How to improve your life and earn money with a spiritual life?

  • 2016
Table of contents hide 1 Basic fundamentals to improve your life and earn money with a spiritual life 2 Ask the universal force for help to improve your life and earn money with a spiritual life 3 How to improve life and earn money is the most sought after Most books 4 “What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” 4.1 The richness of attraction, proven methods that you can use immediately in your life 5 If it doesn't work, try something else: 6 Build your faith in the process 7 Affirmations of abundance 8 Claims of money Set # 1 9 Claims of money Set # 2 10 Claims of wealth Set # 1 11 Claims of prosperity Set # 1 12 Abundance Affirmations Set # 1 13 Abundance Affirmations Set # 2

Have you ever wondered how to improve your life and earn money with a spiritual life ? We bring you everything you need to do to achieve it.

When we talk about money and spirituality we can fall into a fictional oddity of how a spiritual being can have money, as if it were an incongruity.

When we think of spiritual people we imagine any number of personalities such as enlightened teachers, yogis, people meditating, to name a few; we could think of making money with a spiritual life as social beings that every day we go to a job to make money but we can be spiritual.

In fact, to be spiritual is to be congruent, conscious of giving value to what really gets it, being attentive to our mission in this life and carrying it out to approach a divine plane; This is seen in multiple beliefs. The dilemma here would be to improve your life and earn money with a spiritual life.

This conflict resides because we face a scheme installed in the social entrances and it is the confusion between poverty and humility, with the idea that we will lie richer when we least have, we understand fortune from a point From a material point of view today, the real concept is detachment .

With the idea of ​​having to be or not to be, we do not stop to reflect on the consequences of feeding our desires, understood as an inherent need for existence. As we think, when you have that house, that car, make that trip, among others, then you will be happy.

Basic foundations to improve your life and earn money with a spiritual life

As you have noticed in recent years, there has been a surge of books and movies about spiritual attraction and what you want in your life, these speak things like power of intention, the universal signals, will also find other books such as the Law of Attraction, and then, also The Secret of Abundance .Which main function tries to improve your life and earn money with a spiritual life and you as many believers / practitioners of spiritual attraction, have been excited to see these introductory principles that do not reach a concise main idea.

What can be said without a doubt is that there is a spiritual force that exists in everything, and connects everything. This force is a part of your life, whether you realize it or not. This is not a philosophy or theory, it is a scientific fact, a backup of the research of powerful organizations such as the United States Army and the most credible universities worldwide.

If you stop to think about it, you may be able to remember a couple of times when there was no evidence of this force in your own life . Have you ever had the feeling that someone is looking at you and when you turn around you realize that someone is looking at you? Have you ever thought it would be interesting to see a person who has lost contact with her and then introduces herself, almost as if from nowhere?

Before going into how you can use this force to attract wealth in your life, in a nutshell, let's look at an example of how that force works. When you mentally imagine something you want, and you put the emotional desire, expectations and faith in this event that communicates to this spiritual force through your actions, without realizing it requests the desire to the universal force.

Ask the universal force for help to improve your life and earn money with a spiritual life

When a request is made to the universal force, if your request is productive or destructive, the universal force immediately takes action to create this result in your life.

Therefore, to some extent he has participated in the creation of everything he has experienced in his life . Now this does not mean that you are to blame for everything bad that has happened to you, so you should not feel guilty or regret your life so far. It only means that you have had some level of participation and if you take personal responsibility for this, you are in a much more powerful position in your life.

Of course, having more power in your life includes improving your life and earning money with a spiritual life . By being aware and taking more control over your participation on a spiritual level, you become less victim and thus take more control of what you live.

How to improve life and earn money is the most sought after in most books

Be it " Think and get rich ", " The Secret ", or " The power of intention, " some people expect results through these different approaches available. However, many, even after staying with a method for months, see the lack of results in their own lives, and their hopes are devastated again and let frustration, despair and skepticism feel even more. So many people over the years have shared their experiences and disappointments regarding these failed attempts.

This constant feedback over the years makes us realize that there is no “ one method that works for everyone ” when it comes to spiritual attraction approaches. In fact, much of what you will find is a great “introduction, ” but with a great lack of depth of training and understanding of what many people need. And finally, simple positive thoughts, and visualizations do not work for most people. Often, a more complete approach is needed to gain control of what you spiritually want to attract into your life.

Most of the process of improving your life and earning money with a spiritual life occurs on a deep unconscious level. Western psychology refers to this part of us as the subconscious. This aspect of us is an accumulation of our beliefs, the effects of deep emotional experiences (even since childhood), the impressions that others have made in our lives, among other influences. Many parents of psychology have estimated that this subconscious influences 90% of our lives, without even knowing it.

The good news is that you can become aware and take control of your subconscious. There are more detailed training techniques and approaches that are effective, some of which I will cover in a few moments.

The point you want to make is that you are playing an important role in what is manifested spiritually in the financial zone of your life, and all other areas for that matter.

What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.

You can have more control over the wealth that is generated in your life by participating in the conscious level of real life, you can use visualization, you can put your desire in what you want and you can use the right thinking . However, one can also become aware of the influence and what is happening at the deepest levels, hidden within itself is where the true power of spiritual attraction originates, this is very useful when it comes to improving your life and earning money with a spiritual life

You are not expected to finish believing in the principles that are being described here, but we invite you to consider them. Ultimately, your belief has to come from you through your own experiences, but if there is any truth in what is being exposed, if you are actually manifesting spiritually what you experience In your life financially, or any other area, then it is important that you realize this process and take more control over it. This could be the most relevant decision in your life, so do n't let this opportunity pass by.

  • Wealth of attraction, proven methods that you can use immediately in your life

From my experience, here are some of the most important steps you will have to take in order to improve your life and earn money with a spiritual life . According to the research, testing and elaboration of these methods, this is what you should put into practice, so pay close attention:

Identify and eliminate all negative blocks around your spiritual life:

They are really very dumb anyway . Money is just a means to acquire goods and services, right? So if you feel you are worthy of having money, take money out of the equation and look beyond it. Are you not worthy of having the things and experiences you want to buy with that money? You are worthy of clothes, of having a home, food, transportation, free time, fun experiences truth? Of course it is! So the next time you find yourself worrying that you can't afford something you really want, try the following:

  • Be grateful for what you have and be happy with what you have. Of course, the thing or experience you want would be great, but you already have a lot to thank!
  • Focus the energy of the desire for what you want to do with money, not on money itself you never know, you may not have to spend a penny to get what you want. It could be gifted to you, or negotiated, or you could inherit it. Your " energy desire " must come from a place of gratitude, as in, "I already have so many things, and I am glad for (what he wants) to my life to improve much more" above all, do not ask starting a place of lack, because its focus on lack decreases its vibration and causes exactly what you are thinking.
  • Change your thoughts It takes work and persistence, but in order to prevent your usual thought patterns about money, you have to be very diligent about stopping unwanted thoughts in their tracks and immediately replacing them with thoughts that have a higher vibration. For example, instead of speaking phrases like “I am not good with money. I spend it faster than anything and I never have enough. ” I would be very happy with an increase of $ 1, 500! "Replace the opinion or prayer with" I am learning to handle my money responsibly ! I am flooded with abundance and I am grateful for what I have! “Which statement is happiest? Which one has a higher vibration? Later in the article we will give you clear options that you can use in this case.

-Get a clear goal of the amount of wealth and the resulting lifestyle that you want to attract :

The universe, the spiritual force (or whatever you want to call it) does not deal very well with unclear or mixed messages. When you are not clear about what you want or constantly change your mind, you may not get good results.

If you wish to place an order for merchandise from a catalog and an illegible order form is sent, or an order form with the conflict between the requests, you will most likely receive nothing or, in an attempt to satisfy your request, the company sends you something you didn't want at all. Sounds familiar? Make it clear "I want to improve my life and earn money with a spiritual life "

- Money is an energy, too. In this universe of give and take

Remember that if you seek to improve your life and earn money with a spiritual life you have to give to receive . You don't have to give money, obviously, but you have to give it your time, energy, talent, wisdom, skills, empathic hearing, helping ... the ideal situation is to do what you love, but if you have not arrived yet and you are Currently in a job you don't like, change your attitude about it. Become grateful for what you are learning. Be glad that you are making a contribution (even if you feel it is a small one). Be happy with what you have, and this happiness will be transmitted to the world and will attract money (or the things for which you want to use it).

- Imagine the many ways you will use your money

In particular, think about how you can make the world a better place with your money . No, you don't have to throw it all away. What about using it to develop your talents and get to work doing what you love? Your gift to the world will be the fruit of your talents. If that means going back to school, or otherwise investing in yourself. Imagine how attractive it is to have money, how positive and good it feels, and infuse your imagination with a lot of positive emotions. Money can help you develop spiritually . If you are no longer focused on survival (for which money is almost essential in modern society), you can turn your attention to making the most of your life. So imagine yourself doing exactly that.

- Align your visual mind, thoughts and emotions with what you want to create :

Sit in a quiet place yourself, put the benefit of your financial goals in your mind's eye if they are already happening. Close your eyes and imagine the joy of having money in your hands. See yourself comfortably to pay your bills, that you have a lot of money to save and invest, and that you have the abundance to start doing the things you have always wanted to do in life. When it comes to money, adjust your thinking to where you feel desire, joy, relief and gratitude, not loneliness, frustration or disbelief.

With persistence, punch statements in your subconscious like " I deserve wealth " and " Others have the amount of money they want and I can too. " This job can take a little practice, but the effort is worth it. This is what healthy people do, naturally, to create what they want in their lives.

Getting control over your emotions is mainly important . Your emotions are the voice that screams in the universe and tells you what you want to manifest in your life. Even after a little practice, if you can't get control of your emotions, don't be alarmed, there are approaches to handling this problem . You can see the resources I have to offer at the end of this article.

- Start the process of removing personal obstacles , this is where most spiritual attraction approaches fall short:

A healthy person (mental, emotional, spiritual) can improve his life and earn money with a spiritual life, as well as put intention into what they want, and the desired result comes quickly and with little discomfort. If you have persistently put the intention into the wealth and lifestyle that you want to create, and that consistently does not get the desired results, it may be time to examine how you may be blocking your desire to manifest. Here is a good exercise to start with:

  • Sit in a quiet place, close your eyes and imagine in six months from now what kind of financial situation and lifestyle you would like to have . Sit in that reverie for a few moments.
  • Now, imagine six months from now again, but the image what kind of financial situation you "expect" to have.

Is it what you would like to have different from what you expect to have? If so, why? What kind of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, are stirred when you focus on what you expect to have? This should give you a good idea of ​​what you need to start working on, within yourself.

Doubts, negative expectations, low self-esteem and hopelessness all block the flow of spiritual seduction. This is why cleaning up these personal difficulties has to be your top priority, if you are serious about the attraction of wealth . If the car is not running and you have to go to a mechanic, what would you do? Surely you are not looking for ways to simply improve the performance of your car. Your first priority should be to find out what is specifically wrong and then take steps to repair the problem. If you want to attract wealth in your life, this is the same approach you should take.

- Consult your higher self :

Don't be afraid to go inside looking for answers! Open your mind and allow yourself to know your spiritual interior to learn how to access your guiding angels or your higher self . If you request it, you will be given exactly what you need, at the right time (guidance, awareness, opportunities, etc.), to help you complete the challenge of improving your life and making money with a spiritual life, remember that your money always It will be equal to your energy. The higher your energy, the more money you will attract, as you can see knowing how to attract money does not mean learning to work harder, it only means raising your vibration so that you attract the means and people to earn money or even to dispense with intermediaries (money) and help you express your wishes directly, without obtaining money.

If it doesn't work, try something else:

Many people will find a method for spiritual attraction that seems to make sense in addition to giving their best. But it is important to realize when something is more harmful than useful. For example, a common approach is to visualize in a new rich lifestyle and affirm something like I can do this, I really deserve it.

But many people, when they do this, feel this deep inner feeling, that deep voice from inside saying no, you can't, this won't work, you haven't done it yet, so why? should i change? In every attempt to get ahead it has been a failure and so will the next one, something similar. Every time the visualizations become affirmations, that deep negative voice increases much louder. This type of experience is not helping you when these kinds of things happen, instead of giving up completely, you have to change to another approach. In this example it may be appropriate for you to stop the visualizations and the first direction the deep sense of darkness or such a bad voice, there are solutions to these types of challenges.

Gradually build your faith in the process

You may be able to improve your life and earn money with a spiritual life and consequently put out the intention of attracting the fortune and lifestyle you want and in a short period of time, reach this goal. But it is probably better to take small steps to take advantage of your spiritual attraction ability. Instead of leading to failure, one wishes to approach the process in a way that keeps it successful. Take small risks to test and develop your skills, try something like attracting a new promotion at work or a slight increase in customers for your business. Visualize it, Affirm yourself. Build the emotion within yourself.

Each time the process is tested and successful, their faith in the process is fortified. The stronger your faith in the process, the more you can gain in attracting what you want. Once your faith is strong, then start the goal of great intentions, such as the level of wealth you have always been dreaming of.

Be sure to give the universe some time to manifest what you request, let it take care of the details of how things will fall into place. If you plant a seed in a garden and dig on it every day to see how it is growing, what happens? The seed dies and the plant does not grow. You have to stay behind, give the seed the water you need and be patient, think about how you can apply this same principle to spiritually attract abundance in your life.

Also, keep an open mind to the way that wealth can show in your life. It may not be sum of money. Sometimes when we get ready for spiritual things they manifest, we are given opportunities, maybe someone offers you a new business proposal, or maybe there is an unforeseen opening for a high level promotion at work make sure you see these opportunities and Act when appropriate.

Affirmations of Abundance

As we have been talking at the beginning of the article, our thoughts are very strong and are capable of producing both negative and positive vibrations. Therefore, be careful, what you choose to focus on how your thoughts can produce for you a cycle of "lack, " as well as "abundance" and "well-being."

Affirmations for money, wealth and prosperity are an easy way to train the mind to concentrate on the positive. These statements are a set of positive statements in the present tense, which take our minds to what we already have, to be ready to receive more, while being grateful and grateful to the Universe in which it provides it in its own ways.

The different types of statements

Here are four sections of affirmations to improve your life and earn money with a spiritual life and at the same time attract:

(1) Money

(2) Wealth

(3) Prosperity

(4) Abundance

Put into practice at least 5 of each, every day when leaving your home to work or within it or when doing any activity that has to do with money, always remember the power that your mind has in all this and do it with a lot of faith.

Money Claims Set # 1

  1. I feel the money
  2. I earn money with a spiritual life.
  3. I attract money now
  4. I am very happy and grateful that the money comes to me in increasing amounts from many sources on an ongoing basis.
  5. I'm getting money now
  6. I have more than enough money
  7. I am willing, ready and able to receive money
  8. I see abundance everywhere
  9. I am a money magnet
  10. I am very grateful for what I already have and for everything I receive now.
  11. I have more than I need
  12. Money now comes to me from unexpected sources and I am grateful
  13. My income is growing higher and higher
  14. I am a rich son of a universe of love
  15. I have the power to attract money
  16. I receive money happily now
  17. Money flows to me easily
  18. I am sensitive with money and manage it wisely.

Money Claims Set # 2

  1. I realize that money is essential to lead a good life, but that it should not make life's number one priority.
  2. The universe is the constant provider of money for me and I always have enough money to meet my needs.
  3. Any activity that I make earn money for me and I am always full of money.
  4. My bank account is increasing every day and always has enough money for me.
  5. Money and I are friends and our friendship will never disintegrate.
  6. I am a money magnet to which money is constantly attracted.
  7. Every day I am attracting and saving more and more money.
  8. Money is an integral part of my life and is never far from me.
  9. I am in free debt as money is constantly flowing in my life.
  10. My awareness of money is always on the rise and that keeps me surrounded by money.
  11. I have a positive money mindset
  12. I'm focused on becoming rich
  13. Attracting money is easy
  14. My bank account is always growing
  15. The money is good. Money is energy
  16. I am fully compatible making money doing what I like to do.
  17. Money comes to me through the planned channels and the unexpected channels
  18. My income automatically rises higher and higher

Affirmations of wealth Set # 1

  1. I welcome all the money with which I can buy things
  2. All my bills are paid with wonderful ease
  3. I am passionate about wealth creation
  4. I give thanks that now I am rich, rich and happy
  5. I have the power to attract wealth
  6. I receive money and wealth in a unique way
  7. All resistance in me to receive more wealth has dissolved in total grace
  8. Wealth and money come easily and effortlessly
  9. I create money and wealth, joy and happiness in my life
  10. Every time I am more magnificent towards money and wealth
  11. All the money I need is already waiting to get to me
  12. I let go of all my fears about money
  13. I released all my inhibitions about money
  14. I spend money without fear
  15. There is a lot of wealth in my life
  16. Money is an energy and flows freely through me now
  17. All my blockages to receive money have now dissolved
  18. Everything I need to generate wealth is available to me right now.

The Prosperity Claims Set # 1

  1. I am prosperous, rich and happy.
  2. I am easily attracting all the wealth that I desire in my life.
  3. Prosperity and abundance comes easily and effortlessly
  4. It is easy for me to become prosperous.
  5. I am worthy of abundance and prosperity.
  6. I am a magnet for prosperity and abundance.
  7. All the wealth I have brings me joy.
  8. I receive prosperity only by thinking of luxury.
  9. I will always have more than enough wealth and
  10. I am attracting financial prosperity
  11. I am and always will be prosperous
  12. I deserve to prosper.
  13. I know that the world is prosperous.
  14. It is so easy to open to prosperity.
  15. My heritage is always growing
  16. My wealth is growing regularly make prosperous.
  17. The whole universe conspires to make me prosperous
  18. I am grateful for the prosperity in my life

Abundance Affirmations Set # 1

  1. Abundance makes me earn money and lead a more spiritual life .
  2. I am living a life in abundance happy.
  3. I can see abundance everywhere around me.
  4. I attract absolutely abundance.
  5. I think more abundance is coming to me now.
  6. Abundance is within me, abundance is around me.
  7. The universe wants me to have great abundance.
  8. Everything easily leads me to abundance, if I desire.
  9. I am deserving of abundance and of gaining a more spiritual life .
  10. I let the universe bless me with great abundance now.
  11. My well-being flows now in currents of success, happiness and abundance.
  12. I am so grateful now that I gain abundance.
  13. I deserve to have financial abundance in my life now.
  14. Abundance and I are one.
  15. I enjoy a lot of money.
  16. I have unlimited abundance.
  17. I hope that abundance comes to me every day in every way.
  18. All I have to do is ask for abundance and allow it.

Abundance Affirmations Set # 2

  1. My greatest good is coming to me now.
  2. Today it is full of opportunities, and I will take advantage of it.
  3. Everything good comes to me easily and effortlessly.
  4. I can and will have more than I ever dreamed.
  5. As a powerful magnet, I attract all my desires in great abundance.
  6. I am sure that my path is always perfect for me.
  7. I am a great success.
  8. I deserve the best and come to me now.
  9. My possibilities are endless.
  10. I have everything I need, to achieve everything I have.
  11. My work is very satisfactory.
  12. At every step, good opportunity appears before me.
  13. Be open and freely accept the abundance, every moment!
  14. I am grateful for the infinite, abundant source of my abundance.
  15. I see through obstacles and obstructions and I know that abundance is all mine.
  16. I am a grateful person to receive the abundant blessings of the loving Universe.
  17. I have creativity and energy in abundance
  18. The Universe fulfills all my desires

When you finish reading this article and start putting into practice all the knowledge acquired, we assure you that it will be a successful person who no longer has to ask himself this question : How to improve his life and earn money with a spiritual life? Quite the opposite and in the form of an exclamation , improve my life and earn money with a spiritual life!

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