"Driving the Cosmic Reticles" August - September 2010

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Five Planets Now Backward

Most of the planets in our solar system are currently in decline.

Translation: Alicia Virelli

(1) Pluto turned in retrograde on April 7, 2010

(2) Neptune turned in retrograde on May 31, 2010

(3) Uranus turned in retrograde on July 5, 2010

(4) Jupiter turned in retrograde on July 23, 2010

(5) Mercury turned in retrograde on August 20, 2010

The planetary energies are improvising an accompaniment once again, as we approach the powerful September Equinox, which will take place on September 22 in the Americas and September 23 in Europe. You can perceive as if the astrological forces were pointing at you, but there is a way to optimally handle the "Cosmic Reticles."

So now, that all of you have gone through the intensity of the Great Cardinal Cross, it is time to go into introspection within the current weeks of waning full moon and Mercury's retrograde energies that are being amplified in their effect. In fact five planets are in retrograde between now and September 12: Mercury - Jupiter - Neptune - Uranus-Pluto. But don't panic, although this may be a lethargic energy and warnings necessary for travel and communications, it also has a ray of light. It is a superb time to go inland.

Take some time to bring well-being through meditation!

Meditation in Green

Everything will be felt more deeply as you begin to perceive the powerful jolt of the September Equinox, now in just over three weeks. This energy can be difficult, but it can also be a profound and beneficial phase for deep meditation.

Mercury in retro will be especially powerful for reasons beyond the reach of planetary angles, related more to the extraordinary energies of the "Grid" that are lining up for 10-10-10.

As in all the "retrograde" of Mercury, communication and pilgrimages / trips are manifested. The energies during the next three weeks on the decreasing moon; they will feel extremely heavy and will become even heavier. Communication errors can become uncontrollable and can degrade relationships if care is not taken. Misunderstandings especially and easily in the written word, in emails, etc ... So take everything with a pinch of salt and give the communications seemingly aimlessly and wandering, a few days before being answered. Stay calm and give each other space.

Those that are in imbalance may seem erratic and prone to overdoing and exaggerating and there may also be wrong reactions during the next three weeks. Strive not to allow yourself to fall into a downward spiral in depression or an emotion or adverse action.

Those who seem to fall into aspects of excessive curiosity, envy and nosy gossip; They can appear to launch on an impulse. But simply take a deep breath and do not overreact. Allow each other the benefit of the doubt and perhaps better wait to address us kindly and kindly and resolve each of these issues after September 12. Remember that we are truly all family and in the higher realms we are truly a plural consciousness. We are one.

Keep in mind that during the next 3 months, especially during the current "retros" ... there are some exquisite energies for expanded introspection and deep meditation around relationships, health and home. Use these for both internal and external cleaning and purification of the house. This period can be very productive in terms of working on oneself during intense gravitations.

It will also be a time when many at the end of their travels choose to leave. If you have a parent or an elderly relative with ailments, take extra time to spend with them. Because there is an opening during this phase of equinoxes that is opportune for an easy exit and a pure transition and many souls will choose to leave in this opening.


Calendar of the Star Portal and Astrological Events of the remainder of the year 2010

August 24 - Full Moon - Red Lightning Energy

September 8 - New Moon - Powerful; step towards the Equinox - Intense Period.

September 21-22: Jupiter in Opposition. Manifestation of Will. - Uranus in Opposition. - Deep Contemplation

September 22: Full Moon Fall Equinox Sept. 22, 2010 11:09 PM EDT - USA –3: 09 AM Universal time - London - Sept. 2. 3

10-10-10 - Crystalline Portal Activation - Grid Point on the Grid

October 10 - 10-10-10 - Stellar Frequency Portal - Grid Crystal Activation - Awakening of the Master Crystal - Seven Meteor Rain in progress, Delta Aurigids, Draconids, Gemini Delta, Orionids, Leo Minoris, South Taurides & Northern Taurides, the first 3 on the Cusp, Prominent 10-10 Draconids- Giacobini-Zinne Regent Comet. The Crystalline Grid is activated at 84% of its power.

October 21-23 - Orionid Meteor Shower. Regent Kite - Halley Kite

October 23 - Full Moon — Fused Dual Energy of the Emerald Ray and Violet Ray.

November 6 - New Moon

November 17, 18 - Meteor Shower of the Leonids. Las Leonidas is one of the best meteor showers to observe, they produce an average of 40 meteors per hour at their maximum peak. Watch the rain radiating from the constellation of Leo. Emanating from the Regent Comet: Tempel-Tuttle

November 21 Full Moon Energ a del Rayo Indigo.

December 5 New Moon

December 10 Mercury becomes retrograde.

December 12- The 12-12 Star Portal (Double). 13, 14 Rain of Meteor of Gem nidas. Considered by many to be the best meteor shower in the skies. Geminids are known to produce up to 120 fireballs in multicolored meteors per hour at their maximum peak. The radiant point for this rain will be in the constellation of Gemini. Regent Comet: Phaethon.

December 21 Mega Power! Solstice Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse. Extremely powerful energy. The Solstice occurs in the northern hemisphere at 23:38 UT-Energy of the Platinum Ray.

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