The three lower chakras and love

  • 2018

Kuthumi : In the previous system, a thought was coupled with a negative emotion, because the fear that was present in the first chakra to preserve and survive, was activated in the second chakra. As a limited flow of what was available in the third chakra, this chakra worked in a reactive state to preserve and survive by protecting the fallen image of oneself, the person.

The individual is engaged and there is an abuse of power that comes into play through this third chakra

All these things were, in one way or another, dismantled by the use of the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Rays of Creation . There was an important dismantling of these three chakras and the thinking system and the emotional components that kept them in the third and fourth dimensions. Now, what is happening is a more complete availability of this eternal soul in this second chakra, completely altering the functioning of the third chakra.

Because this third chakra begins to manifest the image and similarity of the Source and its eternal nature, there is a huge opening in the Heart, where a self-appreciation develops. The seeds planted by the work of the eighth Ray that sprout in the heart germinate very slowly, beginning to bloom.

As you incorporate these concepts that I just told you, there will be a series of exercises that you can create and that will allow you to see very clearly how the thinking system is changing. The exercises you create for this class will show how the emotional components of the emotional body begin to change where there is a more positive emotional range available .

There is an opening in the Heart that was not available before

You can create several exercises using these first three chakras and thus reach a more complete realization. You can begin to think about what was present in the third dimension, which is now present from a fifth dimension perspective and how this electromagnetic field now admits the fifth dimension in your creations.

For years, many teachers have explained how important it is to open the Heart and love completely and unconditionally, but it has never been fully achieved due to the malfunction of the first three chakras. The way the electromagnetic field worked did not allow full expression of the soul or self-esteem.

Jim : Yes. I can see it very clearly.

Kuthumi: You can feel it.

Jim : Yes.

Kuthumi : This is where I would like to spend some time in this class, to enlighten students about these concepts that I just mentioned. Then create exercises to see what has been achieved regarding the operation of the chakras, starting in the first chakra, changing in the second and opening the third.

The third chakra works in a different way . It no longer functions as a protection mechanism to protect the status quo of the image of that fallen state of consciousness . There is nothing to protect because this awareness is there.

Jim : And that opens curiosity and possibilities.

Kuthumi : Good. When there is an external influence that stimulates you or causes a relapse, it is very easy to eliminate the reaction and see it very clearly, very quickly. It doesn't take long to analyze it. You just have to adjust it energetically: "Oh, if I see, this derives from this thought or emotion, and this reaction came from this third chakra that was very limited ." Change the thought, change the emotion and the reaction will not be there .

I see that you understand perfectly and completely where we are going and how this change will happen in a few weeks. The placement of these four lower chakras will be done at a very fast pace, this being something necessary, this being a change we need.

Jim : Yes. Yes. I understand. It will be again, a very nice class that we will create together.

Kuthumi : Thank you for receiving me. Blessings.

Jim : Blessings.

Channeled by Jim Self

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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