The healing power of conscience

  • 2017

Most of us consider that health is the natural state of the human being and disease is an absence or alteration of that state, which in more metaphysical terms we also know as "state of harmony" or "loss of harmony." But why is it so difficult for us to maintain that natural state permanently?

The conscience has a lot to say about it, but let's go in parts.

The symptom as an ally

We know that conventional medicine, in its desire for specialization, research and analysis of purely organic structures, continues today losing sight of the total human being when carrying out a treatment. While it is true that more and more doctors are trying to integrate as well as holistic philosophy (body-mind-spirit) so characteristic of alternative medicine, the truth is that the academic methodology itself tends to focus attention only in the resolution of the symptom (body).

But this method of healing, effective in that it removes the ailment from us practically instantly, could be compared to when if one of those little lights of our car being turned on indicating that something is wrong, instead of interrupting the journey to take the car to the workshop, we removed the bulb so that it ceased to bother us and we took the incident as resolved. If it were not because the body has its own "repair shop", there is no doubt that we would all end up sooner or later "lying in a roadside ditch." However, this is what we do every time we set out to turn off the symptom (based on analgesics, anxiolytics, antihistamines, anti-thermics ...), without spending a single minute thinking about what could have been the cause of that ailment we perceive as disease.

The physical body is a magnificent and sophisticated vehicle of expression and manifestation of the consciousness of the human being on the physical plane, which as such is at the service of its occupant . However, it happens that the body responds both to the orders that come from the conscious part of the being, as from its unconscious. The body expresses the totality of being . And what in our body manifests itself as a symptom, is nothing other than the visible expression of an invisible process that with its signal only intends to interrupt our daily life to warn us of an anomaly.

When we understand the difference between disease and symptom, our attitude and relationship with the disease changes rapidly. We stop considering the symptom as our great enemy to be annihilated, to see it as an ally that can help us find what we lack, what we are aware of and what is the cause of our disease.

The effects of duality

When a person says of himself that he is: hardworking, tolerant, peaceful, animal lover, abstemious, vegetarian, etc., it means that each of these characteristics was preceded by an election n. Choose between two possibilities, choose one and discard the other. In this way, with I am a worker, tolerant and peaceful, it automatically excludes I am vague, intolerant and violent . This is how we progressively build our personality and identify with each of the pairs of opposites that make up our perception of reality. There will always be one of the two opposites that to a greater or lesser extent will be assumed as our own and integrated into our conscious being, and its opposite instead, considered as alien, will end up being banished to the shadow. of our conscience.

Carl G. Jung calls `` shadow '' the sum of all facets of reality that the individual does not recognize or does not want to recognize in himself. Everything that the human being rejects passes into his shadow, which is the sum of everything that he does not identify with . In this way the human being projects in the outside world an evil that he does not recognize as his own, precisely in order not to have to find in himself the true source of all misfortune.

In other words, the disease is presented to us as an exteriorization of everything that has not passed through the filter of our psyche . And the body in this sense is extremely sincere. A sincerity often difficult to bear, because not even the best of our friends would dare to tell us the truth as crudely as the body does through symptoms. But to understand what the body is telling us, we have to learn to interpret its language. A psychosomatic language whose “touchstone” is found in these two simple questions:

What prevents me from doing this ailment? work, walk, talk, breathe well ...

What makes me do this ailment? rest, change habits, get rid of something ...

From here, and despite the various interpretations that we can find in many media (books, videos, internet ...), a period of reflection should open in which we try to relate what the body tells us, with what is taking place in our lives at all levels . And is that if each and every one of the parts of our body (organs, muscles, bones, joints, limbs ...) fulfill a certain function and are together the vehicle of expression of our being in its entirety, the part of the body that If it is affected, it will necessarily have something to do with some aspect of our life that we are not fully aware of (attachments, lacks, rigidities, blocked emotions, fears ...).

For example, all those conditions that end with the suffix - itis (otitis, sinusitis, colitis, hepatitis ...) and that as we know well, refer to an inflammation. They are a clear incitement to pay attention to an ignored conflict (labor, sentimental, family ...). When we are not aware of this conflict or we do not assume it as such, it will pass into the physical plane manifesting itself as an inflammation. In this way the confrontation that we have not been able to face in the mind, we will necessarily have to face in the body .

The body makes us sincere because it shows everything we do not see or do not want to see of ourselves . It should be clarified, however, that if it is already difficult to recognize and assume the messages that the body transmits to us, precisely because they refer to aspects that escape our conscience, the difficulty increases significantly when we talk about conditions whose origin should be to look for karmic processes and transgenerational inheritances ; that is, in much deeper layers of our being. However, the root remains the same, since everything we perceive in the physical plane as a disease, emanates from our vast unconscious .

The aphorism inscribed in the oracle of Delphi takes full meaning here: "Know yourself . "

Unity consciousness

When I say, the human being separates himself from everything he perceives as alien to the Self : the You ; and, from that moment on, he is imprisoned in duality . That is to say that the I ties it to the world of opposites, to which the internal and the external also belong, good and evil, truth and lies, the just and the unjust, etc. The ego of the individual makes it impossible to perceive the Unity from which Everything comes, because the dual consciousness of reality splits everything in pairs, forcing it to have to differentiate and choose. And when we say yes to one thing, we are saying at the same time no, on the contrary. But with each no, with each exclusion, we incur a lack, and to be healthy, one must be complete.

All our manifestations are born from our dual perception of reality, but beyond duality is Unity . However, for the ego, this perspective of Unity is presented as Nothing. Many often react with disappointment when they discover, for example, that the state of consciousness pursued by Eastern philosophies, nirvana, literally means extinction . And since the ego always wants to acquire something that it perceives outside of it, it does not like the idea of ​​having to extinguish itself in order to obtain that state. However, Everything and Nothing are the same thing . That is the unquestionable origin of Being: the All, the Tao, the Absolute, God, the One that encompasses everything, where opposites are added and where nothing can exist outside that unity. In the Unit there is no change or transformation because it is not subject to time or space. Unity is in permanent rest, it is the pure, eternal and immortal Being.

Unity is the only thing that really exists and no matter how much intellectual effort we intend to do, we will only be able to experience this reality through the expansion of consciousness . The healing power of consciousness is, in this sense, this progressive approach to the consciousness of Unity that gradually illuminates all corners of our being that were dark. And when it is finally discovered that there is no separation between oneself and all beings of creation, it is noticed that there is also no room for aversion, intolerance, criticism or reproach. It is understood that the old ordering molds that we had manufactured to pigeonhole the diversity in which we live are no longer useful, they are useless; and that any judgment of values ​​that we intend to make can only be directed towards ourselves.

In those beings whose inner light has already dissipated all their shadows, little more will the body have to say with its language of symptoms. They are highly evolved beings that live in a permanent state of harmony until the end of their days. And for the rest of the humans, the disease, insofar as it forces us to inquire about what remains hidden within us, will be like a severe teacher whose only purpose is to help us in our awareness development until the moment we achieve achieve the true fullness of Being .

AUTHOR: Ricard Barrufet Santolària, editor in the big family of

SOURCE: "Disease as a path" and "Plans of Existence, Dimensions of Consciousness" -

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