Message Archangel Gabriel: Release that energy that you have accumulated in you during these last two months of the year

  • 2018

My friends,

Thank you for meeting me this way. His presence is deeply felt and honored . When we review ourselves at the Soul level, there is a part of us that already knows exactly what is about to be revealed in these Energy Forecasts.

For some time the forecasts have revealed to us how the Divine Feminine opens in the heart and mind of every living and existing being. Our minds like to think that this only happens on our planet, because it is what worries us most in the immediate future.

However, our Spirit knows that the resurgence of the Divine Feminine influences all facets of existence.

One of the most important roles of the Divine Feminine in the third dimension is healing and the aspect of the man who forgot his divinity a long time ago . For eternities in our three-dimensional reality, humanity has been influenced mainly by the aspect of masculine energy that has separated from its divine source.

What is left is the aspect of the masculine energy that represents the illusions of fear and survival. It is quite clear that this aspect of masculine energy, which has long since forgotten its divinity, is trying to exert strong pressure to maintain its control over humanity.

This is easily seen in many sectors and among religious organizations, governments and companies that rely heavily on the use of fear to promote their goals. It is thanks to the Divine Feminine that this forgotten divine aspect of masculine energy is healing and rediscovering her patterns of pure perfection .

It is thanks to the Divine Feminine that the Divine Masculine will return to our three-dimensional experience.

The Divine Feminine represents Divine Love.

The Divine Masculine represents the Divine Action.

Divine Love is the most powerful energy of all existence . Everything comes from there. It is the sacred heart and the womb from which everything is born.

Divine Love does not know the judgment. He only knows the fullness and the fullness.

The Divine Love expressed is compassion.

For eternity, humanity has been led to believe ( through the teachings of the aspect of masculine energy that had cut off all connection with its divinity) that the Source of all existence was a man, a powerful masculine energy that lived in some Heaven's place

This type of conditioning was perfectly suited to patterns based on fear and survival that led humanity to give its power to a handful of people.

But now something extraordinary is happening

The bubble of fear of humanity has burst and the collective ( though a little confused ) mind is now able to be fully fed by the Divine Love of the Divine Feminine. This allows the part of the masculine energy that has ignored his divinity to heal and remember his divinity again, within all mankind.

For many of those who have been immersed in fear and survival patterns, there is an ongoing learning phase, as they adapt to a new way of being that corresponds to their I AM / presence of the Spiritual Being - aspects of what Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine of themselves.

In November-December we will see more than ever the old and entrenched survival patterns with which we have identified, which will appear on the surface to be addressed and resolved.

This will allow us to know clearly if we want to continue repeating these surveillance patterns.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Emmanuel Dagher

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