Against All Forecast Live Channeling of Kryon by Lee Carroll

  • 2010

This live channel was presented in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on October 17, 2009

To help the reader, Lee channeled Kryon again, who made additions so that the concepts became more clear. Many times, Kryon messages channeled live contain an energy that is transmitted emotionally and is not present on the printed page. So enjoy this improved message presented in Montreal, Canada.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of the Magnetic Service.

I said that before, right here in the energy of this building. There is always a complement of humanity that does not want to believe this [a channeled message]. Even this day, those who sit before me like old souls, whom I know, will cross their arms and say, "It is the Human Being pretending to channel." They do not want to believe that this can be real. However, next to it is the one who has been able to see the colors for years and can experience the attributes of interdimensionality. It is interesting, two humans, side by side - one in total disagreement with what is happening and the other being healed.

What does that tell you? It tells you that you are free, completely free to absorb or not the energies that are placed before you. This is how it works, and tonight I will not make any effort to convince those who do not want to be convinced. I am here with information. I am here with love, and I am here for those who wish to enjoy this energy.

Waking up is a very personal experience. You are honored, every old soul here, regardless of whether you believe this channeling is real or not. Everyone is equally honored and loved by God. Feel this if you like. Some will leave today without believing any of this. It doesn't matter, because love is here anyway.

Skeptic, let me tell you something I want you to think about. You may not believe that what is happening in this scenario at this time is real. My partner takes a secondary place behind me. It is not in trance. He listens when he lets me take the microphone and I use his personality, his knowledge, his language, his intellect and his akashic experience. I use the human vehicle and through these years the conduit he has developed with me has increased its purity, its integrity, and has opened even more. Now I can tell you how I couldn't do it 20 years ago. However, they may not believe it yet.

They are surrounded by an entourage of what you call angels or guides or whatever you want to call them. They are here to support you, and they will be here all your life, however you do not even know it. Some of you go through your whole life with them just standing there, without being allowed to say anything. Your free will guarantees it. They love them without measure and yet they cannot say anything or make themselves known.

They come with you; They are standing around the bed when they are born, and they are with you for life. Forever! When they breathe for the last time, they will be there. However, if they never speak to you, they will never tell you a word. And if they live a full life and die at 90 or 100, they won't say a word. So much so his free will is honored. They are not going to sting them; They will not be spiked. They will not be told that they should have done this or that. The only way for them to allow you to feel something is if you allow pure intention to speak to them. And they don't have to know their names, because they don't have any.

Some in this meeting know exactly what I am talking about because they have already discovered these helpers. They heard of them when they fell on their knees one day in meditation and said: “If they are there, let me know, because I want to change some things in life. I want to change some things about me, against all odds. I want to change who I am. I want to find God's part in me. ”That activated them all!

They are unique and different for each Human. But they can feel them work. Synchronicity begins to occur. His personality begins to be more comfortable. The anxiety begins to disappear, the drama decreases, and the problems of his life are no longer so difficult. Would you like that? Some say it is impossible, and against all odds, that this is real.

Many consider it inappropriate to channel. They say, “This is too weird and weird, you know? Here we are with a Human Being who receives messages from the other side of the veil. How can one justify that? Where is that in spiritual history? ”I will tell you where it is in history, however often you do not realize it. All the scriptures, all of this planet, the deepest scriptures they have ever read, do not come from God. They came from Human Beings who wrote them for you! They are not the words of God, they are the words of Human Beings under the influence of a divine Higher Self.

They were so deep! Some were written in jail months before the writer's death, however the writer was not in a state of anxiety. He was in a state of joy writing to his friends, a lot of them, and the words echoed with “Praise be to God, from whom everything good comes!” Then, the writer continued to talk about joy of finding the Higher Self. These are the writings of Humans in love with God!

Listen: The oldest and deepest way in which the Creator can speak to humanity is taking place right now in this room. Is it possible that they didn't realize that? However, there will always be those who say: Well, the reason why it is not appropriate is that that was fine then, but not now. They say: We have all the books. All knowledge is there. We do not need anything new. This is from another time and place.

Oh, Human Beings, I will tell you, you are creating a change on this planet that is very new. Wouldn't you like to know a little more about that? Are they really happy with only the things of the past? Wouldn't you like to know what brings you to this room today? Maybe they would like to know more about some of the energies that are spinning here? Tonight's message refers to an overview for you to examine. I want you to hear this.

It is a sweet place tonight. We invite you to feel the entities that work around you. Two people from the public lost loved ones recently and I know who are here and who you are, and I speak to your heart: Death does not exist. It is a transition energy. The longest and deepest on the planet cannot be destroyed. It is love. However, somehow, you feel you are gone. But that is not the case, because that loved one who has left is still here. The only thing he has done is to pass between the veil and you.

The dreams they are having about them are real, the messages they have received are real, and these loved ones are here in spirit tonight. They sit next to you and cry out for you and say: `` You are not sad because I am here for the rest of your life. You needed to hear that, and maybe that's why they came. This is so real to me! I can see the dimensions, both sides of the veil, as I now appear before you.

I want to explain something to you: Things have happened on this planet that simply go against every prognosis. Only that Human Beings do not observe them enough to see them for what they are. I wish to take you through the miracles of the last 20 years.

The Beginning of Change

In 1987, the Harmonic Convergence positioned the new energy and prepared the Earth for change, and entered directly into it. Things began to happen quickly. In 1989, my partner allowed me to enter and start channeling. The first information that was channeled to him was published in 1993. I said that the planet's magnetic grid was going to change significantly. In fact, it happened during his life, however, it had never happened during the life of his parents, nor during the life of his grandparents. I told them that against all odds they would see her move a lot, move more in 10 years than she had moved in 100. Against all odds, this was going to happen during her lifetime. Then it happened. It is measurable, even today. It is easy to do it with a compass. Against all odds, he moved and his scientists noticed.

In the scientific records it is a fact that the sun's heliosphere has changed a lot too. It has decreased. A magnetic resource that is part of the Galactic Alignment they are currently experiencing is coming to their solar system. All this, on time, at the scheduled time, all appropriate, my dear Human Beings.

All this is in alignment with what the Maya told them: one of the highest vibrations the Earth has ever seen is about to develop in this change. And it WILL NOT happen in 2012. It happened in 1998! You are in change. The only explosion that will take place in 2012 is the explosion of western world mythology that tries to make them afraid of a date! They are in change right now and the magnetic grid is part of that, all part of that. I told you this 20 years ago, and now you are here. You experienced it against all odds.

Some will say: “Well, that would have happened anyway. It doesn't impress me that much, since it's an astronomical event. ” Humans do that. Even after something very special happened, they will say it would have happened anyway.

It is true. The Galactic Alignment would have happened anyway, even if there were no Humans on the planet to enjoy it. But the esoteric vibratory change that accompanies it is palpable, and they are seeing it everywhere. You may need a few more episodes "against all odds" before you begin to understand that this is a unique moment of change for all of you. Is different. They are seeing things that even their ancestors never saw. It is a time of change.

In the same transcripts in the same year of 1993, I told them that weather patterns were going to change greatly. I said that in 20 years, it would look drastically. Have you seen any? Is here. They will also realize that certain keywords were not mentioned. I never said anything about warming, did I? Its heating is a natural cyclic phenomenon for the next cooling! It has to do with the water cycle of this planet, and geologically accelerated. Time is relative and its best scientists have called it that. In the vibratory change of this planet, you have accelerated time - not the time in your mechanical clocks, nor the time measured by what your radioactive isotopes release, not that kind of time. Instead, it is the interdimensionality of time, something caused by an interdimensional change, they have accelerated it. It is moving much faster, and your body knows it. They are feeling it. They know it's going faster, right? And the same goes for Earth.

The geology is accelerating. You are receiving things that geologists did not expect to happen for another 100 years. That is the change of the water cycle, which is affecting the climate. We told them that, and they are in it. The weather has changed against all odds! He did not do so during the life of his parents, nor during that of his grandparents, nor during his parents'. Against all odds, you are here to see it.

Then there are those who will sit and say, “Well, that would have happened anyway. Don't prove anything, Kryon. You'll have to show me more than that. ”Well, I will. By the time I'm done, I want you to see this clearly. There are too many coincidences involved in this change, and the fact that we have talked about many of them years before they occurred makes it even more special, doesn't it? So, if you are going to sit down and be intellectual, do it. But at some point, the intellect has to surrender to the facts.

All ancient prophecies coordinated a scenario of Armageddon. Everything coordinated with the approximate time of its recent millennium change. There was a confluence of energy with two great superpowers on Earth, each throwing atomic bombs at the other. Then there would be what was called the end of the Earth, or at least the end as they knew it. Many prophets gave them this. This is not something that Kryon has invented for this discussion and you know it. It is present in the Scriptures to be seen in their own religions. It is also there in the Nostradamus quatrains. It is there, even in the indigenous writings of the potentials of the future.

Then, against all odds, something happened; It was something that could not happen on a logical and intellectual level, but it happened. Overnight, one of the giants in the Earth scheme fell politically. The Soviet Union ceased to exist. If they had asked their parents about that, they would have said, "Impossible." Twenty years ago, if they had asked the Pentagon about the potentials of this, they would have said: "Impossible." And if they had asked the Kremlin, he would have said, "Ridiculous." However, it happened against all odds. It is part of the change. It is part of this new era of energy that is before you. The elimination of one of the superpowers had to occur. Not a bomb fell. No battle was fought. He did the conscience, in case they didn't realize.

What do you think of that, Human Beings? Knock down a superpower only with consciousness? That is the third on my list, so how many events are they going to need to start seeing something happening against all odds?

Three years ago, I gave them a prophecy that was not a prophecy, nor an attribute of divination, but rather the report of one of the strongest potentials that existed in their reality. These are events that we saw coming, since little by little you are creating them. We have the ability to see the potentials of what you are creating and that you cannot see and I saw it, and I gave it to you and told you. I told them that the gigantic country just below their border [USA] was going to lose the stability of their largest corporations; that the bastions of finance would fall. I said I would start with the insurance companies, and so it was.

When they see those companies, which were literally the American dream, that belonged to the United States, who invented and created the same car for the rest of the world, today they are out of the "normal business." Against all odds.

If they had asked an auto industry executive 20 years ago, if that could happen, he would have said: “No. We are strong. Nothing could do that. ”Against all odds, it happened. And it is important that they understand why. Dear ones, there is no punishment here. These companies did not fall because they were corrupt. They didn't fall because they did something wrong. That is not how it works. If the Earth worked like this, many things would have fallen a long time ago, right? That is not how it works. Instead, they had the beginning of the seeds of change in finance and banking that talked about integrity. The consciousness of the masses decided to reinvent the way bankers operate their banks, and insurance companies make their money work. The rules had to change and they are doing it! Many are still wondering what happened. Financial pruning is taking place on this planet, starting in North America, and we told them a few years ago. Against all odds, it happened as we said.

Now, what will they do with this information? This is the fourth in a series of six events that I am giving you. Against all odds, they happened. Are they starting to capture the image here? How many of you have the courage, maturity, and insight to celebrate the recession? Can you say, "Thank you, God, because we are moving forward with a little more integrity in these things that we thought could even sink us"? The conspirators will tell you that this and that will happen and that everyone is doomed. And the proof, ironically, is the recession! It is not yet understood that what you are doing is pruning the system for integrity.

Let me tell you something else about that country below you [USA]. Against all odds, all odds, they have a president of color. That should not happen until two more generations passed. Ask a sociologist about this, since they do studies on the potentials. There was simply too much hate, too much prejudice, too many issues and too much trouble between races to allow this. However, it happened. With all racial conflicts, maybe you ever wondered how those racial issues would be resolved? However, against all odds, they chose a man of color. I would like to tell you that this can only happen with a change of consciousness. It happened long before his time, according to those who study these things.

These are not esoteric events. These are events that surround them in real life, and there is a reason why I am giving them to examine these things. You can look and see these, because when you reach number seven you will need to believe, because it will not sound possible. This was number five.

The number six is ​​just beginning to happen, and they saw evidence of it this year. Again I gave you a potential, not a prophecy of the future as a fortune teller, only the potential of what was going on and that you could not see. In the book The Great Change, compiled by the same Human who organized this meeting (Martine Valeé), I said there will be a revolution in Iran. There was, and now I would like to give you the rest of the story.

They saw it? It started this year. The seeds for a great Iranian revolution are there. Oh, it was suppressed ... was it? It is growing even while I speak to you now. The very few control the many there in that country, which has literally been called an Empire of Evil. Isn't it strange? So were the Soviets, and look what happened.

Let history show what is going to happen because these are the potentials that I give you now. It is number six. The revolution in Iran will be called the Great Revolution. The removal of the mullás will occur. They will see it. If the potentials are as strong as they are today, you will see it. And with the removal of the Mullás, they will find a young Iranian civilization that is mature in their faith, that knows what they want, and that will create stability. In fact, it can become so stable - are you ready for this statement? - that Iran's stability can eventually lead to a stable Middle East. Iranian influence can in fact lead to what we are going to give you in number seven (below), since the Iranians may well begin to achieve peace in Israel.

Here is the complete circle: Twenty years ago I said: "As the Jews do, it goes to Earth." And I am telling you that you have been waiting for a solution and it will not come from North America as many thought. They said: “The Americans are the only ones who can put this together. The United Nations, the only ones who can put this together. ”Notice how it is assembled! They will be those of the Middle East with those of the Middle East. As I said before, a mature, stable Iran will make peace with those around it, perhaps even establish a union of Islamic states, and with its resources and financial maturity, you will see that a solution of a state * can work in Israel . They will want to have peace in the region, as it will impact their own stability.

Does this not start to make more sense to you? Oh, but I haven't given them the number seven. Even I hesitate, when they hear it, it's too incredible. Hey, my partner: this may not happen during your life, but you will be here.

This is going to be significant for some of you and you are going to scratch your head and say, "I don't understand." Listen: The final reconstruction of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem will begin to proceed with the help of Islamic financing, combined with funding from Israel's supporters.


“Now you went too far, Kryon. That goes against all odds and is a very naive statement. It is ignorant and somewhat offensive to the Jews. ”Really?

Actually it is not so implausible. Let me explain what you have at this time. In Jerusalem, at the moment there is a kind of static peace, since the reality is that they have three important religious actors at opposite ends of the hate scale, who have to share the most sacred, holiest land that exists for all of them. And it turns out that it is the exact same place for all of them. That place, where the Temple is to be rebuilt, is the place of the astral ascension of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. The Temple Mount is the place, and it is also valuable for Jews and Christians.

The Jews will say that Abraham's son, Isaac, was almost killed there. His story is clear about it. Even Christians believe it. However, in the Islamic world, it was Ishmael, the other son of Abraham, who had the experience of the Mount. So both share the same holy places and live in a peace of need. Have you noticed? It is not there where the point of conflict is in Israel. It is all around, but they keep the Temple Mount sacred. In fact, they have been sharing this space for two generations, see?

What I am giving you now is already underway and although it seems unlikely that the Jews and the Arabs will gather and finance the reconstruction of the Temple of Solomon, the seeds of this have already been presented. Think for a moment about the incredible resources of both groups!

This would be the third time for the Jewish temple, and in the middle of it there would be room for the greatness of the Islamic Temple of Mount. Together they would build something that they could share and continue to share, but in the process, make it bigger than ever ... maybe bigger than anything ever built! Together they would create ways in which both could visit each section on their own, and the Palestinians would visit their part for the first time, freely and openly. Even those who are not Muslims could enter and enjoy the beauty of this sacred place for the first time, without those who are there armed in case there are problems.

Against all odds, and for the first time in history, the Jewish nation and Islam would unite in a neutral zone by their own accord, and with the help of Iran. In the long run, stability would occur. Who would be the true benefactor of this? It would be Iran, the largest and most stable nation in the Middle East.

My partner, the day will come when the Middle East and the problem will be a distant memory. What do you remember about Ireland and its problems? What about Germany, Japan or Russia? The ancient enemies of half a century ago are trading freely with each other and have economies that are intertwined. It's time to see this same attribute in the Middle East. Impossible? Against all odds?

"As the Jews do, it goes to the earth, " I told them. When they see the seed of this potential in Israel, they will know that they are heading for peace on Earth. In that potential attribute you can see the beginning of what can happen on the planet. Those who were enemies for thousands of years can look into each other's eyes and say: “We don't like each other, but let's cooperate and build something special. Let's make it unique so that we can both enjoy it. We create a path. We disagree and we have had our wars. But this holy place is too beautiful to let hate exist in this way. ”Expect clearer minds, because energy is changing, against all odds. That is number seven.

There is the potential that before all this occurs, there will also be another outbreak in those areas ... this is the old energy and that is who they want the planet to recede into energy. There are, and will be for some time, those who are willing to die to bring Earth back to darkness and to a consciousness that is elementary, basic and not enlightened. But I made you glimpse a future time, a little in the distance, but close enough to be real to you.

What will they do with all this information? Many will laugh, point out the problems and the current hatred and tell them that it is simply "against all odds." If they do, then they can smile, because that is exactly the issue. Against all odds is the energy of the day, and represents the change.

What is against all odds in your personal life? I know who is here. Is it with the family? Is it with your health? What did they say "I can't do"? What have they assigned to the impossible? It is part of that three-dimensional list that humans have, the feasible and the unfeasible. Humans treat this as if they were laws of physics!

Tonight I am going to ask you to become interdimensional with me because I see who you are and I see the greatness of those who sit in those chairs. I see the creative capacity that everyone has. Discard lists of what you cannot do. If there is a number eight on the list, it's you! What have they decided they can't do against all odds? You can have that healing. Maybe it's the healing of love, and you know who I'm talking to.

With what part of your family do you no longer speak? Maybe they have changed. Have you changed maybe? Did you know what love does on this planet? He is the creator of peace. Restore connections that they think have disappeared. Impossible? Against all odds? Who have you met today in the synchronicity of this meeting that you didn't know? Have you thought to yourself, “I'm going to someone I don't know? Maybe he is here with something I need? Maybe I have something for him? ”That is synchronicity! Do you know that this is why old souls gather?

The time will come when that is the reason to come to a meeting like this. Oh, not to listen to the speakers, but to meet each other! But they haven't really recognized that yet, have they? Or if? There is much here that is hidden. There is a lot of potential, against all odds.

This is the energy of Kryon. It is a feminine energy given by a masculine voice, but you knew it, didn't you? It is a Mother-Father energy. That is why we are here, to help you see what is inside each one of you. This is what we do to remind them who they are, and ask them to start remembering everything.

And so it is.


* SOLUTION OF A STATE: This is a "Kryon elbow", a kind of energetic wink that has been used in the Kryon texts for some time to get a reaction. Kryon defines a "Solution of a State" as "a singular state of a combined peace consciousness." It is not a political name of a solution, but rather a singular state of mind. He does it to show what a unique mind each side has, since he always gets reactions, like the ones he will also have. Kryon tells us that we can never have peace if we decide in advance to be so partial that we only accept the "solution on our side." Both groups do this, and both groups get angry several times when they see the words. That is why the final peace will come from another source.

© Lee Carroll

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Original English title: “Against all Odds”

Translation: Margarita López

Edition: Susana Peralta

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