Exploration of Dimensions 6-9 by Lord Melchizedek

  • 2019

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Exploration of Dimensions 6-9 by Lord Melchizedek

I, Mr. Melchizedek, recognize the 6th dimension as the center of the ascension processes that many are moving at the moment.

The definition and explanation that I wish to share with you about dimensions 6 - 9 of the Creator Universe is a simple expression to encourage you to access, download and experience the energies to help your ascension.

Others may describe the dimensions of the Creator Universe differently, after all, they are abundant in energy, wisdom and expression, there is much to turn to, access and many different ways of explaining the dimensions.

Each explanation becomes an expression of truth and an access point for further exploration.

Your purpose with the dimensions of the Creator Universe is to access and explore the energies, develop your own understanding and encounters with the Creator, thus recognizing the presence of the Creator in your reality in multiple ways.

I, Lord Melchizedek, invite you to feel the energy of each dimension . In doing so, they will gain their own experience of the dimensions, which will align with their current path of ascension and evolution, offering them what is essential to help their acceleration.

In truth, the understanding you get from each dimension is connected to what you need to take the next step of your spiritual evolution at all levels of your being.

Sixth Dimension

(Detachment is not to disconnect or ignore, it is to release the bonds that cause separation with the Creator and recreate the bonds of love, trust and truth)

The 6th dimension, I like the labeling of the "Age of Memory", since it denotes a period of ascension in which you are able to capture deep memory of the Creator and I as the creator, either at the level of thought and understanding or in an emotional and knowing level.

The memory can be your whole being activating, healing and channeling more light through your being. You may be accessing a sense of purpose that is being fulfilled especially on the physical and soul level.

The 6th dimension can be interpreted as instigating the completion of ascension.

It reveals the stages that are essential to complete your domain and learning on Earth, as well as allowing you to break the cycle of rebirth by accessing unity with the Creator, while remaining physically present on Earth.

The qualities promoted by the 6th dimension are greater internal knowledge, the ability to access divine ideas, the expansion of divine wisdom and knowledge, the inspiration that promotes perceptions beyond limitations and illusions.

The 6th dimension reinforces your connection and communication with your soul, allowing the voyages of discovery of powerful souls and deepening the expressions of your soul on all levels of your being.

If you are finding it difficult to connect with your soul, you want to improve your communication with your soul or receive guidance from your soul, it is ideal to request the 6th dimension to download in your being to the appropriate vibrations to support it.

If you want to connect at a deeper level or soul level with other people in your reality, you can request it from the 6th dimension .

There are many other requests that can be made, such as the balance of your spiritual body, the clarity to remember divine information, wisdom and knowledge to support your ascension or synthesize with your Ascended Master self to discover your ascension path until its completion. of your dominion of ascension on earth.

If you discover that your intuition is blocked or you cannot get internal guidance, the 6th dimension can support you by aligning it with your soul.

I, Mr. Melchizedek, recognize the 6th dimension as the center of the ascension processes that many are moving at the moment.

It is so full of inspiration and tremendous support, it is worth downloading and anchoring it in your being and in your reality, even if you are not sure of the purpose of your anchor.

Seventh Dimension

The 7th dimension in many ways denotes a new beginning, due to its ability to activate and instigate a new learning and a change of your current perceptions into new ideas that inspire and expand your awareness.

The seventh dimension may feel fresh and expansive, as it invites you to part with anything that prevents or limits your ascension and dominion.

The detachment process is the key element of the 7th dimension, much emphasis is placed on understanding the method and benefits of detachment, which can be applied to all levels of your being.

Detachment is not to disconnect or ignore, it is to release the bonds that cause separation with the Creator and recreate the bonds of love, trust and truth.

It is this process that encourages new learning and even a re-evaluation of your spiritual path, to accept a path that is meaningful for your current ascension transitions.

If you feel trapped in your ascension evolution or unable to see, feel or recognize your spiritual path forward the 7th dimension can be anchored to support you.

It is important to observe if there are any people, situations or objects that are very attached to this discovery, with asking the 7th dimension to support their detachment and the reform of the bonds of love, trust and truth.

You will notice that your love for the person, the situation or the object increases greatly while allowing you to experience a release from any suffering, impediment, negativity or bond that drains energy.

A 7th dimension specialty is helping acceptance and alignment with your soul group.

When requested, you can instigate many activations and alignments within your being to promote your memory of your unification with your soul group.

Eighth Dimension

I, Lord Melchizedek, invite you to feel the energy of each dimension.

The 8th dimension is a powerful space to exist within and access, as it allows you to experience, test and explore divine concepts, new ideas and even the manifestation of intentions before they are anchored. physically.

This means that if you wish to manifest a certain result in your reality that you can rehearse in the 8th dimension and assess whether it will really serve and fulfill.

Often, what we believe will create satisfaction in our realities does not always satisfy us in the way we expect.

The 8th dimension allows you to explore during meditation and sleep time to support you in accessing ideas, concepts and intentions that really support you in the experience of realization n of the Earth and within its spiritual ascent.

You can request to download and experience the eighth dimensional energies during meditation.

Then keep your focus and attention on your intentions or what you want to create. Visualize, feel or recognize the development and development of your intention in your reality.

You may feel as if you were imagining or inventing it, this does not matter, the key is to recognize if the intention you are focusing on serves you.

If you discover that it would serve, then continue to focus on it in your daily reality, if you do not then delete it and create a new intention, try this in the 8th dimension .

The 8th dimension specializes in improving your conscious awareness of your soul group, allowing you to consciously embody your soul group within your physical body and reality. This can be requested from the 8th dimension .

Ninth Dimension

In the 9th dimension in which they are admitted in the delivery to the divine intelligence of the Creator. By doing so, you can obtain, access and allow the entry of new divine concepts, ideas and inspiration from the Creator.

You can connect with higher aspects of the Creator Universe, downloading them into your consciousness and memory.

The acceptance of co-creation and the divine influence or guide of the creator is a key aspect of the 9th dimension .

This dimension really feeds your spiritual evolution by relying on access to a great deal of inspiration, enlightenment and divine truth, while improving your ability to surrender and connect with the Creator.

The energies and ideas of the ninth dimension can be downloaded in the eighth dimension to be further explored and evaluate how energy would be experienced on Earth.

If you feel trapped, confused, you want to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and everything that is the creator, you want to expand your knowledge or connect on a deeper level, with everything that is the Creator, the 9th dimension can support him

The 9th dimension also helps your conscious awareness of your soul group and your soul's spiritual evolution. Groups work with and integrate with other soul groups in order to help the divine will of the Creator .

During meditation, you may want to resort to each dimension individually, from 6 to 9, requesting a discharge of the most appropriate energies, qualities and wisdom to be based on your being. Take time to observe the influence of energy on your being.

Some dimensions may feel more shocking than others, allowing you to understand what your body, mind and soul require in your current ascension stage.

With sacred support and love for you,

Mr. Melchizedek

… Dimensions 6 - 9 of the Creator Universe is a simple expression to encourage you to access, download and experience the energies to help your ascension.

Author : William Hernán Estrada Pérez, Editor and Translator in the Great Family of hermandadblanca.org

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