10 Important Benefits of Parsley for Health.

  • 2019

Parsley can be found anywhere, it is likely that you have some of it at home and do not know how to give it much use.

Parsley is one of those cheap vegetables that can be used for a variety of things in medicine, such as curing skin cancer, fighting diabetes, promoting bone health, stimulating the immune system, etc. .

10 Important Benefits of Parsley for Health.

Parsley has been used for thousands of years as a good source of vitamins and minerals .

The root was used as a diuretic, the juice of the parsley leaf is used to treat kidney diseases.

Parsley oil has been used to regulate menstrual flow in women, in the treatment of amenorrhea or dysmenorrhea.

Its leaves have been used to treat tumors, insect bites, skin parasites and bruises.

Other traditional uses in ancient cultures include the treatment of diseases of the prostate, liver, spleen.

Here the summary of the 10 Important Health Benefits of Parsley and how it can be used to benefit from it 100%.

1-Combat Liquid Retention.

Parsley is one of those herbs that is said to be good for kidney function. The problem is that no one has been able to verify or confirm it until recently, in 2002, the "Joural of Ethnopharmacology" of the United States, conducted a study in mice, in which they were given parsley seed tea, confirming that parsley was a diuretic that could be used safely. The parsley plant blocks the reduction of sodium and potassium in the kidneys and this allows more water to flow out of the kidneys easily.

2-Promotes Bone Health.

Parsley is an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin K has the power to alter the bone structure making them stronger . Vitamin K is a very important vitamin in the blood clotting process . Without vitamin K in our blood we could bleed to death. A single cup of parsley contains more vitamin K than the recommended daily value.

3-It has anti-cancer properties.

Parsley is very rich in chlorophyll and it is also very effective in defense against carcinogens. It also has another element to fight cancer is apigenin, it has been used to reduce the size of tumors.

4-Detoxifies the Body.

Drinking green juices regularly is one of the best ways to detoxify the body. Parsley has antioxidants that can increase the level of liver enzymes that are responsible for detoxifying our body.

5-Keeps the Heart Healthy. Parsley contains a substantial amount of folate, it is a vitamin B that helps fight cardiovascular disease . In the long term folate reduces the chances of having a heart attack or a future stroke.

6-Remove Bad Breath. Introducing it to your meals will make your breath better. This vegetable has antibacterial properties, so it inhibits the growth of bacteria that produce bad breath.

7-Fight Arthritis. Studies have shown that foods rich in vitamin C, such as parsley, provide protection against rheumatoid polyarthritis, inflammation in the joints.

8-Improves Immune Function. It is full of magnesium, potassium, and as we said of vitamin K and vitamin C, very important vitamins that stimulate the immune function in our body. Parsley is an excellent source of beta carotene .

9-Improve the view. Parsley helps stimulate the small blood vessels around the eye and does so because it contains beta-carotene that is good for the eyes.

10-Balance the blood sugar levels. Like diabetics.

Author : Patricia Gambetta, Editor and Translator in the Great Family of hermandadblanca.org

Source : Dr. Agustin Landivar. Website: doctorlandivar.com.

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