Intellectualizing God, Kryon April 17, 2016

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Dear Greetings, I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

For some of those who listen and observe, it is permissible that what is seen here transcends what you would expect in the reality in which you live when you are not in this room. The very fact that you have come here collectively to see this, to feel the energy, says that this is not necessarily what you feel all the time; Or maybe you expect something different, maybe you hold on to words to find something special. The final channeling of these days is rare because this kind of workshops is different; because we talk about who you are in the classroom. Sometimes in the room there are those who listen to you later, who now listen to me. It is more a personal channeling, than an enumeration of information, as we have done before.

So I go straight to the point: What happens when you leave, when the channeling has already happened and you hear this later? When you leave your chair and go wherever you go: What happens? Right now in this room is a Courtship of which I have spoken before; we invite you to discern if it is; we invite you to discern if this channel is not my partner who is speaking; We invite you to discern the Love of God, of the Spirit, or what you usually call it. This is the energy that the Masters of this Planet have taught again and again , from the main cultures to the minor ones, from the ancient to the indigenous, from the energy of Gaia and more; This is what is taught at this time.

What happens when you leave? The linearity of your mind and what you call real life cause an energy decrease when you are not in a group. The Courtship is here; and it is beautiful; and I invite you to feel the group energy of this Courtship. Today here in front of me there are some who collectively create a certain consciousness, it is a characteristic of what happens when the Merkhabáhs intersect and intertwine; you are all in the energy of others, that creates a greater energy; and then you go home. Some of you go home with whom you came; many of you will go home alone, there may be a family but you really go home alone. And what do you do when you get there? How real is this later? No matter what we do now, no matter what we expose or what we talk about, I have already said it for years, this is the part where you sit and I feel and there is an exchange of Love between us, when some really You can feel the Creative Source and know that you are well. Some of you heal in these meetings; because there is this collective characteristic of union that creates an energy that allows healing.

Do you really have to come to a meeting to get this? I want to say something, I want to tell you: Welcome to the New Earth! In which any of you can go home and create the Courtship, each one of you. I want to tell you that I challenge you again ... (Kryon laugh), my partner's words, to become the Master you are. The Masters who toured the Planet did not do so in a group (Kryon's giggle), they traveled alone; and all carried out alone. And if you wanted to know what was going on in the minds of many of them as Human Beings, there was doubt, sometimes impression and surprise about what was going on around them and about the reactions there were to them; but they were self-sufficient in their Love. They knew who they were; and only that created a Courtship. They went from place to place and the people who saw them passing said: "This is different." You may have heard reports that even animals knew that this was different.

And there you go; there is an eventuality, a snowball that is already rolling, a potential that each of the Old Souls, that each of the Human Beings that awaken to its greatest potential, begin to change chemically, that the DNA begins to improve physically; there will be more awareness inside; and you will live longer; You are going to have revelations of who you are. And the most important will be things like the responsibility of themselves; be aware of situations in which you should not necessarily be, because they are not to allow you to grow; Many of you know very well what I am talking about. Growth always creates some awkward moments; but the Masters also had them.

What will you do when you go home? Let me ask you a question: Is this meeting a crutch for you? Do you have to come to a meeting like this to feel the euphoria of God's Love? Or can you leave this place by standing up and saying, "I can create this in a closet"? Now, here is the following question: Can you create it when you are with others who are not of similar mindset? Can you walk in this euphoric way, with the Spirit within you giving you precisely what you may be feeling now, while you are with others who disagree and are giving you a hard time? ... What will happen when you leave here? Today there were questions, there were attempts to answer them; and all over the planet, almost uniformly, the questions to the professors, to the channels, to the Spirit itself, are all the same. And the questions have to do with: What? Where? How? When? And because? (Kryon's smile).

It is almost as if before taking the next step each of you needs to understand the mechanics of everything esoteric; and that is of human nature . And I will say this, I will say it again: Why do you do that? It's really necessary? Dear ones, I will give you the example again: You have a machine called the Human body, it is a chemical machine, it takes you from A to B, from birth to death; and it works by itself, without you thinking much about it; It is designed that way. You use this machine during your life and as you grow you learn about it; some of you can control it through the health that you introduce, with food and with all the other things that you introduce; And that's it, that's it.

As you have discovered, your consciousness can alter it, it can make it last longer; But it works by itself. Do you really have to be a doctor and study each part and each fragment to go from A to B? And the answer is: No. You get in the car and it takes you from A to B; and you never ever say to yourself: "I have to understand the operation of the internal combustion engine in order to go from A to B" (Kryon laugh) You never would, never! Because it simply works. Now I am going to say this again: In this era, the process of awakening of the spiritual and purposeful Human Being has an automatic mechanism that works within you; While you are aware of the transformation and change, the Spirit is working with you.

How many are you aware of what happens when you wake up at 3 in the morning? And many of you woke up at that time. Do you get up and rub your hands and say: What do you want? ? (Laughter of Kryon) Or you have enough balance to raise your hand and say: Thank you Spirit for waking me up, because I recognize that you are working on me, there are things that need repair And help, there are things that must be improved; I do not need to know what they are. Thank you! As you can see, it is a system designed to work autonomously in an Old Soul. If you open the door enter Lights; and you don't have to analyze its wavy form; you don't have to measure the door (laugh from Kryon); You don't have to know why, you really don't have to know. Instead, Dear Human Being, I want you to feel it: Is it appropriate or is it not? This is the Free Will. Is it scary? Does it feel good or not? Discernment has nothing to do with the minutiae of how it works, how much time it will take, or where it goes.

The Old Soul is beginning to become aware of a larger purpose; and to the idea that these things arrive when they should arrive; and that the calmer you are about all that, it will work better. But what will be interrupted if you start analyzing: What? Where? How? When? And why? It will simply stop, because those answers are not available in a linear fashion. You have all fallen in love, all; it was from another Human Being, from a Master, from an animal; and that has been nice, beautiful, changed your chemistry. You looked into the eyes Human Beings ; and you were in love; And I've asked it before: So you stopped to analyze it? (Laughter of Kryon) You said: What is happening? I can't fall in love without understanding the details of this! (Kryon Laughter) You didn't do it! Of course not! You enjoyed it; each fell into the arms of the other and you enjoyed them. There is nothing like that! There is nothing like it!

God is in love with you; and there is nothing like it. I want to invite you to fall into the arms of what is already inside you called the Higher Self, which has the Creative Energy of God's Love; To fall in love and stop asking why or when or how. There are answers, basic answers about the change of the Planet, where it is going, about what is really and really happening; it is a human race that is ascending Human by Human, case by case, that thinks differently, in a path that is of higher vibration. The result: Longer lives, peace on Earth ; We have said it before. But Dear ones, this is a metaphysical and esoteric principle: Your journey between A and B is too complex for you to put in a box, especially in the box of the 3rd Dimension. n. And for some, when you leave here and cross the door, everything that was here will stay here; simply because you did not realize that everything that is taught here is yours, it does not come from the one on stage; It is available inside.

Tonight before you go to sleep, I invite you to retire alone to a room; and I want you to think about these things; you can even raise your hand and say: "Dear Spirit: If you are there, show me"; and they will give you chills; Even with your eyes closed, you may perceive a Light that is shining and shining above your head; and your Higher Self is going to give you a wink by saying: "It was time for you to ask" ; and you can take that Light wherever you go; by yourself, alone. If you are fortunate enough to have your partner, or family members, or associates, who feel the same as you; then you are a group that has even more power; because when there are 2 or more, the power is exponentially greater; But Dear: That starts with you!

Do you dare to ask this question ?: “Dear Spirit: What do I need to know?” (Kryon's smile) And you will not hear a voice, nor will you see writing on the wall; you will get guidance, intuition and Love. This is the New Human Being, the one who accepts something complex, which affects his life, his emotions, everything; and he doesn't understand it, but he doesn't have to understand it. Because the design of this Dear ones, is that it will take you from A to B without you knowing why. You can do it? Discern it with your emotional heart; If you need to analyze it, analyze it from the point of view that you feel it right. Do not analyze it from how they taught you what it should be, or what normally happens, or what you think happens. None of you really know what happens, not even the one in the chair.

Everything we have given you is extremely simple; because that's where you are right now; you are in a simple situation, with simple concepts, solving a simple puzzle that is enormously complex ... Just like the engine of your cars will take you there ... If you allow it. Do not fear the Love of the Creative Source in your life. Maybe this was the time you heard it; When you leave this place and go home: What will happen? Those of you who are listening to this will rise from your chairs and go to the other room where you will not be listening to a Kryon channel. Are you going to continue with this or are you going to interrupt it? My partner calls it turning off the switch.

You live a life, you go to a building for worship, you dress for it, you go back home and you live your life ... A and B; It's time to stop doing that. I want you to leave this place different from how you arrived. Right now the Courtship is making an amount of noise; You can't really hear it with your ears, but you can feel it with your heart. God knows you ... By your name! It is time that you leave knowing that locked in the closet, God knows you by your name and a Light shines on your head. This was the message for today, this will be the message while I am here (Kryon's smile).

And so it is.


TRANSLATION: Jairo Rodríguez R. Energy and Spiritual Consulting

AUTHOR: Lee Carroll


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