About the Aura, its colors and tips to start feeling and seeing our Auras


The increasingly numerous studies carried out regarding the aura, are showing that it must be a fundamental part of knowledge for the development of the person. Through the aura, which is an energy field that we emanate, we discover our true inner state. We can know both those more material questions and those more spiritual questions, because the aura is divided into seven strata or layers directly related to the seven chakras.

Each of these strata can have one of the eleven colors of the aura. That color that repeats more will be our basic color. Our basic color is permanent in our life and only mutates in very specific circumstances. The basic color tells us about our most positive qualities and our most negative qualities and we should therefore keep it in mind in our relationships with others, when looking for a job, etc ...

At older, our aura may be radiating other colors, regardless of the basic one. These secondary colors give us a clue about our momentary inner state, or a certain stage of our life. So we can know for example, how we are reacting to an event, what worries us most, etc ...

Learning to see the aura can help us understand each other better and bring us greater happiness in our lives.




As basic color

The individual with red color is an ambitious, optimistic person, with great courage and eager to fight in life. He is the born fighter who never gives up in the face of life's obstacles. That year of struggle makes him grow, feel better person day. He loves sports, especially adventure. They are full of energy illusion.

It seeks to stand out before society, and therefore the best jobs for it will be those in which it has a position with a certain responsibility. They have great leadership skills and are good strategists. In relationships with others, you will always be eager to participate and contribute new ideas. They make themselves loved immediately.

Contrary to what one might think, they are affectionate and kind people with their own. Pending to give what they need to their loved ones, they give them all the protection they are capable of.

As secondary color

This secondary color indicates that we are going through a stage in which we feel capable of anything. We are excited about our projects. We may have to make an important decision and everything is in our hands. We are excited and full of vitality and energy. We are especially concerned with material and economic matters.

Positive variants of the color red: light red, deep red and magenta red.


As basic color

In return, the individual with a red color can be excessively selfish. This means that instead of using his energies and self-confidence in a positive way for his life, he becomes obsessive about himself and unbearable for others. It can be capricious, restless and nervous. Sometimes too impulsive, it can hurt people without mercy.

It has an authoritarian facet that can be complex in dealing with loved ones. He may become obsessed with command and force people to think like him.

As secondary color

As a counterpart this color as secondary indicates that we are living an uncontrolled stage. Maybe we feel very nervous or irritated. We may be angry with someone, and we may even be planning or wishing for some revenge. We are not channeling the energies correctly, but we are directing it towards showing a destructive energetic personality.

Negative variants of the color red: dark red, fire red and blood red.



As basic color

The individual with blue color is a person with great communicative skills and great ideals. He is a person who likes openness and sincerity and prefers to say things in the face than to sneak around. His motto may well be "always with the truth ahead, " although sometimes that truth may hurt someone. Some diplomats are very funny and are always looking for things to do.

They enjoy starting all kinds of projects, because what they like most in this life is to take advantage and venture into anything or situation. They know how to listen to their intuitions and pay close attention even though everyone tells them otherwise. They really want to live life and convey optimism and joy to others.

They have a great strength of spirit and their mind is usually very open to debate, reflect and think about anything. They do not want to be pigeonholed in a certain way and that is why some people might find it "crazy".

As secondary color

This secondary color indicates that we are going through a stage where we feel good, we feel hopeful and eager to live life to the fullest. It is possible that we have some project in mind or that we are doing a lot of different activities. We really want to talk, to communicate with others and tell everything we think should be told. We transmit security and joy.

Positive variants of the blue color: dark blue, bright blue, light blue and deep blue.


As basic color

In return, the individual with blue color may become too unstable. Your moods pass too easily from happy to sad and if you let yourself be dragged you can easily tend to depression. Also, as you always need to be doing something, it is common for them to become stressed. They find it difficult and sometimes almost impossible to relax.

As for their communication, they sometimes enjoy talking and talking to the point of tiring the people who listen to them. Or they don't use the word correctly becoming very liars. They may also be unable to communicate and keep everything to explode at a certain time. Your mind may become too scattered.

As secondary color

As a counterpart this color as secondary indicates that we are going through a very difficult time in which we are seeing everything in black. We may be stressed or depressed. Maybe we feel like doing nothing, much less talking to people. We may tend to isolation.

Negative variants of the blue color: pale blue, dirty blue and grayish blue.



As basic color

The bronze-colored individual is a person to whom we might well call it a "piece of bread" for his love for all things and all people. They have a very pure heart and always go through life with the best intentions. Their innocence is almost a childhood innocence and that can sometimes bring them some problem to people not as pure as they are.

They give themselves totally to help others and enjoy doing so. Theirs are humanitarian causes and the fight against injustices. However, unintentionally, sometimes they get carried away by the bad arts of some around them. That's why they have to be very careful not to be handled.

They are friendly and good-natured, they like to hug people and not let anyone suffer. However they do suffer enough. In fact, without realizing it, they may end up becoming extremely suffering due to their enormous heart.

As secondary color

This secondary color indicates that we are going through a stage in which we are in harmony with people and that we wish happiness to all. We want to help those who need it and we are willing to give ourselves to the fullest so that someone stops suffering. We may be vibrating with true love.

Positive variants of bronze: bright bronze, reddish bronze and earth bronze.


As basic color

As a counterpart the individual with bronze color can become someone absolutely unbearable. Ambitious like no other person, he can pursue his goals until the end by passing over whoever is needed. It can become ruthless.

With his kind appearance, he can trick many people into doing what he wants, so he can end up being a masked manipulator. They can even make their suffering the key to their domination, since the victim's role is usually played perfectly.

As secondary color

As a counterpart this color as secondary indicates that we are going through a moment in which we feel and live all kinds of negative energies such as envy, excessive ambition, cynicism, hypocrisy, falsehood. We may be involved in a difficult story or we may be behaving very badly with the world.

Negative variants of the bronze color: greyish bronze, muted bronze and mud brown.



As basic color

The individual with orange color is a very sociable and active person. This aura denotes great abilities to solve aspects in which several people are involved. They have good skills as diplomats and are great and loyal friends. Their feelings are usually sincere, the problem is that sometimes they are so sensitive that they end up closing themselves.

He is a person capable of adapting to anything, however that does not imply that they do not have a lot of dreams and ambitions that he wishes to fulfill. He likes to work in a team and knows how to handle himself well within any group.

He is affectionate and kind to everyone, and one of his goals in life is to help others in some way. You need to feel useful and therefore always look for jobs in which your part is important or very necessary.

As secondary color

This secondary color indicates that we are going through a stage in which we want to enjoy with our loved ones, be it our family or our friends. We feel in harmony with ourselves and radiate that peace to others. We want to help in whatever we can.

Positive variants of the orange color: light orange and bright orange.


As basic color

In return, the individual with an orange color can develop qualities that are totally contrary to what he should. That is, you can become a manipulative person who does whatever it takes to achieve your wishes. That is why instead of wanting to help others, he becomes selfish and unsociable. You can also behave like a superficial person.

On the other hand, it can become too emotional and sensitive to the point that anything irritates or does not support it. You can be too shy and repressed by lifting a barrier so that others do not approach.

As secondary color

As a counterpart this color as secondary indicates that we are living a totally antisocial stage in which our interest is to leave us alone to achieve our dreams above all. Everything can be giving us the same and we have no intention of mixing with anything or anyone. We do not want to help or compromise.

Negative variants of the orange color: dark orange and reddish orange



As basic color

The indigo-colored individual, who becomes a violet blue and sometimes even a little pink, is an affectionate and very understanding person. It is precisely his facility to understand things and give good advice for what people enjoy with his presence.

For an indigo, helping others is a real satisfaction, and it must be said that they do quite well. They even do it sometimes without realizing a comment that whoever was with them needed to hear. In fact they are very intuitive people and although they are also very logical, they know how to find the balance between the mind and the feelings. They radiate a kind of candor and tenderness admired by many people.

They want to enjoy life as much as possible. They like simple things and especially contact with people. Spending a day in the park with a loved one can make them greatly happy. They are usually very deep people who seek sincerity first of all.

As secondary color

This secondary color indicates that we are going through a stage where we are happy and calm. We are serene and have everything we need to face positively any problem that may arise. We want to be with people and they want to be with us. At this stage we will see many times in the role of good advisors.

Positive variants of the indigo: dark indigo, bright indigo, basic indigo.


As basic color

In return, the individual with indigo color can become the perfect manipulator. Due to his gift of people, he can end up doing what he wants most with her, even pretending that it is for the good of others. In this sense it can be said that one must be careful with a negative indigo.

On the other hand, it can be a very frustrated person due to an obsessive need to perfect everything to the limit. In this sense, he will suffer a lot because he will be unable to reach his maximum ideal for himself and for others. You must be careful because you can sin as an idealist and utopian, so it is very important that you do not lose sight of the land.

As secondary color

As a counterpart this color as secondary indicates that we are going through a somewhat complicated moment of our life. We may feel somewhat depressed and distressed because our dreams do not seem to come true. We may seek to isolate ourselves from life. We may be being too utopian.

Negative variants of the indigo color: pale indigo, gray indigo and stained indigo.



As basic color

The silver-colored individual is the most idealist of all. His mind always finds something to be occupied with and that is why he sometimes ends up dreaming of absolutely imaginary and impossible situations or things. He has the gift of creativity and his mental power is very strong, but he needs to know how to channel it correctly.

He can become a very mystical and spiritual person, only that most of the time he will not be able to materialize the things of the spirit and make his discoveries more practical. He will enjoy everything that makes him think and imagine and could be a good storyteller or a good fantasy writer.

His biggest problem is that he usually loses the course of reality, so that all his dreams and imaginations are impossible to achieve. You must understand that dreams are to be achieved so it is preferable that you use that energy in something materializable.

As secondary color

This secondary color indicates that we are going through a stage in which we dedicate ourselves to imagine and dream about our future. We may be very busy thinking and thinking about a lot of things. It is very useful, but we have to be careful not to lose sight of reality.

Positive variants of silver: bright silver or luminous silver.


As basic color

In return, the individual with silver color may suffer from passivity. He is not a very active person and that can lead to health problems. And it is that living in the mind so much can make you lose sight of the most material things like work, home, family and your body. It is even possible to reject mortal life for it.

This can bring you problems to socialize and live a more mundane life. You can even turn to your dreams to run away from problems and not decide to face them.

As secondary color

As a counterpart this color as secondary indicates that we are going through an excessively mental moment and something lost of reality. It is possible that we are neglecting important things for our life or that we do not want to face something. We are in a period that is too passive.

Negative variants of the silver color: gray.



As basic color

The individual with yellow color is a very sociable and attentive person. Yellow, as a good mental color, refers to people of bright and lucid thinking. They are agile thinkers, sometimes so much, that they are thinking of a thousand things at once and end up giving up and forgetting the simplest. They are always pursuing an idea, and no matter how crazy they are, they hope to make it happen.

They enjoy the debates a lot, listening and giving their opinions about anything. They are good scholars and love to know many things. They know how to make people fun and enjoy being with other people. They need to socialize and suffer if they feel isolated.

They are very creative and they are very good at those jobs in which they have to express themselves continuously. Therefore, offices without contact with people will not be theirs.

As secondary color

This secondary color indicates that we are going through a stage where we are full of ideas and dreams to fulfill. We really want to interact with the people around us and a touch of mental brilliance will allow us to be well with everyone and capture the attention we need.

Positive variants of the yellow color: light yellow and bright yellow.


As basic color

As a counterpart the individual with yellow color can become an overly critical person with himself and with others. And it is that if it is neglected, it can end up as one of those bitter people who are always taking out the bad in everything they see and what they do.

Sometimes he thinks of so many things at the same time that his head goes away and the misses can be constant. So much so that you can create an ideal world far removed from reality. They are full of contradictions and although they enjoy learning many things, they never really go deeper into them.

As secondary color

As a counterpart this color as secondary indicates that we are going through a moment of "few lights." This means that our mind can be very tired and we don't feel like doing or thinking anything. It is also possible that our critical vein is going out of line and it seems that everything around us is negative.

Negative variants of the yellow color: dark yellow and greenish yellow.



As basic color

The violet-colored individual is an especially spiritual person. The things of the world do not seem to worry you too much, however you are very aware of your personal growth. This spirituality can be developed in very different ways. Some become very religious people, others embark on the path of meditation and others simply want to know each other better.

For a person with violet as their primary color, the trip to their inner world can be exciting. He knows that the road is very enriching and does not want to waste time with other things. You will be passionate about deep reading and discussions about the things of the spirit. Sometimes it seems that you are looking for a permanent guru to guide you to know where the road is.

They function as a wonderful channel to the spiritual world. And if they are balanced, they can become very important intermediaries between spirit and matter. Someone can become an esoteric professional.

As secondary color

This secondary color indicates that we are going through a stage in which we find ourselves. We want to spend some time alone and enjoy our own thoughts and feelings. We seek to enrich ourselves with life situations and we are open to new possibilities. We may embark on a spiritual and intimate path.

Positive variants of violet: basic violet and bright violet.


As basic color

As a counterpart the individual with violet color can suffer what in esoteric terms is called a "spiritual ego." That is, to be so connected to the things of the spirit, that it is gradually isolating itself from the world with the idea that it is above it. Thus he develops a very destructive and unhelpful spiritual pride to his inner growth that will lead him to a vicious circle from which it is difficult to leave.

In addition, being such an intimate person, and looking for many moments of loneliness to deepen itself, can get disconnected from the world and material reality quickly. Disregarding in this way any aspect that has to do with matter with the idea that prevents it from continuing to grow spiritually.

As secondary color

As a counterpart this color as secondary indicates that we are going through a time when we are manifesting an unhealthy pride. We believe ourselves to be superior, with a greater understanding than others and we believe we are in possession of all truths. Although we appear very good, understanding and charitable; Reality is a very different one.

Negative variants of the violet color: dirty purple and violet off.



As basic color

The individual with golden color always aspires to the highest goals. He is unable to go through life without an objective that many would consider impossible. But these people know that they have the energy and the willpower necessary to reach whatever they set out to achieve.

In general, they also accompany their wishes and objectives with a cause they consider just. In this way their aspirations thus become more than a mere material desire of a mortal.

Their aura gives them a great power of conviction, so if they propose they are able to drag anyone. In fact, people who know him tend to arouse a certain admiration for his strength, decision and his ability to turn his dreams into reality.

As secondary color

This secondary color indicates that we are going through a stage in which we strive to achieve some important objective for us in our lives. We are putting everything on our side, including our faith, to achieve what we set out to do. We are on the good way.

Positive variants of gold: bright gold or bright gold.


As basic color

On the other hand, the individual with a golden color may demand a lot of himself. This is a problem for him because sometimes he presses so hard to achieve a goal that is blocked and ends with a feeling of frustration too large. Therefore, it can easily fall into diseases such as stress and depression.

On the other hand, with his gift of people he can become someone very manipulative and even dangerous if he was able to drag masses with bad intentions.

As secondary color

As a counterpart, this color as secondary indicates that we are going through a very demanding moment with ourselves. Maybe our goals are too high and the list is so high that we find it difficult to reach. Beware of stress and depression.

Negative variants of the golden color: dull gold or gray gold.



As basic color

The individual with green color is a lovely person and with great determination. He is also very sensitive and his energy requires him to help other people as much as possible. And it is very humanitarian and with great gifts of healer, so if your aura is positive, you will always be willing to help wherever you can.

Because of its qualities, it could be perfectly a doctor, a volunteer or simply an animate person who, when he can, gives himself to others. And it is that if it is prevented or impotent to lend a hand, it suffers a lot, for its sensitivity. So, before others suffer, you are willing to suffer.

They have a great determination so they usually finish everything they start, even though they are told that it is impossible for them. It would not be the first time they give him a surprise more than one. They go slowly, but in the end, they always arrive and with honors.

As secondary color

This secondary color indicates that we are going through a stage in which we want to do something for the world, to help others. At one of these extremes, we may be due to join an NGO, however these acts also go back to less transcendental things, but also very important ones. We feel confident in ourselves and we have the tenacity to achieve our dreams.

Positive variants of the green color: light green and bright green.


As basic color

As a counterpart, the individual with green color can become a ruthless and selfish person who moves through life with the sole purpose of making his interests a reality. He does not care about the suffering of others, he may say a few words, but in the depths of his heart he does not think of doing anything at all.

His fabulous tenacity can become stubborn and stubborn. Sometimes the stubbornness is so much that although everyone sees that they are making a mistake and they tell them, they do not pay any attention for pride. If you are not careful, you can close your mind and become a truly intractable person.

As secondary color

On the other hand, this color as a secondary indicates that we are going through a rather negative moment in which we are acting apathetic or ruthless with society. We don't care about all the things that happen and we don't feel like doing anything that doesn't go to our own benefit. We develop very negative qualities such as jealousy and envy. We don't mind stepping on other people to reach our goals.

Negative variants of the green color: dark green, dirty green.



As basic color

The individual with pink color is a particularly sentimental and sensitive person. However, if we could think that this is a weaker person, the opposite is true. His sensitivity and the strength of his feelings endow him with an impressive fighting capacity. Even though their acts are enormously delicate and harmonious, they are sometimes even impetuous. People often admire them for it.

He is a very sacrificed person and who seeks to make his dreams come true, however utopian they may seem to others. They know how to make decisions and enjoy their freedom and maneuverability to get the most out of their lives.

They are very affectionate and need to be continually demonstrating their affection for others. They also need a lot of love to know that their life makes some sense. If they do not find it, they will undoubtedly look for it until they find it. Nothing escapes them.

As secondary color

This secondary color indicates that we are going through a stage in which we feel good with the world and with ourselves. We show love and tenderness to our loved ones. Perhaps we are involved in a project that we pursue persistently, but following a very harmonious path.

Positive variants of pink: basic pink, bright pink, salmon pink and coral pink.


As basic color

In return, the individual with pink color can make his strong feelings his weak point in need of support from the people around him. It is possible that he becomes a person very dependent on others and what they think of him, thus forgetting his own personality and struggling to become what others want from him.

When you see your desires frustrated, you may feel especially bad. So those negative feelings live them harder than other people. So you run the risk of getting depressed easily if you don't feel excited. Affection is fundamental in their lives and without it they can feel sunk.

As secondary color

As a counterpart this color as secondary indicates that we are going through a time when we are too aware of what others think of our lives or of ourselves. It is okay to ask for advice, but it is not good to make it a maxim that will make us constantly change based on what others tell us.

Negative variants of the pink color: grayish pink and off pink.



As basic color

The individual with white color has a bit of everything from the other colors. It is something like a compendium of strength, joy, optimism, tranquility and much love. They are leisurely people, who do not usually pursue ideals that are too high. They like to lead a simple and uncomplicated life. A family atmosphere is very important for them.

In general they are passive people, who need to be alone for a long time with their own thoughts. This sometimes ends up being a problem because they can become isolated and feel very alone.

They are very creative and imaginative and if they give free rein to their mind and their heart they become unforgettable and wonderful people, of those who are always marked in our lives.

As secondary color

This secondary color indicates that we are going through a reflexive and at the same time simple stage. We don't feel like messes, so we are looking forward to enjoying the everyday things in life. We are not for things too transcendental.

Positive white variants: bright white or bright white.


Como color básico

Como contrapartida el individuo con color blanco puede convertirse en la persona más egoísta del mundo, preocupándose solo de sus problemas y no queriendo escuchar a los demás. Muy caprichosa y poco fiel a sus amistades, puede terminar siendo esa persona a la que nadie quiere ver delante o de la que nadie se fía.

Se le puede subir a la cabeza todo aquello que haga llegando incluso a creerse superior a los demás. Así que debe tener mucho cuidado con su ego.

Como color secundario

Como contrapartida este color como secundario indica que estamos comportándonos en esta etapa como personas egoístas y poco preocupadas por las desgracias de los demás. Quizá nos estemos haciendo las víctimas y exigiendo más atención injustamente.

Variantes negativas del color blanco: blanco sucio o manchado.


To see our aura the simplest is to follow two steps. In the first step the person seeks to learn to feel their energy field and in the second step the jump is already made to learn to see it directly with the eyes. It would be good if we really want to learn to see the auras begin with the first step, since although for some people this step can be boring it is very useful to be able to get used to our eyes better for the second step.

First step: feel our aura

Feeling that we have aura gives us more security when trying to see it. There are several methods to try to feel it, but without a doubt the best known and easiest to do is putting the palms of your hands together.

To do this we put our palms next to each other and with a distance of 30 cm. So in that position we pay special attention to what we feel in our hands and how we feel it. We will be about three minutes.

After three minutes we will approach the palms of the hands to about 20 centimeters and repeat the process of paying attention to what we feel and how we feel it. We will be another three minutes.

After that time we will reach our hands about 10 centimeters and repeat the same process as the other times.

Finally we will end at a distance of between 3 and 5 centimeters in which we will perform the same analysis as the previous phases.

The most normal is that it is in this last phase in which we notice a slight pressure, something similar to when we put our hand in the water, but much softer, even almost imperceptible if we do not pay attention. Some people with greater sensitivity may feel their aura in the early stages, but it is not common.

Analyze especially the changes you notice as you bring your palms closer. The most traditional is usually to notice a change in temperature, but many more things can be noticed.

Perform this phase until you have fully controlled and analyzed the sensation. Take every day you need, because it won't be in vain.

Second step: see our aura

The first thing is to do with two types of cards, one black and one white. These cards will help us to make a screen to facilitate the vision of the energy field. There are people who see better with a black background and others who see better with a white background, so with practice you can determine which one you feel most comfortable with. Anyway for now we will work with both.

The part of the body that we are going to use to see our aura will be the hand. It is worth the left or the right, whichever is easier for you. We use the hand because it always concentrates a lot of energy and makes things easier for us.

Es muy importante que tengas en cuenta que vas a ver el aura no con tu visión central, sino con tu visión periférica, lo que equivale a decir que mientras tu mirada estará depositada en una parte de la mano tu atención se dirigirá a los bordes de la misma. This is a bit difficult at first because we are very used to focus our attention where we put our eyes.

En este caso aquellos individuos que suelen quedarse ensimismados o en su mundo de vez en cuando, tendr nm s posibilidades y facilidades para comenzar a ver su aura. Tambi n es posible que te duelan los ojos por el esfuerzo, que te marees un poco o que te comiencen a lagrimar. Even at the beginning you may be momentarily blinded by a light. But you don't have to worry because this is the most normal thing in the world because you have the atrophied peripheral vision, and you have to recover it again.

Do not force things too much, start with a few minutes a day and as you go feeling how you can extend the time. Remember that your eyes are a very precious asset and that you have to take care of them so once again we recommend that you do not overdo it while you are learning.

Well, the exercise proceeds as follows. Put one of the cards under the hand you want to see. At a distance of about 10 to 30 cm. The hand must be open and the fingers a little apart from each other so that you can also see their energy separately. Now deposit your gaze in the center of the hand, but use it more as a vanishing point, that is, even if your gaze is directed towards the knuckle of the center, do as if you wanted to see more. s there, that is, as if you wanted to see what is behind the hand on the cardboard. A veces puede ser muy til desenfocar un poco la mirada.

Little by little you will have to intuit how a transparent mist surrounds your hand that is your double ethereal and with the passing of the seconds you will have to discover that mist with your own eyes. Rest after a few minutes and try the same exercise with the other card.

It is not normal that the first times you see colors in that fog, the most natural thing is that you see it transparent and of little thickness. But if you keep practicing you will see more and more clearly that this fog becomes much thicker and adopts some other color. Remember that you don't have to see anything preset, not in a concrete way. In fact sometimes you may see how one of your fingers seems longer than the others, or that in a certain area of ​​the hand the fog is thicker than in the rest.

Take what you see naturally, do not transcend it too much because remember that it is a capacity that you already had as a child, but that you forgot. We also remind you that everyone can get it, so don't despair and if you really feel like it, keep practicing.


Aqu tienes una serie de pr cticas para ver el aura de los dem s. Ten en cuenta que generalmente para ver el aura de los que te rodean primero deber as haber conseguido ver con facilidad tu propia aura, pero no pasa nada por practicar los siguientes ejercicios aunque no tengas dominado el tema.

Los vamos a dividir en dos tipos diferentes: por un lado los que puedes practicar en tu casa con uno o varios amigos y por otro los que puedes practicar cuando sales todos los días a la calle.

Ejercicios para practicar junto a tus amigos

Reúnete con unos amigos a los que le apetezca practicar la visión del aura en una habitación preferentemente blanca, pero si no lo puede ser, al menos procura que el color sea uniforme. Las figuras, manchas, diversos colores tan utilizados en decoración te dificultarán la visión. Podéis reuniros cuantos queráis, obviamente al menos debéis ser dos. Después os sentareis en un lugar que os resulte muy cómodo, un cojín, un sofá o una silla teniendo en cuenta que debéis situaros unos frente a otros a una distancia de 2 a 4 metros. Si quieres realizar realmente el ejercicio sobre una pantalla blanca para facilitaros la visión puedes utilizar una sábana como fondo si tu pared no es del color requerido.

A continuación centrad vuestra mirada en el entrecejo de quien tenéis enfrente y sin dejar de fijar la mirada en esa parte del cuerpo intentad prestar atención al resto de su cabeza, observad a ver si sois capaces de ver alguna luz o resplandor que le rodea, algún color, alguna banda, … Todo ello formará parte del aura.

Tanto como si has conseguido ver algo como si no, prueba también a intentar verle otras partes del cuerpo. Prueba a verle la mano, como has aprendido a ver la tuya. O también si quieres puedes ver parte de su contorno fijando tu mirada en uno de sus hombros o en el centro del pecho, y la atención en lo que le rodea.

Recuerda que la luz ambiental suele ayudar mucho al principiante a ver con más claridad y facilidad el aura. Se entiende por luz ambiental los focos de luz alógena que puedes calibrar dando mayor o menor intensidad a la luz de una habitación, pero también a la luz de las velas por ejemplo.

Ejercicios para practicar cuando sales de casa

  • En espacios abiertos:

    Búscate un lugar donde puedas estar sentado y tranquilo y donde sabes que vas a encontrar mucha gente como una estación, un parque, una feria, … Comienza a observar a la gente como te hemos comentado, obteniendo diversos objetivos: un anciano, un niño corriendo, una pareja paseando, un turista, un vendedor, etc. Verás un resplandor brillante a su alrededor que variará incluso en función de lo que estén haciendo.

  • En espacios cerrados:

    Por ejemplo una cafetería, bar o restaurante; una conferencia; un concierto; etc. Estos lugares son maravillosos para practicar la visión áurica de los demás porque suelen disponer de luces ambiente que te facilitarán el trabajo. Además puedes estar tranquilo por ejemplo en una conferencia o en un concierto y depositar con total tranquilidad tu mirada en algún músico, el director o en el que está dando la conferencia. Seguramente podrás ver con mucha más claridad el resplandor luminoso que en los espacios abiertos.

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