Stellium in Pisces- Surf the Emotions

  • 2015

At this time while the Sun and Mercury travel through Aquarius inspiring us with ideas and increasing our ingenious creativity, we receive the vibrations of four planets in Pisces; This conglomeration of planets is called stellium and means that they strengthen each other. The planets in question are Neptune, Chiron, Mars and Venus. Neptune governs Pisces, that is to say that it is in his sign, vibrating strongly and also as it takes approximately 164 years to travel the twelve signs (so that you get an idea: the Sun takes only one year and the Moon a month), it will take in Pisces from 2012 to 2025. His job is to propel humanity to a more compassionate, more spiritual and more open frequency to new dimensions of consciousness.

Chiron's work, in Pisces from 2011 to 2018, is healing, teaching us to accept our wounds and transcend them. We can say that both are the bottom note that vibrates in the sign of the Fish during this decade. Each time one of the fastest planets travels through the sign activates them, it is as if the rapids woke up the slowest, as if their energies were "ignited" enhanced. Mars in Pisces (until February 19) infuses us with the courage to let go and allow the dissolution of situations that slow our evolution. Venus in Pisces dissolves the wounds of love and can help us find the most universal love that does not depend on whether a single person loves us or not. An important day will be February 9 when our Goddess joins Chiron, it can be the definitive healing of some Venusian theme that is not going well in our life ... love, relationships in general, self-esteem, economy, art and creativity

February 19 will be the culmination of this Piscean energy, when the Sun and the Moon also enter this sign and for one day we will have six planets in the last sign of the zodiac. I say one day because on February 20 Venus and Mars begin a new cycle by venturing to Aries, a cardinal sign of fire.

During the next two weeks we still have a lot of water, many feelings to integrate; We can learn to flow, to be flexible and to allow life to take what it takes. If there is no dissolution, there is no creation. The energy of Air that comes from Sun and Mercury in Aquarius, can help us not to get lost in emotions and detach a little when they become very intense. It will be our surfboard so as not to lose conscious attention. The cognitive function of our mind can be useful for managing the emotional world. Combining feelings and reason are like the two legs we need to walk.

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Stellium in Pisces- surf emotions

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