Message Goddess Lakshmi: Clearing the footprints creates a change in your vibration, do it as soon as possible

  • 2018

We are created from energy and the many layers of our energy emit a vibration. This vibration is something that can be very dramatic and direct, or it can be very subtle and that is when we create our lives, we do it for our intention to create consciously. However, each one also has his unconscious vibration that may or may not support what he is consciously creating.

At the beginning of the channeling, the Goddess spoke extensively about what is conscious and unconscious in each of us, and also spoke about the different ways in which we leave different traces in our lives . Physically, fingerprints can be stored in the cells of your organs, joints, blood, skin or any living part of your body.

It also has traces that affect your emotions, such as a particular emotion that triggers a particular reaction. In addition, your mental body may have impressions that keep it in a particular belief system or thought process .

Erasing the footprints creates a change in its vibration

I greet you, dear family. I extend from my heart to yours. I extend myself to embrace you in everything you do right now, wherever you are in your life. As you live your life on earth, there are many layers of energy that have created and decided who you are and what is happening right now.

We often talk about how your emotions affect you, how your belief systems impact, how things that are part of the collective consciousness that are around you, but not necessarily that also have an impact on you. We often like to see what is happening in our lives, maybe analyze it, maybe create changes and then make a conscious decision about the direction they would like to take.

Sometimes this only puts you in a very intellectual or mental perspective of life and this prevents you from feeling aware of the present moment when it has a greater impact on you.

What do you want in your life?

The answer that first came to mind for sure were his past relationships, a state of being because all he would like to have in his life is create layers of intention. Often you can also assign an expectation that something will happen in your life and each of these layers needs to weave an energy pattern in you and around you.

Not only for the people in his family, nor for the people he works with, but for the people who shine through all that unconscious awareness .

The vibration likes to find another vibration in which it is compatible. That is why sometimes when you move into something new and different, at first you may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable because you have not yet found the alignment that works for you.

Therefore, do not forget to be a conscious awareness or to have a conscious awareness when making these changes. On the other hand, when it is no longer compatible with particular situations, relationships, experiences, a job or a home, you may feel uncomfortable in this situation and this is because your vibration has changed.

Therefore, pay attention to the moments when you feel comfortable and in the flow, when you feel uncomfortable. I hear people say, “Well, I could change and I could be in another state or another place, but I'm still married or I still have children or I still have my family and I don't want to, so you create a new alignment and a new vibration that becomes a bridge between you and the situation that can sometimes embarrass you, so that they feel comfortable in your space, you should feel comfortable with yourself.

Its space and its energies find their natural balance in the middle

In fact, it is a practice that you can use for everything related to your relationships, your work, your finances, where you want to live, anything that can happen in your life.

It is unusual for me to talk a lot at the beginning, here however I simply give the messages that I feel the need to express at some point. Then join me as we now turn to the higher vibratory energies of all that is. Inhale deeply, sending your energy to the earth so that you can anchor your awareness of who you are at this time.

When you anchor yourself on the earth, the energy goes in many different directions so that you can then bring your consciousness from the inside of the earth moving through your energy bodies and send it to your ego space, which is much higher. Your higher self may arrive with a lower vibration or it may vibrate at a closer level, such as the divine.

There is a very broad spectrum and in truth and from your consciousness it flows through this spectrum so that it can sometimes come out at one time or another. From his superior being, he can follow that thread that leads him to ascend, only his intention is all he needs to create that change and enter the space of his divinity.

When you arrive in this space, you may feel that you are merging immediately with this vibration, since for some it is as if you were facing the energy or the essence of being a soul. When you are ready to do so, then allow your consciousness to move in the plane of the soul, to enter and to mix with you here in space.

When he feels his consciousness merging with the divinity of his soul, he will easily feel the flow and light of his many lives. As you continue to move through this space, there may be an aspect of you that wants to enter your conscious consciousness . There may be an aspect that represents your divinity as a whole, being the intermediary by which you merge with your divinity.

You are these different multitudes of lives that make up all these different aspects of who you are. I am among each of you. In doing so, I extend myself to kiss and hug them and allow my energies to merge with their soul.

In doing so, we move in the space of all who we are. I invite you to breathe deeply and feel that your energies bloom as much as you wish. All that is, is a vibration or essence of the energies of God, is also the vibration of the universe. It is also each of you who enters this space to carry out these experiences. However, we and the Angels and Beings of Light create the base and by experiencing all that is, it can be your own experience.

On our last trip he experienced a step back before he was born in this life. Through this experience, he was able to see some of those people with whom he has incarnated to better understand his relationship with that person. He has also been able to speak with his Angels, the Archangels, the Beings of Light .

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Ansalousie

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