Do you eat emotionally? Discover the reasons for your cravings

  • 2017
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You feel that you have compulsive desires to eat something special, and that it is generally not a healthy food. It is an irrational desire, which does not even have to do with hunger. Why does this happen?

While many people seek spiritual practices in search of peace and happiness, diet can also impact emotions and mental state.

The link between food and humor has been established by hundreds of scientific studies, such as those of Dr. Brian Wansink of Cornell University, who wrote more than 200 articles and books on the psychology of food, and participates in the documentary “ Food on the Brain ”.

Many of these studies show that depression, anxiety, lethargy and cravings result from an unbalanced diet in terms of nutrients.

What do cravings mean

Cravings for certain foods are a sign that the body seeks peace or homeostasis, that is, self-regulation or balance.

These feelings of wanting to eat something immediately may mean that some vitamin or mineral is missing. But they can also express an emotional imbalance.

The body tries to guide us to balance the imbalance; Let us know our deepest needs through intuitions, ideas, visions, inner voice, to help us change the situation.

If we ignore it, it presses us to recover homeostasis in another way, through food. The body knows that certain foods alter brain chemicals or blood pressure to regulate energy or mood.

For example, you are dissatisfied at work because you think you are earning less than you should, you feel too much pressure and are fed up. Something tells you that it was enough, and that you should dust off your Curriculum and look for some job that suits you. But you don't feel safe, you are afraid of facing change. Then you are still in that job. But the problem is still there, your brain needs balance so it asks you to eat something that makes you feel better momentarily.

The causes of compulsive eating

Each food contains amino acids, neurochemical catalysts or vasoconstrictors, some energize the body and others calm and soothe brain chemicals. For example, fatigue from demanding too much can cause you to want the stimulating effect of red meat or cheese.

Fear, tension, depression can lead to needing the calming effect and wanting to eat, for example, vanilla ice cream.

How to face cravings

To face cravings, you first have to make sure your body is physically satisfied. This means having a balance of vitamins and minerals, which can be achieved by taking a multivitamin supplement every day. Ask your doctor what is indicated.

Healthy ways to deal with cravings

Your emotions also require a chemical called serotonin . Without serotonin, you may feel tired, depressed, irritable or want to eat carbohydrates.

To get serotonin naturally you can perform some of these actions:

  • Perform aerobic activities at least 20 minutes, four or five times a week
  • Expose yourself to the sun's rays for 5-20 minutes daily
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and coffee
  • Stay in touch with your loved ones
  • Eat a balanced diet rich in grains and vegetables
  • Sleep between 7 and 8 hours per day

With these steps you make sure that your body is careful, and the cravings you experience are likely to be emotional.

You must inquire about the situation that distresses you and find a way to solve it. With consistent small steps you can solve a work problem, relationships, or your lifestyle.

The statements also help:

I just want healthy foods

I love to exercise

My body is slender and healthy

I have time to exercise

I love eating fruits and vegetables

Also use statements related to your problem. Going back to the previous example, if you want to eat meat or bacon to support a job that no longer motivates you, you can say:

"My work is motivating and I love it, " or "I am willing to receive new job opportunities in my life."

Do you usually have cravings? What is your secret to overcome them?

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