Intel Transmission of the Pleiadian Light Forces

  • 2019

A new light force of the Operation Earth Freedom is unfolding on the ground! The first phase of this mission is to deal with the financial easement system!

All other pillars of the matrix will also be removed in the coming weeks! We will provide you with information about these other phases as they are implemented!

Objective of the Earth Liberation mission project

Completely eliminate the Archon system based on slavery and the economy and replace it with a new system of earthly abundance based on divine resources where all beings have resources! Global financial markets are collapsing around us now and the information indicates that they will not recover this time!

Dear ones, do not worry about anything, because the forces of light on the ground have a new 5D land system ready to use that will be installed without problems and everything will go perfectly fine, because all this will collapse!

The forces of light leading the Freedom Earth project on this ground mission say they will destroy this entire financial slavery system in exactly 13 days and replace it with an amazing new 5d system !

I asked how this would work, here is the answer:

"This land-based debt-based system is simply based on the faith of its participants."

They said, "From now on, 4.5 billion beings of light here on earth will stop believing in this system of harmful fault and this energy will move in this system during the next two weeks to fully transmute it, they said" we gave them a boost of "lack of faith" that will deflate this system and cease to have power over the beautiful beings here on the planet. "

They also said “ you gods are now the majority on planet earth and your energy completely dominates this kingdom now, so what would you like to see appear in your world?

This is one of the main phases of the mission to end the event and the end of this mission coincides with a great wave of light that will flow through the door 21:12! This incredible wave of light that will have an impact on Earth on 12-21-2018 is called the great Kali yuga and will totally transform this kingdom into a completely new and beautiful dimensional level.

You will always have the opportunity to be yourself and enjoy all the things you like most about this new version of the planet. The good things you love to live, no matter what they are, will be even better than they have been on the old earth! 4.5 billion beings of light on earth walk across the great rainbow bridge right now in this new earth and this new sky!

The star guides say: " The old world must disappear energetically and give way to the new and now it will happen super fast!" More information will arrive in the next 24 hours by the global media and this great news will be viral history on Monday in the morning! A wave of freedom that has never been seen reaches planet Earth and will be transmitted even in air waves. We all breathe and remain with us while humanity calls us to guide them in this new world!

The transition has begun! Remember to prepare for what will happen in the coming weeks, just after the last day of the year and between the first days of the new year 2019.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the

SOURCE: Channeled by Daniel Scranton

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