Sowing the seed of true love

  • 2018

Blessings to all the children of light who walk on this planet mixed among our children, brothers and sisters. It is a very special occasion in which my heart, yours and Lemuria join together to face the world. As soon as you hear these words, you will understand that you are surrounded by our presence all around you and that we are now together in the temple of Telos, all connected.

We are the temple of love and eternity

Take a deep breath and feel how our energy connects with yours, bringing peace and unity, a connection that is aligned with you and the heart of Lemuria of which we are all part because that is the heart of Gaia, that of Mother Earth, of love, of light, of father and mother. God is the same in this same dimension, but made matter. It is necessary that you open your heart and prepare it to receive the light that is a blessing that you must allow to deepen within your heart and from there emanate all the vibrations that seize every aspect of your life inside and around you.

Can you believe that the heart of Lemuria is alive within you and each one of you my beloved ones? He represents true love and is like a signature, like a seal that identifies you. From today when at last all hearts are united in one and we feel that we are connected and that we form a single being of light, a beam of love that expands throughout the planet, regardless of where in the world each one is of you, whether it is in Telos or in California, it doesn't matter because between all of us and thanks to that connection we will wrap the entire planet with a network of light.

Today is the day when we have brought a seed of light to each of our brothers who inhabit the planet that in incarnation are part of our network of light.

It is the occasion to celebrate the life and courage of Aurelia who represents the life of every human being who fights for the planet earth in this dimension where love has been forgotten and now returns and calls all humans. Yesterday in this temple of pure love, we decided that this ceremony would be an act of love, a love that must spread throughout the rest of the planet to reach every human being, to each of their hearts and to reign harmony and peace forever.

Love is a very great force, it is omnipotent and it is capable of transforming the human heart into blessings for a lifetime. As we are one heart, we form a circle around it, then within this circle in another way and in the center is the planet earth.

The call is for the life of this dimension to come to the center of our circle.

All must deposit their love on the planet and in the hearts of all their brothers, deposit it in this dimension. It is time to open our eyes and contemplate the real nature of everything around us. Beauty and everything that represents the heart of Lemuria. I invite you to transform your vision of the planet and of this dimension where you are now, to become a powerful creator of love in your own dimension for your brothers and sisters.

I invite you to understand that love is vibration, is life and changes the vision of yourself and how you see others, is a blessing of life and right now we celebrate Aurelia's life together and we want this celebration extend to the life of every human being that exists on this earth full of light and love.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Denise Laberge

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