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Table of contents hide 1 Jin shin jyutsu's book PDF Self-help. 2 `` Fear defeats more people than anything else in the world. '' Ralph. W. Emerson 3 How does Jin shin jyutsu pdf act? 3.1 Meaning of the fingers. 4 Trust yourself, you know more than you think. Benjamin Spock. 5 History of Jin shin jyutsu.

The Jin shin jyutsu pdf, is a book to teach the ancient techniques of handling and directing the vital energies inside . Through the hands with touches and pressures, it allows to balance and connect the internal healing power with the help of breathing exercises that will control the emotional tension and vital energies, reaching the amazing benefits that The ancient technique of Jin shin jyutsu pdf provides.

Jin shin jyutsu's book PDF Self-help.

Knowing and practicing the teachings of Jin shin jyutsu pdf, implies that the person has a powerful tool in their hands, to communicate with their spirituality and heal bodily ailments, through these exercises that do not require any preparation Special. Practicing the Japanese methodology of Jin shin jyutsu pdf is really easy. Performing the techniques described will allow the individual to cope with diseases such as cancer and obtain surprising health outcomes. If you fight against addictive diseases such as liquor, drugs and others of similar magnitude, by means of Jin shin jyutsu you can stop and beat the disease, only with the power of your mind and your body.

Jin shin jyutsu's book pdf

"Fear defeats more people than anything else in the world." Ralph. W. Emerson

How does Jin s h in jyutsu pdf work ?

It can be considered that the technique of the book Jin shin jyutsu pdf, is structured in a self-help system that is based on the vital energy through body channels, the energy is manipulated so that it flows throughout the body, crossing the internal organs, going down the face, passing through the sternum, flowing through the pubis and then up the spine until it reaches the head, to descend again in the same way. The book specifies two different energy channels, the left of the body and the other corresponding to the right. There are also channels of energy flow that connect the right zone with the left zone, these ducts serve so that the human body is constantly generating and transporting the vital energy to diminished areas throughout the body in a harmonious way .

When a person feels sick or has symptoms of stress, it is possible that he has an obstruction of the flow of energy and that this results in an effect generated by the energy imbalance . The technique described in the Jin shin jyutsu pdf, replenishes the flow of energy affected and communicates with its inner self, to transmit through past experiences an exit to the negative energies located in the subconscious of the person, restoring that balance Harmonic in your body. Reaching joy and happiness in your life again.

Meaning of the fingers .

In the technique of Jin shin jyutsu pdf, each finger is the entrance for the different energy channels that communicate with the organs of the body. During the day the fingers of the left hand are the ones that are connected, so at night the right hand must be used to make the energy flow. The technique to make this energy flow is to press each finger for 5 minutes .


It communicates energy to the stomach and spleen .

Index finger.

It is related to the ear, bladder and kidney.

Middle finger.

Stimulates the energy so that the person does not feel fatigue or circulation problems, also connects with the liver and gallbladder.

Ring finger.

Activates energy in the lungs and large intestine, producing an improvement in digestive problems and others that are linked to breathing.


It is used to eliminate insecurities, blood pressure problems, also communicates with the heart and small intestine.

"Trust yourself, you know more than you think." Benjamin Spock.

History of Jin s h in jyutsu .

A wise Japanese connoisseur of medicine because of his strong family tradition, in the year 1900 he was very sick. In his terminal stage he decided to retire to the mountain and practice fasting. His name was Murai, after deep meditation he put the techniques of the hands into positions for the management of vital energy and achieved healing. He managed to restore his health through balance and his knowledge. Later Murai made known to the world the millenary art that his family carried, so that anyone had it within reach. So download the Jin shin jyutsu pdf book and learn its ancient healing technique.

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Jin shin jyutsu's book

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