Message of Peace and Love from Serapis Bey

  • 2012

Beautiful being of light, sweet sister !!!

I get in touch with you so that through your words you can spread my message of peace and love to all beings in the Universe.

Beautiful beings, sweet children !!!

The awakening is approaching, the time of change is imminent.

Prepare yourselves, prepare your souls, prepare your being from consciousness.

Purify your souls through forgiveness. Be luminous channels of goodness, peace and love.

You must heal your karmas to transcend from purity, but do not fear beautiful beings of light if it is not the time to heal to transcend.

The change is for everyone, each and every one of you will experience it, the intensity of how you live it will depend on your evolution. Do not believe for a moment that you can be excluded if your being is still expanding.

Evolution is slow, awakening too.

You are going to live this new awakening, this universal change of consciousness slowly and gradually although the day that happens will be spectacular.

Despite this, you should not regret if you do not perceive the energy of awakening as others can. The sensitivity of each one is different, as is the personal evolution.

The energy that will descend from the Universe and the one that will ascend from within the Mother Earth will be a highly powerful energy that may only be felt by the most sensitive or intuitive souls but in spite of this its strength will reach each and every one of you, do not doubt it and your being will perceive it and make use of it as it suits you.

You all belong and you are members of Humanity for that reason all of you without exception are going to enjoy this wonderful gift.

Live it as something magical and wonderful that will bring you numerous messages and gifts.

From the day of awakening the messages of the beings of light to the inhabitants of the Earth will be even more incessant.

We must help you to evolve so that Humanity finally understands that there is strength in the union, that each and every one of you must think of the collective. It is important to be aware that we are part of something big, immense, that is also inside us.

Working for the community we work for ourselves.

We must love and love ourselves in order to love and love Humanity.

It makes no sense to want to help others if you don't help yourself first.

Love for others goes through love for oneself.

Be honest with your heart because he is honest with himself. The heart cannot deceive us because it does not know, the heart is pure. Feel the purity of your hearts run through your body and lead your actions. You must act from the heart, arms and hands are extensions of your heart, act from it and embrace and embrace the world from the purest love.

We are all pure in heart and therefore we must love each other unconditionally. We must be able to put ourselves in "the shoes of others" and not judge, simply feel and interpret the reason for their actions. Each and every one of you has your reality and therefore you make certain decisions, right or wrong, that will lead to a series of consequences that you must accept.

It is important to act from the conscience. You must be aware in each and every one of your actions, in each and every one of your words, in each and every one of your thoughts and emotions.

The awakening of consciousness is like this, being consistent with the decisions made and accepting them whatever they may be because we must understand and accept that we act in the way we believe is most correct in certain situations.

We are beings of light within a human body so we must not forget that all human emotions are within our being. We must accept that we can feel hate, anger or resentment in certain situations and therefore we must ALLOW that feeling.

We must not judge or judge only ACCEPT and UNDERSTAND.

Life is plagued by difficult situations, so let's not complicate them with cystic feelings and emotions, let's transmute everything negative into positive to release those heavy chains that anchor us to low vibrations and do not allow us to rise and fly.

It is important to fly in order to feel the freedom that is part of the human being.

Freedom is a feeling, an emotion that we should all feel and live. Freedom allows us to enjoy life because it allows us to be. We must BE at all times and ALLOW our being to be and feel as it is.

We must look through the surface to get inside. We must go beyond what our physical eyes perceive and try to reach the heart.

Talking and feeling from heart to heart strengthens us because we feed and nurture the magic of others because we are all magical, special, different ... Let us feel unique without detracting from those around us because inside our fellow beats a heart like the ours, a heart that needs love, tenderness, peace and understanding.

Give others what your being and your heart crave, give others what you really want.

Beautiful beings of light the magic is in you, make it possible and shine!

I am Serapis Bey, you are wonderful and that is why we love you.

Channeled by Montse Macanás on Saturday, October 27, 2012 at 6:00 p.m.

** It is allowed to share this message in other forums, blogs, etc., provided that it is shown in its entirety, nothing is modified or altered and the name of the source from which it comes is cited. Thanks for spreading it.

Message of Peace and Love from Serapis Bey

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