The legacy of Egyptian Aromatherapy for human development

  • 2018
Table of contents hide 1 Entering context 2 Why Egypt? 3 Different uses of floral oils 4 Alchemy for the transformation of floral essences into oils 5 The sacred essences and the activation of the chakras 6 The development of human potential through the 7 basic sacred essences 7 The 7 basic sacred essences and their correspondence with the 7 physical chakras 8 The seven superior sacred essences for the development of the chakras 8 to 14

This article on Egyptian aromatherapy was born as a result of my trip to Egypt last November. In this I had the great opportunity to meet my teacher Gamal who besides being an expert in essential oils belongs to a family that has produced oils for more than five generations. Gamal owns the most important house of essential oils in Cairo, where they sell the bases of the finest perfumes in the world. A wise and wonderful man who shares his knowledge with everyone who comes to visit him, as well as helping to heal those who ask for his intervention. Gamal is a very special being, he is a recognized reiki master, loving, sensible, healer and sower of seeds in the heart.

This great encounter ignited again in me the passion and fascination for the healing power of flowers. In this case not from floral therapy but from aromatherapy and thus resumed the course. First from my own experience proving the effect that essences had on me and then being able to share with everyone who reads the knowledge that I have acquired so that they are encouraged to try and experience these new experiences.

Entering context

Since Homo Sapiens exists on Earth, he has taken advantage of the gifts that the planet has provided him. Experimenting was discovering in a natural way that plants, trees and their flowers had a potential that went beyond serving as food or decorative element. As he gained more intelligence he discovered the medicinal and magical uses of the plant kingdom.

As we know, not all plants give flowers. Only the most evolutionarily developed have them, and there is concentrated all the subtlety of the plant itself, its beauty, its color, its creative potential and its maximum energy vibration.

Why egypt

Egypt has a privileged climate that favors the growth of wild flowers and cultivated throughout the year. Especially aromatic and colorful flowers that were used to extract their perfume from them. When life was planted on Earth, Egypt was endowed with the presence of the Nile River which is of exceptional importance for this civilization that developed on its banks and which in turn allowed the growth of flowers on its slopes. The Nile is a carrier of life and has a very high energy vibration that can be perceived when you are in it.

Different uses of floral oils

On the one hand by extracting its essence from flowers, the aroma was obtained which was given a cosmetic use taking advantage of its delicious fragrances. On the other hand, on a spiritual level, the Egyptians were instructed to take advantage of the vibrational and energetic potential of the flowers, so they began to use them in their funeral rituals, which were the most important for this civilization, as it was the time when the deceased It changed dimension. This required several elements with which he was buried so that he could use them in his life beyond death.

Alchemy for the transformation of floral essences into oils

The Egyptians were taught the procedure for harnessing the vibrational potential of flowers. The importance of the flower as an element for spiritual development, to raise the energy frequency of humans through its use. But not everyone had access to this privileged knowledge. Only the priests had permission to use and experiment with these substances and then transmit the final result to the pharaohs, use them in mummification, anoint the statues and put them in the funeral trousseau.

The sacred essences and the activation of the chakras

Flowers whose frequencies corresponded to the energy centers located in the physical body (chakras) were selected to obtain their molecules from them, which were preserved in oils, which were kept strictly in special jars and preserved in salons reserved only for this purpose. These halls possessed the subtle and powerful energy of ancient temples. These seven oils were already considered the 7 sacred essences that allow to work the most basic aspects of the human being and develop other more transcendental ones.

The development of human potential through the 7 basic sacred essences

Since then, sacred essences have allowed people to potentiate their energy vortices so that they feel part of the planet and take root; develop your creative potential in thought, sublimate your sexual energy, reproduce, overcome your fears; transcend your emotions, activate your creative being in action; unconditionally love all that exists, learn to give and receive fully; communicate effectively, express themselves with grace and integrity; trust your intuition and understand the true meaning of life; to finally honor the divine in everything that exists on the planet.

The 7 basic sacred essences and their correspondence with the 7 physical chakras

  • Red amber: chakra 1 (Base or root). To be balanced, appreciate life, feel free and happy to be on Earth. To accept our body. Wake up the body and avoid thinking that it is to blame for not having satisfied our needs. Activate the physical and sexual body. It helps to communicate physically and sexually with the other.
  • Musk (musk): farm 2 (Sacral). To overcome fears. Accept, understand and displace guilt. It allows to understand the bodily processes especially in women. Calms premenstrual tension. Help understanding between mothers and children.
  • Jasmine: Chakra 3 (Solar Plexus). Clean and repair damaged membranes of the farm. Increase self-confidence, believe and trust in ourselves. It helps to feel safe. It allows you to enjoy sexuality and spirituality alike. Prevents the entry of negative influences at all levels. Eliminate sadness. Heals digestive system problems.
  • Rose: chakra 4 (Heart / Anahata). Purify the heart. Protects and gives security. Open our heart and our feelings. It gives security. It facilitates the understanding of what surrounds us and what we live. It balances body, mind and memories. It helps to forgive and gives courage to start over. It helps heal the nervous system.
  • Amber cashmere: farm 5 (Throat / Vishuddha). To overcome the fear of expressing oneself and the difficulty in communicating with others. Increase self-confidence. It allows to communicate from the personal truth of each one, with frankness. Open the door to communicate our wisdom and our talents. For those who avoid responsibilities and run away from relationships. For those who hide their weakness behind a mask.
  • Sandalwood: chakra 6 (Third eye / Ajna). It serves to open the farm wisely. For meditation. It provides a clear vision. It makes it easy to understand what life wants to tell us. Help interpret dreams. Lets see the aura of people.
  • Lotus: farm 7 (Coronilla / Sahasrara). To increase the spiritual connection. It facilitates communication beyond time and space. Raise in front of the material world. It allows communication with teachers and higher levels of consciousness.

The seven superior sacred essences for the development of the chakras 8 to 14

After working on the most basic aspects of human nature, transcending the physical body and to enhance human development, the Egyptians used seven other oils, with vibrations so subtle that their molecules had to be encapsulated in oil immediately or evaporated. These sacred essences were used to develop the seven auric or etheric chakras that, although still interconnected with the physical energy centers, transcend and allow access to higher spiritual abilities. These sacred essences are:

  • Papyrus Flower: farm 8. To communicate with the Higher Self. Help teachers fulfill their universal mission. Lets know the capacity of the soul. Chakra connection 7.
  • Myrrh: farm 9. It allows to know the secrets of sacred places. It serves to understand the work of light workers. (It is placed against the farm and in the palms of the hands when visiting sacred places). Connection with chakra 6.
  • Incense: farm 10. Allows communication with spirits. Clean black magic of places. Remove bad spirits from the body. To clear the path of negative interference in our personal growth. It affirms us in the path of life that we have chosen. Chakra connection 5.
  • Flor de Nilo. Chacra 11. It allows communicating with beings of light and angels to be part of the army of light. To be in the company of angels. (It is placed against the chakra and on the soles of the feet). Chakra connection 4.
  • Golden Water: farm 12. To communicate with the universe, other planets, extraterrestrial intelligences and know the origin of each one. (To channel it is put in the counter chakra and the soles of the feet). Chakra connection 3.
  • Carnation: farm 13. It allows to understand the incarnation. To know the different dimensions. To help others pass dimension. (For regressions do massage and apply against the chakra). Chakra connection 2.
  • Sakkara flower: farm 14. To make astral trips, to appear and disappear, to go wherever the soul and body want at any time. To use the true power of the human being. (Massage is done before meditation or going to sleep). Chakra connection 1.

Already to finish and waiting for this article has caused experimentation with the sacred essences, I remain attentive to your concerns and comments.

Author: Editor for the Great White Brotherhood, Diana Marcela Carvajal D az. Psychologist, holistic therapist. Bogot, Colombia.

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