Tarot Curiosities

  • 2017

Some love it, others hate it. However, if you are wise and prudent, you know very well that it can be a really useful and powerful instrument. In addition, there are certain data that you are very likely to ignore, but which are really interesting. That is why today we come to discover some curiosities of the tarot that will undoubtedly call your attention and you will like it.

10 curiosities of the tarot

Although the bad practices of some, the curiosities of the tarot are many, since it is a truly useful instrument of power. However, few are those who know how to use their letters with wisdom, prudence and wisdom .

1. Leonardo Da Vinci painted his own tarot

Although finally they were only sketches, it is curious to know that the great Renaissance artist Leonardo Da Vinci painted his own tarot . Luckily, his cards were not lost and later became the Tarot of Leonardo Da Vinci. He has not been the only great author who made this work, but, without a doubt, he is the greatest and most significant of those who have populated the Earth.

2. The interpretation of the letter goes far beyond itself

Surely you know, but just in case, we remember. The tarot roll is much more than knowing what Arcane has appeared . You have to interpret many more details, such as combination, position, posture, etc. Thus, it is a much more complex art than many believe.

3. The consultant is an active part in the tarot

Whoever consults, cannot only dedicate himself to asking a question and waiting . His work is much more active, since he must mix the cards with his question in mind while doing so, then discuss it with the tarotist, who chooses the roll, but not without the consultant choosing the number of cards previously determined.

4. What happens to the Major Arcana of El Mundo?

In the Major Arcana of El Mundo certain animals and beings that attract a lot of attention appear . They are the bull, the lion, the phoenix and the blind angel. What do they mean? By possessing their little halo, they represent the angels of the elements, which means that they rise above the problems of humans.

5. Where does the name of the tarot come from

Interestingly, tarot is not an art as ancient as some think . In times of classical civilizations, it was the oracles who guessed the future. However, these letters are named after the term tarochi, which originated in 1530.

6. The tarot was a simple game

Humans take time to discover the power of tarot cards. In fact, it was originally nothing more than a game, whose mechanics closely resemble the popular bridge .

7. Allegorical Justice

The blind angel, who appears in the occasional Arcane, is actually an allegory of Justice, since tarot is much more than a simple art of divination, it is even a more just and balanced way of life.

8. What about the naked woman

The naked woman of the tarot represents a totally free and liberated being, hence she has no obligation to hide anything, not even her shame.

9. It is not worth throwing the cards and that's it

There are few seers who know that the tarot is not simply to throw cards and read what each Arcane means . In fact, we need a positive attitude if we want to pick up a satisfactory and fair response from the roll, otherwise, they will only be simple yes or no.

Tarot Reading

10. The tarot found its meaning in the 18th century

It was not until the eighteenth century that some groups of occultists discovered the power of tarot and began using it as a tool of divination and source of power. Its origin took place in France and England.

You see that this art hides many curiosities of the tarot and secrets . If you want to know more, follow our tickets, you will love the mysteries that you will find here.

Seen in 20 minutes, by Pedro, editor of the Great White Brotherhood

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