Message Mother Mary: If their lives are pink, their souls represent the rose bush

  • 2018

My beloved beings of Light, know that you are greatly loved. We present ourselves before you to inform you that there is no death, you are all eternal beings that change your clothes or lives, but without losing that essence that represents what you really are. Therefore, we invite you to let go of all the illusions that you have in your material life as you go through each transition, but staying stored as memories and lessons, especially those that are related to Love .

Let's do a little exercise with the purpose of explaining this better: close your eyes and think that you live in the middle of an exotic tropical island . What are you doing? Who meets you? Now think that you live in a beautiful cabin on a mountain. What does it look like? Who lives next to you? How is that life? Keep imagining as many lives as you wish; in this way they have the possibility of imagining not only past and current lives, but also future ones. The more different lives you imagine, the easier it will be for you to realize that all of them live within you and when you think about them it is possible, both to verify and know how each one of them is.

In doing so, they will be able to see that what they learned in their life from the island, can be applied in that of the cabin and even in their current lives on Earth.

By performing this exercise daily, asking each of their personalities what they have managed to learn during their existence and communicating with them in a gentle manner, they will be able to know and finally become their own soul .

We say that if their lives are roses, then their souls are the rose bush

This is because the soul is the true Being of each one of you, it is the true essence of what it is; while their lives can be understood as shows where they have the opportunity to play. You are the ones who write the script and edit it as you go along; in the same way that an actor has a “true identity” different from the roles he performs, his souls are the “ true identity ” of each one of you, because beyond his life, the Divine is what represents his authentic identity

Now, can you imagine that all this is happening right now? Their souls have the ability to appear at the same time both in past and present lives and in future lives, always with the same conviction that an actor has when appearing on different programs. Their souls know each one of those roles that they play in their other lives and gives them the opportunity to learn from each other .

All this is not far from what you can imagine; An example so that you can understand it better is that when you see a child, a healer or a tyrant, you may have several children in you: a playful one, an innocent one, a creative one and even a teenager and a rebel, etc.

At different times, different parts of you "surface"

Many times they feel angry and do not know why, perhaps it is because the internal " rebel teenager " is surfacing. Possibly, they only require a little care, since that child could be a small candy that needs a hug. The most convenient thing is that you adults take care of all these parts when they come to light, allowing you to learn from them and above all, accepting them and loving them all equally. Their souls take care of all these parts of their lives in the same way, learning from them, guiding them towards their evolution and, mainly, giving them love.

All this means that you do not have to fear death or loss, since you are eternal beings to whom Divine eternity awaits you, where you can experience all that you desire.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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