Message of the Archangel Raphael channeled by Linayah Kei

  • 2017

Next, we have the honor of reproducing a Message from the Raphael Angel channeled by Linayah Kei . Let us know how new this entity full of love and closeness brings us.

Transcription of the Message of the Archangel Raphael channeled by Linayah Kei


Let me talk about changes. Maybe you think a lot of people are talking about this topic recently. Change. Change. Change.

This is a number one year and that means CHANGE . And the next change is here, dear ones. You have done it.

You are in an unprecedented moment. The glory of what is to come to stay, the work you have done with effort, the new world and the new humans are upon you.

Yes, there is still a lot of work to do, but you have brought something that had never happened before anywhere or at any time . If he fails to lift your head with pride, then we are not sure what it will be.

And the icing on the cake is that you have done it much sooner than expected.

You would be surprised if we told you that we are not only looking towards you, but all galaxies, we are observing everywhere to know what is happening. You are famous! Not only in the world are you renowned, in the entire Galaxy and the Universe you are renowned .

Does this tell you who you are? Do you have any clues about the importance of what your life forms here and now have of Divine magnificence?

You are feeling the enormous change that is happening throughout your planet . And with it come the changes to your own personal lives as much as around you. These changes reach a speed ratio never seen before.

Look at your words and thoughts carefully, my beloved ones, because they will come to light very quickly.

The changes move so fast that things will change in the blink of an eye .

Put on your best hats and your cutest and new shoes. It is time to change the outfit.

So, sit and be observers and let the Divine change come to your door . You have worked very hard to bring change to human consciousness, in your world, in your humanity. You are doing it, so feel proud.

We know that sometimes it seems that your world falls and does not understand how we think and feel. We wonder if we can resist without having white knuckles, but of course it is not necessary, and right now let it flow to you. A soft grip is really what you need to allow it to pass and receive you .

Look and observe. Do not participate in the illusion of fear and chaos. Your environment is too busy trying to stay as it is with the changes that are starting to get dizzy and contradict the times. Of course we found it fun. We see him as a gigantic anthill with numerous ants running like crazy the roads of his hill . They sneak here and there so entertaining trying to get the common goal as the first without taking prisoners while they march.

But this is good because it brings you the knowledge of how much you don't want for your planet and how much it doesn't resonate with you. It shows you the positive path to see everything . Things always become more chaotic before calm comes. If you feel that you are in the middle of a very big storm, then take the intention to be the eye in the center of the storm or other worlds, the observers and not the participants of the drama.

And Beloved, with your personal services it is very different, of course. We are very close and we assist you to move within the news, in unexplored territories that can sometimes be a bit terrifying . You all know in the deepest that without change you cannot grow and move forward. You know that it is so, but when it comes to the present, it becomes very hard to do. We also know it.

Can you be an active love machine instead of a robot that gets carried away by the masses ? They are two different roles and you cannot be both. You have to choose what you will be.

We are here to give you the courage to take these steps, to protect you from wounds and comfort you if your trips are habitual . And yes, of course there will be stumbling blocks. But there is nothing wrong with it and we don't want to see you feel unhappy with yourself when they happen.

As the little boy who is learning to walk and falls to the ground with his ass and then he gets up again and tries again, so you can do. This little boy, when he gets up once, goes ahead and forgets the stumble. That was the past.

Please forget the stumbling blocks you have had because it is the past . They are small inconveniences, nothing more.

This is what we want for you, dear ones. You will stumble, it is part of your human incarnation. But when you see that they are only small inconveniences that happen and forget them instead of dwelling in them, you will be taking great steps towards the enlightenment you seek . You did nothing wrong when you fell. You will not do anything wrong when you do it again and yes, you will be wrong again. See it as learning experiences instead of a mistake.

And remember that you don't have to be alone when you stumble. We are right there to give you the push that will lift you again and return you to the path . I like that you think of us as your beloved grandparents!

Change is necessary . Change is essential in the evolution of your planet and humanity. It has to be and it will be. So embrace it with joy, instead of being disgusted and trying to avoid it, your lives will be much more as you dream them to be.

Oh Beloved Friends, we smile with every step you take and learn, evolving and growing . Our hearts are full of love for each one of you and grateful for your effort, courage and Light.

Allow all the goodness and joy saved for you to enter . We will never abandon you. Let us bring you what you want. Your needs are planned forever. Do not let them go with thoughts that should not occur.

Light Bearers, Light Traitors, you are very important . We want you to have the joy while doing your job. Open your arms and shout Bring how much is mine for my Greater Good with Relief and Grace! . You will have a positive response.

If you are like a cheerleader, then it is good! That is the intention. We encourage you and remind you of your amazing qualities, your unlimited potential, your Divine expression in your human vessel, and that you are much more than you believe . So Yes, Rafael will continue to encourage you to cheer up. You are more loved than anything you can imagine. The world is fine, you are well and you should enjoy when you decide to bring this for you.

Embrace the change to let it in so that it brings you new inspiration greatness . You deserve it, Beloved. Are you willing to allow yourself this gift?

Encouraging you with much Love,

Alexander Raphael.

The Message of Archangel Raphael channeled by Linayah Kei

This is the Message of the Archangel Raphael channeled by Linayah Kei . Will we open ourselves to the change proposed by Divinity? It is only in our hands. Be happy.

Seen in Angelicpathtohealing and translated by Peter, editor of the Great White Brotherhood

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