facts! ... That can happen! ... Look: These are the facts, this is what has happened in the past! ", Are you able to say:" I don't know how it will happen, but I am very confident that things can change; and that the future will not be as we have been told… As you know, we don't know everything ”…? (Kryon's smile) ... You don't know what you don't know; so there is hope; and not only hope, there is promise ... Who are you? ... Someone who believes in change and in the way you will change to prove it? ... This was number 2.

Number 3 : In your society and in your culture there are some extremely old energies that have always been the same, representing Human nature; and you have to decide what to do with them. You may not be able to change them, but you have options as to what to do with them. If you already accepted this, this change; if you are beginning to think positively, let me tell you something: On this Planet there is Light that is not being reported; On this planet there are Lights that are beginning, some that are only seeds, some that are growing, some that are beautiful and cheerful ... And you will never know about them ... Why?

Let me ask you a question:

Does it make sense to you to be the positive person you are, wait in your life Compassion and joy, be beginning to work with the darkness of your surroundings, to press against the darkness ... And do what you do when you get tired of your house?…

Some will say that it would be a good idea to turn on the media and look at all the horrible things that have happened that day on the Planet; and if you get tired of the news you go to entertainment and you can see family discussions ... (Kryon's smile) ... What I am telling you, Dear Ones, is that your means are broken; right now they are in the old energy, they think they know what you want; and they give you darkness permanently; and if there is nothing dark, they make it ... That's what you face ...

This is my advice : Carefully select the means you want to hear because you think they are true and precise ... Wouldn't it be better if you had happy things to see? ... You may want to see funny pets (Kryon's smile), animals doing funny things, babies taking their first step, heroic acts on the Planet, amazing nature ... You can see that as much as you want; and without commercials (Kryon's smile); today this is feasible ... So the number 3 is not listening to those transmissions; I say it not only because they are broken, but they have not updated with anything that is happening on the planet ... Not yet ... Even those channels that supposedly give you good education and good history, are biased in ways that do not even you wait ... So choose what you hear very carefully! ... This was number 3.

Let's review ...

They have not caught up with the magnificence of the change that is happening on the Planet, they have not lived up to who you are, they do not know about Old Souls, they do not know what would happen if they began to program things that people would really like ... What would happen? ... Exactly what they want: Your earnings would increase ... I hope you are listening! ... That is what people really want to look at, not what they are showing them. Honestly Dear, there will come a day when there will be more than one channel of good news; and you will tune them in and you will see the best things that have happened that day on the Planet, perhaps balanced with some other things that also happen; but it will be a balance that you have not seen anywhere yet; never.

Let me give you another one. Dear ones, some of you have friends, family, coworkers, with whom it is difficult to be because every time you are with them you only find drama. That hurts you, sometimes it scares you, it tires you; and you can't do anything about it. So is the nature of darkness; frequently in families the drama is agitated; and this is the reason why many of you Lightworkers who are here or listening or reading, have disconnected from the family nucleus. is you become the black sheep They have no idea that you are the white sheep (Kryon's smile) What is black is the drama in which they are agitated; That is why rest days are difficult, because you have to enter the drama for a few moments. There are places of old energy where you have always gone, which are dramatic. Ethics and who prefer drama

I want to tell you something that I have never told you Old Souls, I will serve to find a way out of the drama, whatever this means to you; Here is someone who has already captured it (Kryon laugh) This is the answer you wanted Dear! Disconnect from the drama And when you do you will discover what to live More time, the Light will come in, you will laugh, you will have joy; and you'll never have to watch the drama the way you have to do it now. Lightworkers, Old Souls, listen to me: `` Disconnect yourself from the drama! '' Do not allow any situation to turn over and over again into a dramatic situation in which it is Do you and will allow it? If you can't control it, if you can't participate in changing it, get out of there ... Why be near the poison? Why? continue to ingest things that will kill you? That you would not do; So: Why do you stay in the drama? Individually, each of you knows what I am talking about. This was number 4.

Number 5: This is the last; They are 5 because this has to do with a massive change. I want you to invite your Inner Child back into your life. Dear: You remember that time when you had nothing to worry about, when you were most worried Was it how long you could play before you had to get in? They're still there, and this is not an invitation to irresponsibility, but a invitation to find the joy of the child that you include in the life you know now so that you have a friendship, balance and goodness from the innocence of the child, which is able to temper its entire environment and remain cheerful This is critical This has to be number 5 because it may be the most difficult: I am asking you to be happy in the middle of what surrounds you, with the situations that are in your environment and with the battle between the Light and the darkness ...

And to do that there are memories of the happiest things that have happened to you, which often have to do with your Inner Child: The day before Christmas, or the day of your birthday, the day before any event that you had expected a lot, with your excitement and your innocence you just wanted to jump for joy and just be ... At that time you were very much in love with life ... And I have a statement to make you dear Old Soul: The evolved Human Being has the opportunity to be like this every day of his life, until the last breath ... That is not only typical of a child, it is characteristic of an evolved Human Being ... That is the difference between the old and the new! ... Of course, here Compassion will play its part ... Evident! ... Naturally, Love will have its share ... Common sense ... Obvious! ... You don't have to try to be loving, you don't have to try to be compassionate ... You are exactly like that! ...

Can you recognize it ... Number one: Is it really happening? ... Is the change happening? ... And if so, you have the wind in favor ... We have already said it: This is the New Energy! ... Welcome to the New Earth! ... Get changed from this place; some will have heard this and will say: "That Kryon is crazy ... That's not what I see in the news" ... Exactly! ... And why do you see them? ... Right now on this Planet, beautiful things are happening that are not happening seeing ... I want you to recognize it, know it, believe it and understand it: ... The Light is overcoming!

And so it is.


Translated: Jairo Rodríguez R.

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