The Light of God - Times of Union - Sanat Kumara channeled by Adnama

  • 2011


On the threshold of the new year 2011 the Human Beings of Light will know how to act precisely by placing their Scepter of Power before them.

Their hearts full of love, with the Rose of Divine Love and in the name of the Sacred Heart of Jesus I AM, unite on the path of peace.

Fill all corners of the world with love.

The work is indicated and the Beings of Light are the ones who will do it.

Go through the paths of the light of the millennium, you have the power and will know how to do it, the indications are given.

Your Master Guides direct you and you will soon see the results. The world will change radically.

Be alert, their souls will go in full peace with firm faith anchored in the divine purpose, there will be no doubt.

The Light of God that never fails covers them at all times.

They are shining with light, their energies are at maximum capacity and their minds vibrate in higher dimensions.

Beloved Angels of Light: we love you very much, you are the co-creators of world love and peace, the star of Divine Love shines on your foreheads, your hearts sing of compassion and your hands carry the mercy and transmutation of the centuries .

Be blessed a thousand times for this great work in the light!

The treasures of light will batter in your hands and you will create true miracles and healings!

Go ahead my beloved Warriors of Light!

Sanat Kumara ”

Channeled by Adnama on Thursday, December 16, 2010.

-Thanks Beloved Master! -


“These are the last messages of this year, we are entering the crystalline core of the earth's energy and we will go out into the sunlight converted into solid matter, we are within everything and among all. What happened?

You have pierced the veil of etheric symbiosis - this means the immateriality of the soul.

There is no longer any disunity, the union is given, love triumphs over the conscience of the world, the veils are uncorked and the Truth becomes present.

Light emerges from the hearts of beings created by the Father-Mother of the universe, with such delicate strength that it will be perceived in the form of subtle happiness. We will see the useless and bleak disappear. God's time is perfect.

Send more love and peace, send compassion and tenderness. Cover Mother Nature with her mantles of love and light. Finish the healing of your wounds so that it emerges with radiant fullness vibrating in the concert of the spheres.

You will see great manifestations of love, wisdom and power. Humanity will be overwhelmed with the extraordinary manifestations of the Great Lord of the Universe. ”

Channeled by Adnama on Saturday, December 18, 2010.

-Thanks Beloved Master! -

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