Numerological weekly horoscope - from March 4 to Sunday March 10, 2019

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Monday, March 4 to Sunday, March 10, 2019

Hope, although for some signs it seems elusive, will be decisive to achieve the successes that each one wishes to obtain in the coming days, and if they add hard work and perseverance, they will crystallize many more blessings in life, you discover what fate holds through this numerological weekly horoscope that the Great White Brotherhood presents by the hand of this server: The Third Initiate.


For those born under the sign of pisces, this week will be loaded with difficult tests with which they will realize how important you are in family life and that will be important because sometimes they feel undervalued although it is not so, in truth you are the center of the family but their way of assuming responsibilities does not allow them to see it. At work this week you can go between boredom and monotony, so it is in your hands to flip that situation and make everyone else vibrate at the same frequency, remember that life is one and depends on the decisions that we take.

Your powerful numbers this weekly numerological horoscope are: 6, 2 and 8.

My advice to you: every day you must live with intensity, you can make the determination to be happy.


Days of important discernments are coming for you, you will find out many things that for some time you did not know but that information will help you to rise, to grow as a person and that even if you often feel that the environment in which you do it is hostile, Do not worry about that, you must always remember that you are solely responsible for your happiness and that to have it you must make the most convenient determinations. At work, the arcana indicate that you are about to get a salary improvement, strive, but do not hide yourself what you do, on the contrary, make sure, in a very discreet way that your bosses find out that it is you who is constantly giving everything of yes.

This week's numerological study indicates for your good fortune: 0, 2 and 6, take advantage of them!

My recommendation: don't wait for things to happen by themselves, make them happen.


In these days to come you will meet a woman from your environment who will be involved in acts that go against morality and justice, at first you will not believe and you will need to see the evidence of done to convince you of all this, it is important that you are open minded because this woman also took advantage of you and it is necessary that you cut off that relationship, do not fear, that I will not turn you into a bad person, from now on you should choose your friendships better. At work you will have to work a little harder even if you think you are at the limit or feel discouraged, under the sky everything has its time and it is time for you to realize That right now is when you must fight to get what you want.

Your powerful numbers this numerological weekly Horoscope are: 1, 2 and 6.

My final advice: to live means to give, not of what you have left over but of what you have little.


Geminian friends, every day the power of mercury is present in you, which is the planet of communication and the ruler of the sign, however, that characteristic and unique duality of its sign It makes them so versatile that they have learned to dangerously keep what they feel and that is why they are now drowned in uncertainty, doubt and despair, this is a good time to find a good confidant to listen to. With deep attention your greatest sorrows. In the workplace, this is the most propitious time to resume the plans that you left some time ago due to lack of time, funds or qualities, this is your opportunity to dust off that medium-term project that brings you You are on your hands and start working on it because doing it right now will guarantee you success.

The numerological study of this weekly horoscope gives you: 4, 2 and 6 for your good luck.

My final exhortation: focus on your future, today will be past tomorrow, seek your success.


This oracle this week for those born under the sign of the crab indicates that at home there will be family turbulence that must be overcome using silence once again, it is important that they allow each of their own point of view, to analyze it and give You yourself time to reflect because in many of those situations that will be exposed you have some responsibility, let the waters flow and recondition family relationships. In labor and economic matters, the arcans express that they will soon have an important sum for you, that is why you must prepare yourself mentally to invest it intelligently because the money leaves very easily.

The powerful numbers of good fortune for you are: 6, 8 and 4.

Remember: do not put all the meat on the grill, everything has its native time to start.


In these moments you are experiencing, even if you have not noticed yet, new energies of the universe, so you have begun to try new things with a view to starting new projects, setting yourself new goals and changing the paradigms that for years you thought were unmodifiable Enjoy the process but keep in mind that not everything that glitters is gold. At work and financial matters, the arcana indicate that a person who can give you much more than his presence is very close to you, value him, give him the opportunity to show how much he knows.

The numerological study of this weekly horoscope gives you: 2, 4 and 8 for your good luck.

My advice for this week: there is no peace if you didn't start the war before, don't be afraid to face it.


Your biggest problem at this moment is the boredom that monotony causes you, you feel that you are traveling through life circling in sterile circles, do not think about it anymore, it is time to break everything and dive into the river of new situations, From new learning and, above all, from new environments, don't let boredom bother you, do new things that you can enjoy. In labor and finance, an untimely and unusual change can come, remember that you must take advantage of each change to generate positive things for yourself, get involved in any conflict, on the contrary, it will make you an unhappy person.

Your numerological weekly horoscope says that your strong numbers will be 2, 8 and 6.

My final recommendation: be patient but don't stop moving, success is always waiting.


This week the stars shine for you, free, let the light of the cosmos reach you and you will see how that situation that you expect to be solved returns to take the channel from which it should never have left, you must learn from it, you must internalize and assimilate that Problems that you have had will be solved only when you know that before you must forgive and, in the case of your own family, learn to love, to love each one even with the differences they have with respect to you. In the affairs of work, the arcana indicate that you have lost your mind for the battle, that you do not want to face those fears of not wanting to be the loser.

The numerological study of this weekly horoscope gives you: 6, 0 and 4 for your good fortune.

My advice for this week: remember that life does not depend solely on the desire, it is necessary to fight.


The virtues are not bought in stores, you have the responsibility to show them to your own children and your family through the actions you take every day, it is time to seriously consider showing your best side to others, no let the things you have been through in life form a shell around you. At work you will begin to feel the stress of the competition but this should not scare you, on the contrary, you should take advantage of that impulse to renew your strength and move on because you are aware of the abilities you have to transform your own reality.

The numerological study of this weekly horoscope gives you: 6, 1 and 0 for your good luck.

My final recommendation: Do what you have to do but fast, without giving yourself time to blink.


Those born under the influence of Sagittarius will have to travel a path that will be difficult for them, but they will find a girl or a young man who will bring good news, especially with regard to economic difficulties. They must be attentive to a small health accident that could occur during the next few days. At work and financial matters, the arcana announce that a man of power is willing to exchange ideas, take advantage of that great opportunity because difficult times are coming for you.

Your powerful numbers this numerological weekly horoscope are: 1, 0 and 7.

My final exhortation: Do not trust men, the universe has a great destiny written for you.


Dear Capricorn friends, the arcana in this week tell me that if you are single or in search of love you will be lucky this week to find your partner because this time is conducive to start a new relationship, however, they must be attentive to a minor person, perhaps a child or a teenager. In the workplace this week they will have a work overload that could have an impact on their health, be aware of that because the situation in the workplace can and will get worse.

The numerological study of this weekly horoscope gives you: 6, 8 and 3 for your good luck.

No final advice for this week: that your patience never runs out, you will need it.


My dear Aquarians, this time the oracle predicts some difficulty to establish love ties efficiently, despite this they must remain unchanged, with poise and decision to obtain the fruits they are desiring in His own life. In labor and financial matters, some problems at work are announced for you, fortunately new and renewal ideas will emerge that will arise after the changes that the universe has prepared.

The numerological study of this weekly horoscope gives you: 6, 4 and 9 for your good luck.

Remember: there are lots that come out very expensive, do not be fooled by what your eyes see.


AUTHOR: The Third Initiate., editor in the big family of

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