Education is everyone's business

  • 2015

We cannot stand before a child or young person and not educate him. Simply with our presence, look, emotional and bodily attitude we are educating from the example of personal transmission. And that is what they really learn and learn: what comes to us by transmission, by experience . Because learning is an act of acquiring, processing, understanding and applying what we live and experience. Lídia Serra writes.
Every word, every gesture, every expression means something of us and carries a clearly explicit message to whom we are addressing. Children and young people have an extraordinarily developed structure to capture from us and the environment what they see, what we are, and they need us to be able to develop. Therefore we have to be very careful with everything we say or do, especially during the first seven years of life, because its system is designed with a highly developed ability to "record" everything they see, what they feel, what they feel. they perceive, and their gaze goes beyond the external aspect of things.

That is why they need the best, and we adults can offer it to them if we are attentive choosing between what can really cover their needs from what is not. Many times adults educate from the parameters of adults, without thinking about these authentic needs. Knowing and understanding what is fair and necessary for each child, girl or youth is a difficult but exciting task.

We simply have to reconnect with the inner boy-girl that we carry inside and that, sometimes, can be forgotten, hidden. This is an act that adults can do: rediscover our childhood while still being adults. Being able to play both roles gives us the ability to discern what may be necessary for our children from what is not.

We have to take advantage of this double function that allows us to exercise these two roles; Children and young people, all their unlimited potential, do not yet have this capacity. And this ability is what gives us the competence to educate.

Start with us children
Children are continually connected with the present and their attitude is of absolute delivery and fluency towards all things that live, towards everything we propose. Although sometimes with their attitudes it seems to us that it is not so, they depend on us to develop since the human being is born by ending and until around 21 years this period of growth What they receive and experience during this stage crucially determines the development of their bodily, emotional, intellectual and spiritual system.

If adults connect with this delivery and this presence of our inner child as well as with our discernment already developed and our own, we can offer an education of quality and not quantity. That is what children, young people are asking us and what the new educational paradigm needs: the best we can do for the education of children yj You come is to start with ourselves .


Education is everyone's business

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