What if I find myself in Silence?

  • 2017
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Yes it is true that it does not seem logical in these times of agitation to think or consider for a moment that we can actually see ourselves in silence.

we look for a personality or identity ...

In most cases we look for a personality or identity in our family, at work or in our social groups ... but do we really find ourselves genuinely in those places? ... the answer is no.

In today's world of television, video games, internet and mobile communication devices, we commonly focus our attention abroad, on a huge amount of sensory stimuli that distract us.

absent and distracted ...

For example, sometimes we can walk in a beautiful park and see people sending text messages, listening to music in the headphones…. avoiding at all costs being with themselves. It is at that moment that we can be silent and let our mind perceive everything that is there where there is apparently nothing and that seems scary.

When some teachers recommend that we listen to silence it seems a contradiction because we assume that silence is nothing and that scares us, reducing our personal importance and agitated activities is not easy, when the reality at the bottom is that it is very healing.

The initial advice to listen to silence is that of contemplation, this is to concentrate carefully on something and carefully observe what happens. For example, we can contemplate a flower, perceive without judging and without conceptualizing its color, if the air moves it, if it looks fresh or withered, if it is large or small, if there are other plants around ... of course this looks at first glance like to waste time and it is not like that.

refining our attention ...

If we do this exercise for a few minutes in a serious and concentrated way, we are refining our conscious attention, we are learning to perceive our surroundings clearly and in the background, so to speak, we are opening the space to listen to ourselves.

Contemplation is the first step towards meditation, of course, in this silence is found more clearly when the internal dialogue ceases.

mental rest and peace…

Silence is mental rest, it is peace, refined and conscious attention, the great masters in the east recommend the retreats of silence that are a challenge for Western practitioners who, without the noise of the big cities, feel lost or out of tune.

A common phrase of the grandparents is "Kind and silent go for the son's life" ... and what reason they have, in other words we are recommended to travel through life in a prudent, generous, attentive and assertive way.

If we are honest, what do we find in the hustle? . great distraction and neurosis a agitated and out of focus mind.

heal in tranquility ..

Of course it is not about isolating ourselves and not socializing, the point here is to give us time to carefully observe our performance, correct or reaffirm our course, heal in tranquility and although it seems difficult to believe this It has been proven that people who are attentive to their activities and are not distracted by all kinds of external stimuli are more successful and productive.

The recommendation is as always try for a few minutes to remain silent, it is more difficult than we think because we discover, most of the time, the enemy we carry inside, but we At the same time, we give the option of finding the being that we are in a naked way and without fabrication, that is where the opportunity to grow towards our inner universe appears, acidic, patient and generous . That's right

AUTHOR: Pilar Vázquez, collaborator of the great family of the White Brotherhood

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