Divine Mother: Transfer of consciousness from the brain to the heart - Part 1

  • 2019

Our intention is to be aware of our roots, the multitude of roots that leave our feet, horizontal, oblique and vertical to the heart of the Earth, to its central core, center of fusion.

I am the Mother Source and now I come to wrap you with all my Love and all my Kindness. Live this moment as a benevolent moment in which you agree!

Receive this sweet love in all parts of your being, to your humanity, to the visible and invisible parts of the Earth and beyond! Welcome this sweet love as food, liquid and also as balm !

I come to tell you dear children, that you are in a phase of transition, a transition that takes you to a state of being totally divine. Divine is a word you know, that's why I use it today. However, this word could also be free, totally free, free from all forms of slavery, detention, detention, prison, etc., etc.

This transition takes you to your true nature, which is a creative nature, a totally free creativity.

Some of you may feel disoriented, destabilized and disturbed, because this part does not understand what is happening . Another part of you feels disoriented because she doesn't know how to be free. She doesn't know what to do with this freedom and at the same time another part of you is happy because she says to herself: "finally free!"

Consciousness feels so bewildered and can disturb it

And what is played in you is to give an image like a pinball game. Your consciousness, represented here by the ball, is thrown to the right, to the left by all those parts of you that are aggravated by this transition .

What you will live today is an accompaniment for conscience to settle in a haven of peace, in the heart and so that conscience can find roots in this haven of peace and thus become an observer of everything that happens in the humanity of all and also outside their own existence.

I will intensify my presence to guide, accompany, bring your conscience closer and go to this haven of peace.

Breathe calmly, deeply and let yourself go!

To facilitate this process I will explain this. Consciousness that is nothing more than divine consciousness, has been established at the level of your brain because it has thus approached all your senses.

You must observe to explain in a concrete way that there is a kind of connection between the heart and the brain and this connection was severely interrupted during this fall. It is for this reason that consciousness has migrated in the head, to be closer to the orders of what your humanity represents.

If you lose all these senses, the human being has no reason to live. You can lose one or two, but it will always remain tactile, for example.

So by migrating to the brain, consciousness has settled into a kind of prison that is the mind. The mind is simply an analytical tool for your humanity . However, this mind has been occupied and as many of you know, of many fears and therefore has constituted prisons, where the conscience was imprisoned.

Today this connection between the heart and the brain is recovering and all the difficulty is being able to leave this mental prison to return to the heart.

I tell you this so that you can return and establish yourself consciously, intentionally and with confidence in your heart, in this haven of peace, knowing that in this haven of peace you will also have control of everything that constitutes your humanity.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Isabelle Dar

Original URL: https://messagescelestes.ca/transfert-de-la-conscience-du-cerveau-vers-le-coeur/

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