New moon in Cancer, the moment of transformation

  • 2013

Here comes the First New Moon in Cancer with Jupiter in Cancer for about 11 years. Since July 2002 exactly. And what a momentazo! Both Jupiter and the Sun and the Moon connect with the famous Uranus-Pluto square, thus forming a T-quadrant. And of course people are once again on the streets in Egypt, in Brazil, asking that the promises made by the "democratically elected" politicians made be fulfilled. or the change of government. At the individual level we will be asking to be aware of things we have pending.

Once again, we insist that this moment in our evolution changes are not over and that what was requested was a true transformation, and not simply a change of name in the government.

Jupiter has not reached exactly connect with Uranus-Pluto yet for this Moon, that will happen in August. On 7 and 8 Jupiter will oppose Pluto and on 20 and 21 will form an exact square to Uranus. We must not forget that Pluto is the Collective Shadow of our time, and Jupiter, the Light, the highest ideals. What needs to be brought to the Light and rescued from the shadows, in your life, in order to evolve and finally say goodbye to patterns that condemn you and chain you? This of course applies to us individuals and to the collective as well.

These are not easy moments for anyone, because there are those who insist that everything remains the same, and that is no longer possible. Just by the time the New Moon reaches its peak, the Sun and the Moon meet a retrograde Mercury, also in Cancer, and this will cause issues of papers, contracts, communications to be reviewed or re-signed. Saturn is parked directly, that is to say it reaches its slowest point, before starting its march forward once more from the Scorpio 5, just 8. It will be later, on the 17th, that J piter will form for the first time in our lives an extraordinary Great Trgonon in the Water element, to Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. The temptation to think of the easy solution of many emotional issues is great, but we must not forget that Saturn represents obligations and limits and in his transit through Scorpio, we It is forcing us to look deeply at our responsibility in what happens to us. The victim's role supported by Neptune in Pisces meets Saturn's relentless gaze and the extreme idealism of J piter. Everything that irritates us, we must work it out and ask ourselves why we are still attached to what provokes us, that challenges us, that confronts us with the least attractive part of ourselves. Saturn reminds us that there is no way not to do the right thing. The collective consciousness is immensely more powerful than it shows individual mind. We connect with the `` tribal soul '' to which we belong, whether we like it or not, and the tribal soul, as Daan van Kampenhout says, has its strict laws and expectations of each individual that forms it. What the tribal soul thinks is wrong, each individual who forms it, also knows that it is wrong, agrees with it or not. It is appropriate to speak of the tribal soul, when we speak of a New Moon in Cancer, since it is this first water sign that connects us with the concept of Tribe. Cancer always seems to be looking for a tribe to belong to, a place to call hogar . Although the concept of tribe itself is more related to Aquarius, belonging or not to it is a Cancer issue, since this sign seeks that place where it feels it belongs.

Use the energies of this extraordinary aspect to meditate, and finalize pending issues that no longer let you grow. It is essential to say goodbye to old molds to find new paths. These are moments of great ideas and with the possibility of realizing them. Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio are the great beneficiaries of this Moon, but also on a smaller scale, Virgo and Taurus. But that yes, with Saturn, they are not moments to party, but to work hard. A great feeling of achievement is what awaits us, if we are prepared to do the job. Listen to the whispers of your soul.

New moon in Cancer, the moment of transformation

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