Display your gifts "By Julio Andrr s Pagano

  • 2010

The pressing of this message is a refined mirror where the light of your spirit is reflected, so that you contemplate its intense brightness amidst the suffocating sensation of agitation and confusion that appropriates the streets. That glow is there for you to remember your purpose to shine among the dense vibrations that are filled with fear to prevent more hearts from opening and feeling. I continued to provide support. You incarnated to illuminate. Help Display your gifts.

Mobilize in chaotic and disharmonized spaces, where violence and insecurity are breathed, sometimes it makes us forget our purpose to serve, so these diaphanous words reveal the flashes of your essence so that you remember the noble sense of your passage on Earth. These instances are decisive. We accept to work to illuminate the darkness of unconsciousness. More people need to experience that love is the path that releases, heals, elevates and balances.

The energy that is coming from the center of our galaxy with greater speed has the unfathomable power to take us to our inner heaven if we are able to get discouraged and flow, instead of resisting and remaining between supplications and laments. We are bridges that link the mundane and the divine. Our loyal commitment is to ensure that others are encouraged to fly, expressing their most genuine desires and feelings in the physical dimension. That's what we came to.

The ascension path is a colossal cross that demands not to succumb. That is why today you will get up again, you will be empowered and will still radiate. Millions of men and women need clear and reliable signals that propel them to Being, to transcend the indifference and discouragement that make it difficult for them to recognize that love is the way to a more gleaming present, prosperous and human, where we vibrate together. May the crystalline bowl of your faith sound high.

No one is exempt from blows and fatigue, hence these letters mirror the glow of your interior so that you renew your confidence and release your full potential. They know that you have the necessary temper to continue spreading the light of consciousness. You are taken care of. It loves you. You are encouraged to continue. Your beautiful teacher is called back to the stage of life to activate the human angels who still sleep. You are assisted. Open your wings. It will shine. Display your gifts.

This video shows where we are going as a humandiad:

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