Message of the Archangel Michael: Together we can change everything

  • 2019

Beloved humans, I am the Arc Miguel Angel:

Cross borders, explore new roads and extend your journey far beyond your imagination: this is what this message is about.

Archangel Michael warns that light must enter within us to heal. Source: Pixabay

So far, the fear of repression and the possible consequences if you rebel against the conditions of this matrix, is still widespread. The "revolutionaries" have rarely had a quiet end, and their lives were filled with unfortunate consequences that left deep traces in their karmic consciousness.

These "revolutionaries, " these "prophets, " are among you once again. This is addressed to some of you, who follow this transmission.

The Archangel Michael: change is imminent

Now is the time to heal all the wounds of your energy bodies, to invite the light to enter, so that you can resolve all these dramas, blockages and traumas.

Today the time for healing has come, because due to what is about to happen here on Earth, human beings are needed who these images of past lives no longer pursue.

Now your range of activity will no longer be limited, but will expand in total freedom.

Two things that must happen now

1) Peace and inner equanimity

2.) Action abroad on that basis

Today teachers avoid exposing themselves in public. They fear contempt, teasing and attacks on the mind, spirit and body. This attitude, which is quite understandable, causes some delay or even the total absence of some developments.

Those who connect to the light know their missions

Anyone who is connected to the light of God, the source of all life, knows their missions, and who knows their missions but cannot complete them for the reasons already mentioned, must follow these steps to obtain freedom.

Because humanity needs clear souls, brave spirits and peaceful warriors of light.

Today your light can bring you something great. TODAY you will not be left alone when you approach the ONLY. TODAY you are many, and every time there will be more and more of you.

Anyone who feels the vocation and mission must observe their own blockages and examine them to assess them. Ask yourself: Do these barriers continue to be a support or do they represent an obstacle?

Big changes are coming. Source: Pixabay

Achieve freedom at all levels, that is the goal. You can achieve this if, with the help of the divine light you reveal the reasons for your slavery, you look at them without judging them and dissolve them.

The time has come when an individual can create great changes, and many individuals, together and aligned with the light, can change everything.

The illusion fence becomes transparent

The fence of the illusion surrounding this matrix has been interwoven tightly, but it is becoming transparent and in the process of dissolving.

Dark rulers know it, so they take mass measures to maintain their position in the game. This demonstration of power at so many levels will only last for a time, and each individual decides together how much this time will be.

When you wake up and retire from the game, you are providing the greatest support for the rapid dissolution of this reality, a reality that puts humans in a prison from which they can only escape if they realize this.

Therefore, it is of great importance that individual warriors of light wake up, cheer up and first deal with their old wounds to get rid of them.

Healing completely and in possession of your full powers, this is where you are going. In that way, the narrow path to the Golden Age becomes a wide path through which more and more people can walk.

You are not alone

I am with you in this significant process, because once you reach total power as a conscious human being, all that is no longer nourished will perish and a new Garden of Eden will flourish in this world.

Delve into your inner secret, recover the treasure of freedom and knowledge, of peace and love. Then the Kingdom of Heaven will be in you, because you will have arrived.

I am the Arc Miguel Angel

I am always with you

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

TRANSLATOR: Fanny Zapata, editor in the great family of

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