Cats are Home Protectors Against Negative Spirits and Ghosts. Did you know that they have Healing Properties?

  • 2018

Cats are home protectors against negative spirits and ghosts, did you know they have healing properties ?

Today I want to share with you this amazing text about the benefits and energy properties of our furry, you will be surprised!

Cats are Home Protectors against Negative Spirits and Ghosts

There are many speculations regarding the energy powers and healing properties of cats, so, for sure, I want to share with you why cats are protective of the home, and how they will help you expel negative spirits, harmful entities and ghosts

Now, it is clear that cats not only protect your home from negative spirits, you will see that they also have powers to protect your home from negative energies, and they will even expel energies that have reached the house before the cat resides there.

I want to give you a small example so that we understand directly these realities that surround our furry.

When cats rub on the legs of their owners, they are not only asking for food, it means that the cat is sharing with you its magic, powers and astral strength.

So, if you push, kick or withdraw the cat that is sharing your gifts, you will immediately block that positive energy I was giving you, and I swear, your days will start to be the worst.

Negative Spirits and Ghosts
(I am totally convinced that Cats are Home Protectors Against Negative Spirits and Ghosts)

When cats observe or feel that there are negative spirits or ghosts in the home, the first thing they will do will be to follow them very quietly.

By following them, they will realize the true intentions of the intruders, then they will begin to expel them through the displacement of their energy field.

Now, if the cat realizes that the previous technique was not effective enough, the cat will trap the entity in its energy field and take it out of the home.

Pay close attention if your cat observes and follows something in certain parts of your house, holds a tense posture, a direct look and generates some high-pitched sounds, surely in your home there is a presence of negative spirits, harmful energies and ghosts .

If you want to help your hairy, in that place, you can perform a purification prayer or a cleaning ritual.

Many people have told me that they don't know prayers or rituals, so you can simply burn white sage.

The astral field of cats is so sharp and alert that, for them, it is very easy to detect and chase negative entities.

For this reason, those people who have the gift of communicating with the spirits prevent cats from being in the place of the session, they can scare, move away and trap astral beings.

Now, for some magical rituals the presence of cats is very important.

Cats are definitely Protectors of the Home Against Negative Spirits and Ghosts .

Cats in the Home

On the other hand, the presence of cats in your home will allow you to be protected from evil eye attacks and curses.

If during a conversation with another person, you feel that you need to protect yourself because this being inspires negative energies and has impure thoughts, I recommend that you take your cat and put your hands on it, with your left hand you will caress and touch its back, and with your hand right you will caress its tail. You will see that you will feel protected and gain positive influences in your Being!

It happens, that the energy fields will be united in a single force field, getting to be protected against any attack, and even, of very powerful attacks.

It would be very favorable if you read the article "Cats: Home Protectors, Defenders of evil Spirits and Guardians of Negative Energies".

Russian culture has a very powerful rite, when someone passes residence, the first being who enters the house is the cat .

If that house was too old, the cat would begin to detect all kinds of ghosts, energies and negative spirits, then start cleaning it, including even the remains of the former owners.

Now, if, on the contrary, the house is new, the cat will carry that home with a powerful charge of positive and liberating energy.

Because cats are conductors of cosmic energy, they can fill your home with positive energy, contributing directly to your well-being and prosperity, also that of your whole family.

I am totally convinced that Cats are Home Protectors Against Negative Spirits and Ghosts .

Curative Properties of Cats, Great Therapeutic Power!

Scientific research has been providing extraordinary information in relation to the healing properties of cats, and even some authors and researchers invite people sick with specific diseases to adopt these hairy animals.

Already in previous Texts, I have released relevant information about the healing properties of cats and scientific research, however, today I would not want to repeat the same, and let you know other qualities.

If you want to know what they are, because you still do not know them, or because you have not read the Article, here I leave it for you to do personal reading, The Mysticism of Cats, Enigmatic Creatures!

Having said that, I am going to list you one by one, other healing properties of our feline friends, you will see that the therapeutic benefits that cats give us are of great power!

The purring of our hairy has been a topic of discussion by many experts, to the point of clearly proving that this so soothing and peaceful sound is one of the most effective weapons to speed up the healing of sprains, muscle strains and fractures.

When purring, cats emit a relaxing energy capable of speeding up the healing processes in the human body.

Now, I don't know if this has happened to you, but if you complain about any pain in your body, your cat will stand next to or above the part of your body with pain, and there it will lie down and begin to share with you Healing energy

It is quite common that they lie on the head of your bed, on top of your chest, head or feet, really what they are doing is trying to help you in your worries, watch you so that nothing happens to you at night and take care of you with your powerful And clean aura .

It has happened to me many times that I have not been able to sleep, one of the cats we have in my home comes to my bed, he lies on my chest and stays for a while, after a while I feel in a huge peace and quiet, he goes away Stress and I can rest easy.

If you still didn't know it, cats are home protectors by locating all those energies of negative vibrations and transmuting them. All this happens, precisely when the person is feeling that something is wrong or will happen.

In these last three cases, the cat is a healer because he is giving you peace, peace, serenity and balance with your surroundings and with yourself, among other benefits.

They are able to release the energy overload of electronic equipment, televisions, cell phones, computers, music players, and other appliances.

Your cat is able to make you enter inside, that reflections, that you understand certain events that are happening in your life, that you heal emotions and difficulties, that self-esteem and other creatures were greater.

I invite you to imitate their elegant movements upon waking, how they stretch their muscles, how they stretch, how they yawn and how they get up immediately, without setting the alarm to sound 10 minutes later.

If you do so, I assure you that you will receive very good benefits.

Feng Shui experts consider cats to be creators by nature of Yang energy, and, consequently, they are healers by nature.

In reality, cats are amazing creatures, they carry many benefits and healing properties that they share with us if we love them and accept them in our lives.

Before culminating, I invite all people who have had negative experiences with their cats, to examine their love for this pet, to evaluate the treatment they have towards her, to reflect on how they were raised, to review the animal's past .

All these events have a lot to do with the behavior and help that our felines give us.

Undoubtedly, cats are a great gift that nature has given you to enjoy, so that you heal and enrich yourself physically and emotionally.

Look at your cat when you get home, if you are a good owner, you will see a behavior of joy, enthusiasm, love and peace.

Cats when they watch their owner reach secrete a substance in the brain, the same substance that we humans create in our brain when we are in love.

How did you like this text? There really are many ideas to tell about the benefits and properties of cats, however, I tried to rescue the most important ones, and that I did not mention in my previous Articles.

If you have a personal experience, it would be great if you shared it with all our brothers.

I invite you to continue very aware of our publications, as I always tell you, I witness amazing texts that are being developed for your good, transcendence and growth, also for the benefit of all yours.

I wish you abundant successes and blessings, A Hug of Light !

... cats are home protectors by locating all those energies of negative vibrations and transmuting them. All this happens, precisely when the person is feeling that something is wrong or will happen.

Author : William Hernán Estrada Pérez, Editor in the Great Family of

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