Message of Mother Mary for all the Mothers of the World

  • 2012

This is a message of love and recognition for all the mothers of the world.

Dear daughters! Your work is immense, your work of unconditional love towards your children and towards all the children of the world has no words.

The vibration that emerges from your words and your actions is such that it reaches every corner of the universe activating or waking up all the beings of light whose heart is still lethargic, sleeping.

Bella souls! Beautiful beings! It is time that you connected with your femininity, that you awakened your protective instinct and that you shelter all those who approach you with your wings.

Look at your children with the eyes of love, lavish faith and hope, offer them words of courage, love and respect.

Let them know that they are part of a whole, make them partakers of that union they have with you and with all the beings in the universe.

It is important and crucial that you heal your karmas and attachments, that everything that still anchors you to the earth, if it still exists, transmutes and heals you.

Ask Goddess Isis for help, let yourself be embraced by the violet flame of Kwan Yin and the pink ray of Lady Nada.

Feel protected and don't falter because in you there is power. You have the power but do not forget that the fruits of your entrails are the fruit of your love with a man and if for some reason it had not been, transmute that feeling of hatred, resentment, anger and transform it into love and light to integrate it into your being.

You are human, do not forget it. Therefore, you must bet on humility and be compassionate with all beings.

You are bearers of the divine flame and your daughters will be too.

Be honest with your feelings and be faithful to your heart.

Expand that light, that divine flame and transcend it to all beings through a healing ritual.

Use white quartz and jasmine essences, decorate your houses with red roses and allow the warmth of the hearts of those around you to light your home.

You are wonderful, magical, special so I love you, we love you!

Message from Mother Mary channeled by Montse Macanás

Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 10:20

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