Lunar Eclipse in Aries: Rescue the Inner Child

  • 2013

This Friday the 18th we have a full moon day that coincides with the Lunar Eclipse and this celestial synchrony will prolong the effects produced by this phenomenon on Earth.

This penumbral Lunar Eclipse - occurs when the Moon passes through the earth's gloom, which causes a slight darkening of the Moon - falls on the sign of Aries and brings us the task of being reborn as that child we once were.

Aries represents the birth to the earthly experience and its energy is inexhaustible when it comes to exploring new worlds and has the virtue - which for many is a defect - of acting first and then reasoning ... Aries only hears the voice of his heart and therefore can Being very daring, because he does not analyze the risks that a conquest can imply, he simply goes ... and learns, which is his main mission.

The energies of this period, together with those of the last equinox, gave us a beautiful pair of wings as an invitation to be reborn to start a new life that life that always dreamed You did.

The child Aries who stands in front of the world becoming aware of all the possibilities he has to be here and now and launches himself to explore it, imitating it, we can ascend to other levels of Awareness because the simple gesture of daring to something allows us to make use of courage, which always makes us cross portals to levels of excellence.

We will receive a powerful load of Ariana energy as a call to action, not to wait for the opportunity to occur but to create it ourselves and that applies to all kinds of things. Perhaps you must satisfy a nascent need for independence and you convince yourself that the energies collaborate to walk through life sustained in yourself.

With the forces of the ram you can start any project, as long as you have discussed it with the measure that the Sun grants you in Libra previously with your inner child who is the one to wake up to. s with this eclipse.

The child does only what he likes, hears only one voice: that of his heart and always chooses enjoyment before duty and that will be your task in the span of time 6 months that the effects of this eclipse last. Every birth makes us look at what we have in front of us with eyes of innocence, without prejudice or expectations, only with the eagerness to launch ourselves to explore and that is what you will do since morning driven by these energies. as: travel through this journey called life with confidence and joy as a little boy of 3 years would do

Connecting with the Aries that we all have inside also means awakening energies that most people have repressed and that is how anger can go out of their own, even if it is very Libyan causing the occasional conflict but it does not matter, you know that the times now are of honesty and the darkness comes to light Release the repressed feelings to end the process of emotional cleansing .

Get dressed in Aries and just be what you are ... and so, with the ram's clothes you will end healing the wounds that are still open ...

Here ... just when we conclude a long and winding road, the Universe sends us this gift. Do you still think we are alone? The entire Cosmos contains us, beautiful stars send us their light, Angels and Masters sustain us. What else can we ask for?

To delight then with what is left of the trip ...

In Love and Consciousness.


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