I honor your homework, by Julio Andres Pagano

Thank you, with all my heart, for Being and for being.

Tonight a beautiful star will shine stronger when you feel your heart, for this message will fortify your light as you approach images, emotions and the thrilling breath of the pilgrim brothers who light the world with your same boldness and dedication. Through these words, existence thanks you for the unconditional expanded love. A golden cup will be raised in your honor. Life celebrates having you as a guest. I honor your homework.

While your body is surrounded by a vibrant light ring that increases your inner vision, a wise old man introduces himself and blesses you with sacred water. Each drop projects the pure reflection of thousands and thousands of your conscious actions, which have activated precious celestial fields. If you observe closely, you will see yourself in time. There you are stubbornly inspiring, there you are extending your hands and giving hope to the service of light.

A loving wave runs through your aura, bearing the living essence of everything accomplished. Each shiny strand also makes you feel the incredible tenderness of those beings that vibrate in a crystalline way. I felt the fraternal support of your peers radiating infinite blessings. They hug you. A fresh dew renews you with the beautiful flow of pure intentions that come from the Source. Your Being is moved. Laugh Enjoy receiving so much love and esteem.

Your eyes get wet. They are happy tears. You have tripped, you have beaten and also hurt, but you have not given up and that has immense value. Now you are awake and travel the path of love. You know it was worth so much perseverance and dedication to reveal new spaces to fly and keep growing. In less time than you think the changes will take shape, because your inner kingdom flourished and its fine perfume is already noticed.

Energy that nourishes, renews, transforms and dignifies travels through your cells. You are a firm bridge to the light. Everything you do, aligned with your spirit, beautifies and comforts. You heard the inner call, your noble heart opened, that's why life caresses you with the love of these clear letters that kiss your soul through the wise old man, who now says goodbye with a gentle reverence that shows what You don't love it. Your intense flame burns.

Thank you for daring to be consistent with your feeling. Thank you for displaying your gifts and talents. Thank you for your enthusiastic humanitarian work. Thank you for your intrepid presence, which clarifies and helps in the most thorny sections. The magic exists: when seeing the luminous rays that the star will emanate feeling your heart beating, tonight an angel will raise, in your name, a shining golden cup. You are celebrated. You are celebrated. I honor your homework.

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