Message of the Archangel Metatron: The Dawn of the Intuitive World

  • 2014

Mr. Metatron channeled by Natalie Glasson

July 14, 2014

I AM Lord Metatron, I supervise the process of Ascension of the Earth and the present Souls of the Multiversal level of the Creator Universe. My purpose is to guide the Ascension process of all. When you dedicate yourself to your personal Ascension, this is an invitation for me to approach you to support the miraculous and magnificent transformation that is occurring within your Being. Ascension occurs predominantly within you instead of outside, so I I work with the subtle energies of your Soul to manifest more expressions and experiences of the Creator in creative and beautiful ways.

In my previous communication with you I talked about erasing and dissolving the habit of judging negatively, to create peace within your Being, but also to bring peace to the World. Love will truly have a space to grow in you and in the World, only when the judgment is eradicated, because the judgment encourages us to believe in a World devoid of Love. When the judgment is eradicated, does the verification arrive that Love always it has been present in your Being and in the World; only that you have been choosing not to see it, feel it or recognize its enormous and powerful presence. With the disempowerment of the judgment, in the space that is created the Divine and sacred intuition arises, ready to guide you and help you in your sacred reality. This is a very important step to manifest the Age of Love on Earth; a Newborn World of perspective changes that produce harmony and joy for all to experience.

The dawn of intuition in each Being is a moment of great celebration, because for us on the internal levels it symbolizes entering a space of sacred responsibility for your reality, your creations; and your spiritual growth process. Many have been working closely with your intuition for some time now; For those who are already in connection with your intuition, it is time to increase your awareness of your intuition, encouraging the radiant presence of wisdom to be more fully incorporated into your entire Being. The process of building your relationship with your intuition is a journey. in progress; The more confidence you have in your intuition, the more fruitful, abundant and joyful your manifestations and experiences will be. It is important that you allow your intuition to grow, because no matter how strongly you experience your intuition, it can develop a thousand times more. We can imagine your intuition in alignment with the growth of a child. When you first start connecting with your intuition, with your voice, your influence and inspiration are subtle, gentle, gentle, maybe even unrecognizable; and almost like a baby, you cannot truly recognize the character of your intuition or what it is capable of. With confidence, faith, belief and focus, gently nurturing your intuition and getting to know it, it grows as if it were a small child; You recognize the presence of the guide of your intuition, but as in a small child, at this stage there is a lot of growth and many days of experiences to follow, you are still learning to walk and explore, to trust and communicate with your intuition, of the same so that a young child learns to interact with the world.

Gradually, your intuition grows to be adolescent and adult, which means that you feel more fully integrated with your Being, working with you easily and in Oneness. Your intuition becomes who you are, so there is no separation; and you are more willing to accept the full expansion of your intuition as a sacred aspect and a sacred guide of the Creator. This denotes a relationship that has been formed through a gradual acceptance of the power, knowledge and sacred wisdom of your intuition.

Each person is going through this process of incorporating their intuition; and whether your intuition is just emerging, or maturing, it is an omniscient source of wisdom in which you can put all your trust.

Your intuition is an expression of your Soul and the Creator; It is a manifestation of your Divine Self connected with All That Is the Creator and with all the sacred magical qualities of the Creator. It is a guiding Light that guides you personally along the most appropriate path so that you realize your greatest potential. So extraordinary is this guide, that sometimes it may not seem appropriate or seem too ambitious, but your intuition knows the opportunities available to you; and indeed, it is the Creator himself speaking to you at every moment of your day. Your intuition is already guiding you and it has been since you were born, only that the mind can cloud your intuition with its strongest voice and have an impact on your Being. Your intuition can flow through your feelings and emotions to make contact with you; and also print your energy through your mind. If your mind is worried, for example with judgments, then you can lose the subtlety of your intuition. This is why it is essential to dissolve judgments to truly free your intuition and your inner space of Love, because this encourages you to examine the habits of your mind, creating spaces of peace and stillness in it. Not thinking seems inconceivable, but it is possible; It is not always necessary to think when intuition is fully present, as this will inspire you with ideas that you will trust and put into action with ease, thus eliminating some of the thought processes that you may be currently using. You would not become something like a robot, but a beautiful and fruitful expression of yourself; the creator.

When you work on the development of the presence of your intuition, one of the most difficult energies to let go is your control.

When you are not aware of your Spiritual Being, your intuition and All That Is the Creator, your mind, your emotions and your ego have an enormous amount of control and importance in the creation of your reality on Earth. With the process of awakening the Creator within you, this controlling energy and the need to control to feel safe must disappear, to manifest the Creator's power. That may seem as if you are surrendering to the wishes of a friend you do not know; and yet the Creator is very familiar to you and will always treat you in and with Love. The transition from entering your intuitive Being is the process of abandoning control, realizing that you don't have to plan, govern, manipulate or rule your reality. Realizing also that you are not alone, that you do not have to fight, suffer or work hard. When you surrender to your inner friend who wants to guide you, all you need to do is listen and act with confidence according to what you receive; you don't need to do more in this reality; Life is simple and this is the truth.

Life is simple; All you need is to listen to your intuition and courageously implement your guide.

Complications and confusion occur only by not listening to your intuition, because you allow that essence of control to block your understanding of your intuition. If you are willing to give up control, which can always be recognized as limiting thinking, then you will discover the Creator's Divine flow, experiencing and expressing abundance and happiness, really all you need and require.

Can you imagine how it would be if each person on Earth decided to abandon the practice of judging, accepting the presence of their intuition and dissolving the desire to control and control others in any way? Then peace, harmony, truth, love and bliss would manifest on Earth. Disagreements, wars, suffering, pain, abuse and lack, would all dissolve, because it would not be possible to hold on to these energies because those actions are not born of Love or the sacred nature of intuition, but of judgment and of the desire to control. You can notice on Earth the manifestations of judgment and control between peoples and countries, perhaps even in families, but this is only because Love has manifested itself through Lightworkers who are bringing judgment and control to the stage, to stimulate everyone to notice and release these vibrations that are no longer necessary.

Hold on to the vision of a World where each person acts and thinks from his Inner Love and intuition, each person manifesting sacred expressions of the Creator, because this is the result of everything what you are achieving now. A World of peace, joy and harmony, which begins first within each person who is present on Earth, including you.

From my loving Truth,

Mr. Metatr n.

Translated: Jairo Rodr guez R.

Message from the Arc ngel Metatr n: Dawn of the Intuitive World

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