The Higher Self, by Omramm Mikhael Aivanhov with audio

  • 2013

The Higher Self I

How many times during a train trip, at night, when all the travelers slept, I used to open a window and look forward to the locomotive where the driver was telling me: “While the world sleeps, there is a good man who he watches there, in the dark, with his face blackened by coal, in which only his eyes that shine in the night are seen. ”

This impressed me a lot, and I thought about this poor man, the only one who had no right to sleep because he was responsible for the safety of everyone else.

This image of the train can make you understand an important point of inner life. There is a train whose driver should not sleep: we are ourselves. Our body, our cells can sleep, but our Higher Self never sleeps. Stay awake, vigilant, and keep directing, guiding us. This, at least, is what happens to the Initiates or the educated disciples. In most human beings, who are very far from their higher self, it is as if everyone slept: the passengers and the driver.

You always have to keep a part of yourself awake. And even, before falling asleep at night, you must think of trusting Him who will watch within you while you are in sleep. Jesus said: lad Velad and Pray ”, and the Christians believed that it was a matter of physically watching.

And then, the poor, in order to apply this precept that they had not understood well, woke up in the middle of the night to pray and meditate, exhausted themselves fighting against sleep and ended up upsetting the native rhythms of their organism. We must watch and pray on a higher plane! Watching on the physical plane is not the essence: you have to know how to transfer, transport this surveillance much higher; let the cells sleep and the body rest, and watch on a higher level, that is, associate with the one who always watches, who never sleeps, contact him and join him.

And where is this eternal watchman?

Between the two eyebrows, there you have your residence. That's why he sees everything, records everything, understands everything. It is absolutely impassive and immovable. You have to contact him. Yes, if you manage to watch and make requests from this center, you will have spiritual eyes to explore the invisible regions, and even when your body is in sleep, you can contact the most wonderful realities.

The Higher Self II

The coming of the Holy Spirit is a symbol that we find, in different forms, in all religious traditions, but whose meaning has been misunderstood most of the time. It is not necessary to believe that the Holy Spirit is a strange entity, external to the ombre: it is its superior Self, everything that it possesses of luminous, of powerful, of divine, you will say: Since many already received the Holy Spirit, are there so many “Holy Spirits” as individuals? ”No, there is only one Holy Spirit, divine, cosmic, and each higher Self, given its divine nature, receives its spark from Him and becomes Him.

When a man receives the Holy Spirit, it is his own spirit that descends on him, which is his higher Self, and dwells in the sun.

The human being is connected with his higher Self, which is waiting to enter to take possession of him, but man, with his impurities, obstructs the path, if he truly cleanses himself and manages to achieve true sanctification, the Holy Spirit. He will descend on it and can perform wonders. But the Holy Spirit is not divided: it is a cosmic Spirit, the Divinity itself.

And our higher Self is of the same nature as the Holy Spirit, it is made of the same quintessence, of the same light, it is a spark in the fire, a drop of water in the ocean.

Take some mercury, pour it on a table and you will see that it spreads in a multitude of tiny drops. Put these drops together now: you will see how they work. He does the same experience again after spreading some dust on the table: the drops of mercury can no longer merge. In us the same phenomenon is presented: what prevents the universal soul, that our soul merges with us, are the impure layers.

Now you understand why it is so necessary to purify yourself: so that the fusion between the higher self and the lower self is carried out. As long as this merger does not occur, our higher Self will remain somewhere, elsewhere, separate from us; He has power, he has knowledge, wealth, but he cannot do anything for us. He is perfect, omniscient, almighty, a part of God himself, but he cannot do anything for us.

Yes, the hardest thing to understand is that there exists in ourselves a being who sees everything, who knows everything, who can do everything, but who does what we do, remains impassive, Sometimes For example, we make mistakes, because we are connected with the other part of our being, high up, why does he let us do them? Why do you accept situations that go against your interests? I knew we were going to go astray, that we were going to suffer, to regret, but it didn't intervene

And it may even be he, in reality, who is pushing! Yes, there is a mystery. And now, while we are here coci ndiendo and crying, he is in some place of goodness, and does not worry about our sufferings. And when we present our good projects, our hopes, why don't you do anything to do them? We are not separated from him, and yet when we suffer he remains indifferent, he leaves us in the quagmire. We have to know, then, how to make him react.

Our Higher Self lives beyond what constitutes our own being: the physical body, the ethereal body, the astral body, the mental body, and even beyond. of the causal, basic and ethical bodies that, although they are of extreme subtlety, are bodies anyway and, therefore, of material essence. The higher Self, on the other hand, is not a body; it manifests through these bodies, but its region is here, which the Kabbalists call An Soph Aur: Endless Light.

Everything is possible for our higher self. The question is that you want to act; but since we don't know how to make him want what we want him to want, this is what our tragedy is about! How to stimulate the goodwill of this entity that is so far from us and from which we represent here, and so badly a small part?

Our Earth self is made of Egos changing, unstable, so different! But, since we are always responsible for all the Egos that do nonsense, we must suffer and repair for them. Our true Self, the one we must try to know to merge with him, never commits crimes or mistakes, is always on high, in purity and light. It is up to us to work to contact him, to merge with him. But, meanwhile on earth there is a self that serves something like a business card to all other Egos who live in the same house, to Egos completely different and even outlandish, who are nothing like each other: a poet, a miser, a cook, a liar. But then, who are we? We do not know. The one who is there is a fictional self, which encompasses all others, and that must receive, in turn, rewards and punishments for the crimes and good deeds of one another. One of these "Egos" is going to steal something from the neighbor's house, and that's where another honest "I" arrives, who is amazed and bewildered: He doesn't understand how it could happen ...

When we really want to know each other, that is, when we want to meet our higher Self, he immediately knows it, and he is glad.

Everything else we do leaves you indifferent cold. It does not affect him that we become generals, ministers, emperors, or that we are injured, that we lived in misery, or we woke up. Only the day when, finally, we want to meet him, that is, to know us, and alerted and begins to pay attention to us, and then weaknesses disappear, darkness disappears and sufferings disappear; Other forces go into action. This phenomenon can be compared exactly to the metamorphosis of the caterpillar. The caterpillar is enclosed in its cocoon, and some time later another beautiful, shining, graceful being emerges…. A butterfly!

Nature has placed signs everywhere to instruct the disciples and make them understand the transformations they must provoke in themselves. Humans imagine that they are something magnificent. They are really like caterpillars, heavy and ugly, that eat the leaves of the trees and wreak havoc of all kinds. But the day they decide to enter themselves, to meditate and to give up certain lower tendencies, they unleash new forces within themselves and, after some time, a light, free butterfly emerges that no longer destroys the leaves, It feeds on the nectar of flowers. The butterfly is a symbol of the soul that has escaped all limitations; and this is the resurrection, the true resurrection. It should not be imagined that the resurrection of which the Scriptures speak is that of the physical body: there is no resurrection for the physical body. There is only the awakening of a spiritual element within us that was asleep, and that is now ready to fully develop.

There are several methods to develop the higher self : one of them consists in concentrating on the ego, on the human self. This self is limited, undoubtedly illusory, but it is, in spite of everything, a reality .... Although you say it does not exist, it exists at least, as long as it does not exist!

The first method, then, is to use this weak medium, this screen of self, of consciousness that is not you, but that is, in any case, a part of you, a distant manifestation of your higher Self. You cling to this consciousness, hold it back, doing nothing but be aware, and then stop for a few minutes ... keeping this awareness of yourselves ... So, little by little, since your consciousness is already granted with the infinity of your supraconsciousness that is above, in the higher Self, this attention, this concentration, puts you in touch with the higher Self.

There is a second method: for the qualities of the higher self to descend to the lower self, the imagination must be intervened. You think of your higher Self, which is above; you imagine that he is looking at you, that is to say, that you yourselves, from up there, see yourself in the imperfect conditions in which you manifest here on earth.

Maintain this thought and circulate the current between your higher self and your lower self. Then you reestablish the connection, the true connection, because, from here, you think you are above, and from above you feel that you are here, below, aware of your higher self!

It is very difficult to explain: you are both two and one. You are two, since you are below and above, but the awareness you have of this duality makes you one. You close your eyes, you have a clear awareness that you are there, in your room, a living being, a thinking being, and that your higher self that is above, that has all powers and all knowledge, is reflected in you, It is recognized through you. He looks, and smiles, laughs ...

You observe him from here, you see how he is; and he for his part, also observes you. Then the two lower and upper poles of your being begin to approach, and one day the fusion occurs: your lower self no longer exists; this lower self, which is nothing more than a reflection, disappears and only your real self remains, your higher self. The discouragements, the weaknesses, the darkness are over! You become omniscient, immortal, eternal.

You have to imagine, then, not only that your higher Self looks at you, but that it is aware of looking at yourself through your brain, and being connected with you. Thanks to this contact that then occurs, supra-awareness is awakened. Since our whole being is reflected on the screen of consciousness, our superior Self also has a reflection on this screen, and this reflection, however weak, is what allows us to connect with Him. This reflection is a fragile, tiny being, but that is made of the quintessential celestial; It is a part of you, even if it is only your reflection.

The only reflection of a person in a mirror, are the fluids and the forces that it leaves. Even the shadow that follows you on the road is a reality. In Africa there are certain magical practices in which sorcerers use only the fluidic trail that leaves the shadow of the person they want to enchant. People believe that the shadow is nothing. Yes, the shadow is a reality, it is a fluidic emanation. Why do some dogs manage to find people just sniffing out the fluids they have left as they pass? Suppose, then, that the disciple is able to "snoop" on this screen of consciousness the trace of his higher Self and get one day, in this way, contact him, on high: little by little, his consciousness widens until The dimensions of the entire universe, it feels like the Cosmic Being and floats in eternity.

I can still give you another exercise, which consists of concentrating on top of the occiput on the back of the head. Try it for a few minutes ... something will happen inside of you, your whole body will vibrate, you will feel like flashes.

But do not prolong the exercise for a long time: as soon as you feel this tension, as if you had touched a nerve that makes your whole body vibrate, stop. At first, you should not prolong the experiences; You have to be very cautious.

The wise men of India have given a formula that has a very deep meaning. They say: "I am He." Which means: “I do not exist as a separate, independent being. I exist as a reflection thanks to Him. And if I now want to meet again, I will contact Him, who created me; I am a nonexistence, an illusion, only He is a reality ”. God has projected himself through the universe that he has created, and no creature exists independently of Him. Finding God or finding himself again, is, in the end, the same work ... ... a work of magnitude. At times you feel, soon, invaded by the light, projected to supraconsciousness, and you are dazzled by this immensity, by this beauty ... Unfortunately this does not last long; and, again, you return to everyday life with the same concerns, the same weaknesses, again you feel separated from the Divinity, from your higher Self, as loose pieces… But don't stay like that, strive to reestablish the connection with Your higher self. If you persist patiently, honestly, this feeling of separation will be increasingly dim, until one day, finally, the light will no longer leave you; you will have left shore, you will have saved yourself definitely.

Now you understand better the meaning of the precept that was inscribed in the frontispiece of the Temple of Delphi: "Know yourself." True initiatory knowledge consists in merging, merging with an act of love, as it is said in the Bible that "Adam knew Eve" or that "Abraham knew Sarah." True knowledge is fusion. By saying: "Know yourself, " the Initiates wanted to say that man is not who he thinks he is and that he must, therefore, learn to know himself. Know, identify, merge with Himself, with this higher Self that is at the top of the region of the spirit.

That is why he must abandon the apparent, the oropeles and illusions, and go higher and higher, until he becomes one with his spirit, with his Higher Self .



Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov Psychic Life: Elements and Structures.

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The Higher Self, by Omramm Mikhael Aivanhov with audio

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