Video: Lady Rowena's Tonal Key

  • 2016

Lady Rowena is the current Chohán del Rayo Rosa . It is the hypostasis of Mahá Chohán Paolo Veronese, which in turn is the hypostasis of Beloved Saint Aeolus. She assumed this position on November 26, 1964, when Mahá Chohán became the Cosmic Holy Spirit and Paul the Venetian assumed to be El Mahá Chohán for Earth. It has its Temple in the etheric region on the Chateau de la Liberté in Marseille, France, on the banks of the Rhone River. It is the Divine complement of the Powerful Víctory, the Being of Venus that sustains the Achievement of Victory for Earth. Lady Rowena's Electronic Pattern is the Fleur de Lis. Lady Rowena and Love's day is February 14 of each year, where not by chance all of New York, the physical enclave where Shamballa is, is dyed by the many shades of pink and red in stores, streets, houses and offices, celebrating the "Love".

This is a celebration that is commemorated worldwide in all countries, in some as the day of friendship and in others, as the Day of Love. Metaphysicians celebrate it by dedicating a class to Lady Rowena and doing the Pink Flame Service. The Tonal Key of his Retirement and the Third Ray is found in the Romanza (2nd Movement) of the "Piano Concerto No. 1 in my minor, Op. 11" by Frederic Chopin. Art Print by Frank Alvarado.


Video: Lady Rowena's Tonal Key

I send you a big hug in the Light.

José Angel Dominguez

Content creator and part of the family of the Great White Brotherhood.

Source: "The Seven Rays" by Rubén Cedeño.

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