Session of "Activation" directed by Kuan Yin from the ethereal Temple "Golden Spiral

  • 2014

“Balancing the dance of opposites”

February 14, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. in Spain: Online.

Channeled by María José Ribas Albendea

I feel happy to invite you to the first session of “Golden Spiral Activation” in its second phase of planetary work.

On the day and hour Kuan Yin will open the doors of the “Golden Spiral” Ethereal Temple, which was inaugurated, ending 2013, to serve as a platform for an energy It is very refined that allows us to carry out our internal processes with greater ease and speed.

From the Temple, Kuan Yin will guide us to carry out a process never done in the history of mankind.

The dance of opposites will balance and finally harmonize in your cellular, family and individual structure, allowing you to open yourself to a new dimension of consciousness that will lead you to become the conscious creator of your Own Life Experience nurtured by the Love of All That Is.

Once the Activation is done, the recording will be published so that the tool, built among all those who have participated live in the event, can serve all those who follow your trail.

We are Masters helping Masters to walk again!

Here are some words from Kuan Yin about the work we will do:

Much has been said throughout the history of the dance of opposites, of Yin and Yan, of masculine and feminine, of day and night, of light and darkness, of man and of the woman in her relationship with the world and with Life; but very little has been understood about it, very little has been glimpsed of the truth of the ancient secret teachings that guarded the " Holy Grail ."

The Holy Grail, a symbol of eternal fruitfulness for all mankind!

And it is that the harmonic dance of the opposites” means for the world, for Life and for all humanity a great quantum leap towards the Light, towards Love and towards unity of all that is.

On February 14, the day in which, in your current society, the union of souls in Love and in the Truth of all that Is is evoked, reflected in the promise of eternal love of a man and a woman or two human beings vibrating in unity; we will work intensely to balance the dance of opposites in your family and individual cellular structure .

Everything that has limited you so far will come to the fore to be released and consecrated to the highest Truth.

You are part of this atomic and anatomical structure that is born from a divine breath at the beginning of all time.

You are part of the cosmic framework that "conspires" to develop Life on this planet.

You are part of the Truth of who you are beyond your character ...

You are part of the All playing Living and expanding beyond the source.

And in this expansion you divide and join in the All, dancing, vibrating and performing a melody.

And all this you do in perfect union with your opposite, that is born, that vibrates, that expands and nourishes itself to return back to you.

In a perfect divine union of your masculine with your feminine you will be able to transgress the limits of your reality in order to recreate the lost paradise. ”

PLACE OF CELEBRATION : ONLINE (An hour before you will be sent a link via mail so you can enter the conference room)

DATE: February 14, 2014.

HOUR: 13:00 hours from Spain.

COST : 25 Euros.

REGISTRATION : Click on this link:

Or book via email by contacting me:

María José Ribas /

"Activation" session directed by Kuan Yin from the etheric Temple "Golden Spiral"

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