Master Kuthumi "Preparing for the Ascension Changes

  • 2012


channeled by Natalie Glasson November 4, 2012

Today I present to greet you with the Love of the Creator and with great delight.

My Love is always embedded in your Being, supporting and nourishing you in every moment of your Ascension. For many of you I have been at your side since your first activation of Ascension within your Being. As a world teacher together with Master Jesus, my purpose is to guide you according to the Creator's will for Ascension on Earth. As you are aware, you exist in the most amazing and exciting times, when changes are happening at every moment, in your reality and in the unified reality of the Earth.

These changes will only develop, improve and accelerate in the coming years, as we approach unification as one, among ourselves and with the Creator. There is much joy, joy and miraculous experiences coming to your reality at this time and in the future of the Earth. Please know that Earth will remain with you through these changes, until you are ready to change your dimensional energy and begin a new progression. The Earth will sustain you as we go through December towards 2013, please know that you are safe, protected and loved by the Creator, please know that everything is perfect at this time on Earth and in your Being. During the next months and even years, you and the Earth will experience a fall, a loss, almost a death, or the feeling that the end is here. I do not say this to bring fear to your sacred energy, but to make you aware that it is death, loss, fall or the end of the old energies of reality as you know it. It is a death or energy loss, rather than physical. You are going through these changes now, you are losing many parts of your Being and the way you identify with yourself, but you understand and recognize that this is necessary for you to reach a state of greater bliss on Earth. It is important to remember that whether you are on Earth or internally, the experience of letting go of unnecessary attachments and energies is very similar.

In the internal planes we see that you all release a lot; we are also dissolving illusions and becoming more unified in the internal planes. We are working on advanced processes of dissolution of the self, even dissolving the separation of our being as Alma or Grupo Ámico. In the internal planes great intention is being put in our Almic Groups, we are being asked to exist more and more like our Almic Group, we are forming a huge sense of unity. At this moment each one is reaching unity, the Creator is asking us to unify our energy in such a way that our vibrations become similar and faster so that we can consequently be raised simultaneously to the Light, supporting each other in the process of incorporating and embedding the Greatest Love that is flowing from the Creator. It could be compared to a wedding on Earth, everyone gathers together to honor the love of a couple in unison, but for us the entire Universe is gathering to honor the Love of the Creator, the Love of a couple (i.e. the society of all of us unified in a very beautiful relationship of uniqueness with the Creator). At a wedding there is always a big celebration; and then our celebration will be the Love, bliss and peace that are experienced in various degrees by each person.

One of the main insights I want to share with you is that this time has been long awaited; and it is the most beautiful and glorious time, but it is not the end, nor is it the beginning, it is simply a transition of Light, consciousness and vibration, within your Being and on Earth. There will be many more changes such as this one that will be even more magnificent and bigger than the current change that is taking place, that will take you and push you forward. The changes will be made easier, because at this time you are being asked to let go of the past so much that in future changes you will no longer hold on or exist in it. You will exist in your present, making the transitions smoother and less challenging.

The reason for this 2012 time is so anticipated, is because it is similar to the final internal transition; and attachment to old energies, egos and thought patterns. It is a great liberation from the past; in the future on Earth nothing like this will be experienced.

You will continue to release and let go of old energies after this time, but it will not have as much importance or influence in your Being, as it does now. I want to tell you that if you are experiencing bliss at this time, enjoy it, because it will only be reinforced and magnified; if at this time you are experiencing challenges and the process of liberation, then enjoy it, because you will never feel it again so strongly, because after this point you will become much more focused; and then emotions and thoughts will no longer have an intense influence on your Being.

It is my vision that whatever you are experiencing in your reality, is a process of liberation and letting go. If you are experiencing pain, fear, anger, insecurity, etc., you are recognizing and releasing it now to free yourself. If you are experiencing joy, abundance, bliss and happiness, you are still liberating, because you are allowing these aspects of you to flow freely from your Being, consequently creating freedom. This time is extremely glorious; and I hope you can be grateful to yourself for choosing to be on Earth now with the most wonderful gift of experience. An additional purpose to present myself to you today was to share ideas, insights or advice about your preparation for this time of growth, acceptance of enormous energies, freedom, dissolution of separation, greater unity, acceptance of Love; and liberation from the past, which is often called Ascension.

Please remember that these are only thoughts of my heart, which I feel can be beneficial at this time.

one-. Relaxation of the Mind. There is a need to spend more time relaxing the mind. With so many changes that occur in and around your Being, the mind can go wild trying to understand and interpret everything that is happening. The mind may become confused or begin to focus on energies that are being released, which is necessary for the mind to let go quickly. This is not a time for the mind to be working or analyzing, it is a time for the mind to have more periods of relaxation; To rest in the heart. This can be achieved through meditation, imagining the mind as a Light, a ball of energy or an object that wanders and melts to rest in the Heart Chakra. If the Heart Chakra is not completely open, then it may feel very neutral and almost empty, but this is fine because with more focus on the Heart Chakra, a happier vibration can be experienced. So don't try to think too much; and admitting moments of peace, you are creating a greater sensitivity to what is happening around and within your Being.

2-. Tune in to your Crystals.

Many of you have crystals in your reality or in your homes, which you can use regularly or not. My belief is that now is the time to clean your crystals and ask Metatron to tune your crystals with the channel of Light, Love and consciousness that is always flowing to Earth from the chakra of the Creator's heart.

Ask Metatron to ensure that your crystals receive all the new energies that are being anchored; and that they are flowing from the Creator's Heart Chakra, so that each crystal can vibrate, radiate and anchor these energies in your Being and in your reality. This means that the energies are not only flowing into your Being through your Soul and your tune with the Creator, but they are also flowing into your reality as a magnification through your crystals. This greatly enriches your Sacred Space with the present energies of the Creator, allowing a better experience of the changes that are occurring at this time.

3-. mamate more every day.

Your Unconditional Love for yourself is paramount at this time, because this is your safety, your shelter, your healing balm; and your ability to recognize the truth of the Creator. Even if you are currently unable to feel Unconditional Love for yourself, simply to believe and affirm in your mind that you love yourself unconditionally, it will allow the activation of your Unconditional Love always flowing from within your Being.

4-. Share with Auto-Comprehension.

We are currently going through a process of dissolution of separation and acceptance of unity, whether that unity between all parts of our Being, unity with the Creator, unity with other Beings / Humanity. It is wonderful to share and radiate our energies, Light and consciousness, while we also verbally and energetically share the truth of our Being. With the challenges and with the need to release old energies This process can be accomplished with a faster pace, sharing your thoughts or feelings with another, with a guide, or even with yourself, when you say them out loud. While this is extremely beneficial, it allows everyone to serve in various ways, you need to be aware of what you are sharing. What I mean is that if you are experiencing suffering; and you share your suffering with another person, you need to observe what you share, being aware that the suffering comes from your ego. I want you to share; and I don't want you to control or limit what you share, but be alert to the whole process and to what you are feeling, where it comes from. Even if in what you share you recognize that it is your ego that is speaking, or your truth that speaks, be aware of what part of your Being is feeling and experiencing, then you will find that This allows you to detach and bring more illumination.

5-. Make sure you are supported by your guides.

At this time your guides have a powerful role to play in your Ascension, they have a lot to share with you and a lot of energy to support you. They will not help you in this way unless you ask for it, so please allow yourself to ask for the support and Divine intervention of your guides to advance daily in your Ascension.

6-. Enjoy and be grateful.

Now is the time to enjoy every moment and be grateful for every moment; remember that you chose to be on Earth now; so enjoy even the toughest experiences; and thank you for everything you chose, for what you believe and experience. Express your gratitude daily to awaken the consciousness of Humanity to the Divine quality of gratitude and the state of consciousness to which gratitude moves you.

7-. Let go of everything you can.

Letting go is dissolving the attachment, this does not mean that an object, friendship or mental state needs to be discarded, but that it no longer has a mental or emotional bond on you, you are able to love what the attachment was, which sometimes means that you feel a greater connection, but also a greater freedom than you let go. You are really freeing yourself. Simply exhaling deeply and affirming or holding the intention of letting go of anything you are focusing on, you can experience greater freedom. My words may seem common spiritual sense, but they are simply a stimulus to support you in this sacred time. Please know that I am here to love and help you always.

I AM Master Kuthumi.

Translated: Jairo Rodríguez

Master Kuthumi “Preparing for the Ascension Changes

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