Healing Series: Traps on the road to becoming a Healer, by Sandra Gusella

Dear people,

It is with great pleasure and happiness that I speak to you through Pamela and welcome you in this place, where you have gathered to listen to me, an old friend of yours. I am Jeshua, I have been among you in my life on earth like Jesus.

I have been human and I know everything that you go through as human beings in an earthly body and in an earthly life. And I have come here to help you understand who you are. All of you present here and many among you, who will read this text later, are lightworkers.

You are angels of light, who have forgotten who you really are.

You have all passed many tests on your journey on earth, through many times of earthly life. And I know these tests from the inside.

Now you have reached a point in your soul history, where an ending, a completion of a certain stage in that story is happening.
You are all at a point in your development where you are having a strong contact with the inner Being that you really are, with your Higher Self that is independent of time and space. You are in the process of admitting your inner or higher being into your earthly being, into your present lives.

You are all still a little uncomfortable contacting your higher or higher being, because you have forgotten that you are this great source of light.
You have forgotten that all the knowledge and love that you are looking for, is present in your own energy field, your own aura.
However, all of you have begun to contact the deepest source of inner light.
Therefore it has now become appropriate in your life path to assist others - whether professionally or not - in your inner path.
Even when your own inner journey has not yet ended, you are able, from a certain point forward, to share with others your powers of discernment and wisdom. You all feel called to this.

From the moment you assume healing or being a teacher, a certain number of traps appear in your path. This has its roots in certain misunderstandings about the process of others to become complete and their part in this.
Today I would like to talk to you about these traps.

What is healing?

What is the essence of healing? What happens when someone manages to 'be well', whether on a psychological, emotional or physical level?
What happens is that this person is able to connect, on a deeper level, with their own inner light, with whom he or she really is. This connection has a healing effect on all layers of being, on the psychological level as well as on physical and emotional bodies.

What each person looks for in a healer or therapist is an energetic space, in which he is able to contact his own inner light. The healer or therapist can offer this space because he has already made this connection within himself. The healer has at his disposal a frequency, an energetic frequency within his being, which has the solution for the problem of which he seeks healing.
Being a healer or therapist means: bring the energy frequency of the solution in your energy field and offer it to someone else.
This is what it is, nothing more.
Basically, it is a process that can take place without words or actions. It is the energy that you have as a therapist or healer, which has the effect of healing.
It is your `` illuminated '' energy, which you offer as a space, in which somebody else can contact your inner light, your own center. It is this inner contact that causes healing to occur. All healing is really self-healing.
Healing or helping, in essence, has nothing to do with specific skills or with specific knowledge that can be learned from books or taking courses. The healing power cannot be acquired through something external. It is about the frequency of the solution that is present in your energy field as a result of your own inner growth and clarity of consciousness.
Often this is not yet complete in all aspects, because all of you are still involved in personal processes of consciousness development. However, there are parts in your energy field that have become so clear and pure that they can have a healing effect on others.

It is essential to understand that this effect does not have to be worked. It is the patient or client who decides whether or not to assimilate the frequency, if he admits it. It is your choice. You offer it, for who you are, for being there for the other. It is not because of the skills or knowledge that you have learned from someone else, that you heal, but purely for who you are, because of the inner path you have followed. It is especially in the field of problems that you have been through, and for having felt the accompanying emotions at the center of your being, that you can give one hand to the other in the best possible way.
Therefore, self-healing, taking responsibility for their internal wounds and covering them with the light of their conscience, remains very important for light workers. It is the ability of self-healing that makes you a healer or lightworker. It is the frequency of the solution in their energy field that makes it possible for others to find their way to their own self-healing.

When you are treating clients or helping people around you, you often read their energy and give it information, or you treat someone energetically, energetically a. But the client or person with whom you are working is equally busy reading them to you. Just as you are feeling your energy, he is consciously or unconsciously absorbing your energy. He still feels what you say and what you carry in your being, in your frequency of energy. He feels you.
It is in the reading that the client makes of you that the real breakdown occurs. When the client feels there the space he needs to repair the inner contact with his own Self, his words and actions acquire a healing quality. Then they become the transporters of light and love that the client can take to the center of his own light and love.
When there is an honest intention to help someone who comes to you, he is open to your energy in such a way that he can be touched by the parts that are purer in his own being.
These parts of you are not a result of the books you read or the material you have learned; They are not mere tools or instruments. They are the result of a personal alchemy, of a personal transformation of consciousness that bears its unique seal.
I would like to emphasize this deeply, since there seems to be a tendency among light workers (people who, by their nature, feel a strong impulse to help others) to always be looking for a new book, a new method, a new ability, that can help them be a better therapist or healer.
True healing is so simple.

When I lived on earth, something flowed from my eyes. My eyes showed an energy that had an immediate healing effect on people who were open to it. This was not a magic trick or a special effect. I was in contact with my inner source of truth. I could allow the divine light and love that were my inheritance - exactly as is your inheritance - to emanate from me to other living beings.
This had a healing effect on those who were truly open to this.
The same goes for you. In this aspect, you are not different from me. You have all walked the inner path of freedom and self-realization, to get to the same point that I reached when I lived on earth. You are all in the process of becoming aware of the Christ in yourself.

Christ energy is your destiny and your goal and you are always coming closer and closer to this destination. It is the Christ in you who heals and heals as a natural consequence of who he is. Very often you still identify with the student, the one who sits at the feet of a teacher and listens and asks and searches. But I am telling you that the time to be a student is over. It is time for them to claim their mastery. It is time to give the Christ in you the opportunity to manifest in your daily, earthly reality.

To really become one with the Christ consciousness, and achieve your mastery as a healer, you need to release a number of things. These things represent the pitfalls along the way to becoming a healer. It is about this that I want to talk to you today. I will differentiate between three areas in which they are asked to release.

Head trap

The first trap lies in the area of ​​the head, of the mind. You are very skilled analyzing, through reflection, logical thinking. However, the mental, the thinking part of you, is much more a part of the world of duality.
With the 'world of duality' we mean a reality of consciousness in which the facts are divided into good or bad, light or dark, male or female, friend or enemy, etc. In other words: a reality of consciousness where the implicit unity of all phenomena is not recognized, but where judgment and discrimination are seen as true and objective.
Christ energy is really an energy that is above or below duality. She is the one who forms the unit below the polarities. But the mind does not recognize this flow of unity. The mind would like to break up the flow of unity into parts, categorize them and place them in separate compartments. The mind likes to design structures, theories that can be placed on reality, on direct experience.

This also happens when you try to help others. From a rational perspective, you try to place the individual symptoms of a client in a broader framework, in a more general category, and you like to invent all kinds of theories about the type of problem and the solution for it.

Now, I am not saying that all this is wrong. But what I would like to ask you is this: when you are working with others, either professionally or in your personal life, treat and release all your thoughts and reasoning, from all your rational considerations about what the problem is with the other, and Just listen to each other's energy. Try to feel with your heart and intuition where the other is, in your inner world.
This has been the purpose of the exercise that Gerrit has done with you previously, the second exercise. (Jeshua refers to two meditation exercises that were done at the beginning of the session. You will find them written at the end of the text.)

Frequently, you have all kinds of ideas about what someone else should or should not do to find the inner path. And these ideas are usually more or less accurate. But the question is: they are not always in tune with each other's energy in the now, at this moment in time. It could be that the other needs a completely different path or an energy that you can probe with your rational minds.

I would like to invite you to see and feel the other person only from the still intuitive place within yourself, where you transcend duality and come home within the Christ energy. I invite you to feel really inspired by the other when you offer help to him or her.

The solution then is usually very simple.

Think, for example, of parents who want to help their children with problems that arise along the way. Often, due to experience, parents see certain things more clearly than their children, and they can see the consequences of certain actions before their children see them.
From this knowledge, parents would want to save their children from negative situations or prevent them, and would encourage them to review their choices. This might seem to be a good way to help, from the point of view of the mind.

But if a father tuned in to the child from his intuitive inner side, calm, and only listen to what the child is asking, it could be something else altogether. Because what the child often needs from deep inside is the honest trust of his father.

“Trust me, let me be who I am. Let me make mistakes, let me stumble, let me be who I am, and keep your trust in me. ”
Your honest confidence in your child can encourage your child to go within himself and consult his own intuition. This can help him make a decision that he feels is really good and that is also incomprehensible from his point of view.
If, for example, you try to make your child do something from the structure of his mind, your child will perceive in you a feeling of distrust, which will cause a resistance reaction and that may even lead him to choose what you do not want.

The child 'reads' to you when they offer assistance. It is in the nature of children to see through words and feel their implicit fears. They often respond with aversion, begin to resist and seem unable to reason. But often it is the parents who have lost contact with their deepest feelings due to fear; The problem is that they are only receptive to reason. They ignore their intuitive knowledge, which can build a bridge between them and their children.

I am mentioning this example because it is very common and very easy to relate, and because it is very difficult to assist your children only from their intuitive knowledge.
Break free. This it is.
Release your ideas, your thoughts about what is right for the other. Go completely to now and ask: what do you need from me?

That's power; That is the healing power that you give to someone else.
And often, what is transmitted is what the other is asking: be patient with me. Trust me, surround me with your faith, even if I am almost always wrong.

The head trap is the origin of many concerns.
Actually, everything is much simpler. In any difficult situation, try and find with your feelings and intuition the level of energy in which everything becomes very clear and simple. You don't have to think, just listen.
That is the place of Christ energy. That is the place where I am waiting for you.

Heart trap

The second trap when they help others, which I would like to mention, is in the area of ​​the heart, the center of feelings.
The heart is a meeting point of many energies. Form the bridge between heaven and earth. You can build a bridge between different points of view. The heart 'gathers' energies of different origins and is able to recognize implicit unity. She can transcend duality with the help of the energies of love and compassion.
The heart is the residence of harmony and compassion with everything that is alive and lively. Therefore it is also your center of empathy. The heart plays a very important role in the accompaniment and orientation of others. With your heart, you can feel the pain of others and sustain them with love and compassion.

However, there is also a danger in this. Your compassion and empathy can go far. So far, that you lose one part of yourself in the other.

You should know, that when you give too much of yourself because you get carried away by someone else's suffering, the 'execive' energy will turn against you. This part of energy goes to the other person but does not contribute to the solution of their problem, because it does not come from a total state of balance. Actually, this extra energy comes from a pain in you that you are not fully aware of. This pain returns to you exaggerated in giving.

You can distinguish when you are doing this. It happens when they have talked to someone, or have given someone a treatment, and later they feel empty, frustrated, or discouraged. This indicates that you have given too much.

When you give from an equilibrium position, you feel free, happy and inspired. Soon they return to their own energy easily. Then the other disappears from his energy field. Your aura closes and you follow your separate path. Everything is fine.

But when an energy bond remains with the other person, because you want so deeply that he or she is well or happy, this has a destructive effect on your energy. At that moment, an energetic link of emotional dependence appears. Your well-being becomes dependent on someone else's well-being.

Why does this happen so easily among you? Why is this trap so hard for light workers to avoid? Where does this painfully strong need to heal and do everything come from, and make the world a better place?

There is sadness in their hearts. There is a deep feeling of responsibility and relationship with the Earth and with everything that lives in it. There is in you a deep hope for another frequency of consciousness, more in tune with the natural divinity of all that is alive and breathes in your land. You are yearning for a reality that responds to the song of your soul. A song that speaks of peace, joy, unity and creative inspiration.

Because of this deep yearning and the restlessness it causes, you often want to help people more quickly than they can handle. There is impatience and restlessness in you.
And this makes it difficult for you to distance yourself sufficiently from the people with whom you are strongly involved. This clearly plays a part in the personal area; and also in the area of ​​helping others professionally.

Releasing the pain and affliction of others and allowing them completely the time and space to go through their own processes can cause you internal pain. This is because this reminds them of their own loneliness and gives them a feeling of being lost in this earthly reality. The difference between this imperfect world and the other energetic reality that you dreamed of, much more pure and beautiful than this, hurts you deeply inside.
This is because, in the area of ​​the heart, the trap is impatience.

This impatience takes the form of a great commitment to a good cause, or of the intense concern for the well-being of others. Take the form of giving too much.
If you observe this impulse in yourself, this eagerness to help or the fight for a good cause, feel the impatience in that, the denial part of reality as it is here and now.
Know also that when you are fully aware of this, you can let it go. As soon as you recognize that your craving and impatience come from internal pain and sadness, you can stop giving too much.
Things get very simple again.

The only thing that should be done as a healer and light worker is to let your energy be available to others. Be simply who you are and be at peace with yourself. The frequency of the solution is in its energy field.
Frequently, you attract people with the same types of problems you have been through. You have reached the bottom of these problems for yourself, with your heart and soul, and therefore have achieved wisdom and purity in these areas that have become part of your being. What becomes part of your being is sacred, inviolable. Can not get lost. It is not a learned knowledge that you can forget. You are transformed by life, by experience and by the desire to learn and understand.
So what you have to share with others, with the world: yourselves.
All they need to offer is to go to places or do things that make them feel inspired, and then let others be touched by their energy, or not. This is their business.
There is nothing else that should be done, really ... This is the light work you have come to do.

When you dare to live it this way, the energy you put in giving too much, and letting yourself be swept away by the strong desire to improve things, you could now give it to yourself for a change!
You have lived many lives on earth that were hard and difficult. Lives in which they tried to embody part of their inner light and were punished for that. Lives in which you had to fight all the time instead of being who you truly are and flourish.
This moment in history offers you the opportunity to be who you are.
Being who you are also implies: neither more nor less than enjoying yourself! Enjoy life!
Be prepared to finally see beauty in this earthly existence, even when so many things are wrong.
Treat and assimilate the sparks of beauty in your auras every day. Try and see them in the midst of all ugliness, of all dissonance.
Try to enjoy, take what is offered, and receive. Dare to receive!

Those light workers, who can also receive and really enjoy themselves, will be more focused and powerful, and therefore even more frequently radiate the 'frequency of the solution' from their energy fields.
They do not empty themselves giving too much. They easily allow themselves to give equal to receive, and in this way both the flow of giving and the flow of receiving will become stronger in their lives.

The trap of desire

Now I would like to take you to the last trap on the path of being a healer / helper that I want to discuss with you.
In philosophy and psychology, there is a traditional distinction between head, heart and desire. I have mentioned a trap in the area of ​​the head, and one in the area of ​​the heart, and I would like to end with the trap of desire.

The desire can be located in the solar plexus, an energy center near the stomach. This center directs the ability to act, the manifestation of its inner energy in the physical, earthly plane.
When desire is connected to your intuition, the calm part of you that transcends duality, everything flows effortlessly.
The desire then becomes the extension of Christ in you. You can recognize this by the fact that you feel joy in the things you do. May your heart open with the things you do.
But often, you are not well tuned to the flow. There is a part of you, which I call your personal desire, that does not always want to hear the voice of silence. From your personal desire you will want to do things in a different way, often faster than the natural flow. You can recognize this when there is a concern within you.

When you are separating from the natural flow of your energy, you are often distracted by outside judgment. This can be very loud and has a big impact and makes them feel 'I have to do this', 'I have to do it now'.
What characterizes this forced use of desire is the pressure to do something. An internal tension emerges that comes simply from not wanting to release and trust your higher self. Trust in the calm force of knowledge in you that is outside of time and space.

Using excessive personal desire can also play a part in helping others. In essence, this trap is strongly connected to the impatience that can live in the heart. Here there is also a tendency to want to give too much at once and to want to go faster than appropriate.
In the area of ​​the heart, this was caused by an implicit sadness, a deep longing for more harmony in the world. But in the area of ​​desire, this impatience and excessive desire to 'do' comes from the desire for personal power.

Please do not take personal power in the 'bad' sense of the word, for example, wanting to oppress or dominate others. That stage has long been passed by all of you. You have a deep sense of the value of life. The episode of abuse of power at the expense of others has been part of its history.

There is still a part within you that wants to have power, in the sense of wanting to influence reality. You do not trust enough in the natural flow, in the natural rhythm of life. This rhythm is often slower than you would expect from your personal desire.

The reason for this slowness is that every process of inner creation begins at the level of consciousness and has to go a long way to express itself in its dense material reality. Everything you create, the inspiration you want to become physically real, has to go through a series of steps. You can see the creation process as a descent through the chakras, along the earth. Each step of this path asks you, the creators, to trust and tune into the inner silent knowledge, which is always there and transcends time and space.

When you lose contact with this point of silence, this inner knowledge, your personal desire begins to act. This creates more restlessness and more detours than is really necessary.
This 'mistake' also plays a part in helping others.

You all have an inner impulse, in whatever way, to bring Light into this reality. It could be that they have their own clientele or that they assist others professionally in their work. Or it could be that you only exercise this in your personal environment. This makes no difference.
What is important is that you find satisfaction being a healer and a lightworker, that this healing energy within you can flow out and that you feel creative and inspired by it. For this to happen it is necessary to free yourself from your personal desire and trust in what comes out of you by yourself.

It is often difficult for you to just trust, because reaching your goals often takes longer than you think. But take the 'time in the meantime' to enjoy yourself! Surround yourself with everything you like, everything you need and after something else. Dare to afford some luxuries, in every concept.
Know that all the inner work that you do in the meantime, elevates the 'frequency of the solution' in your energy field. That attracts people who can be helped on your way.

Release is love

Overcoming the traps described above is always achieved with forms of release.
Stop thinking too much, stop identifying yourself too emotionally, release excessive use of desire.
But if you really, in confidence, free, help people (or any other way of life) will become a great source of joy for you. As light workers they will experience deep satisfactions and self-realization.
Being a healer, some of the unity consciousness begins to flourish in you, which you all long for. Your conscience will be intertwined with the deep unity that exists between all living beings, between All That Is. This conscious link with the 'factory' of the Spirit will make you happy only in the true sense of the word. You will transcend duality and enter a different realm of consciousness, one that is based on unity and love.
It is her deepest dream and deepest satisfaction to make unity consciousness a living reality on earth, bringing it down to the material plane. This is a beautiful inspiration, and therefore, due to this brilliant goal, I ask you to be aware in your energy of the three traps that we have been talking about today. These traps create restlessness and negativity in their perception of reality. We ask you to be aware of them and to release them, because your non-dual Being, the Christ in all of you, wants nothing more than to manifest on earth, right here right now.

Questions and answers

How does one deal with impatience?

In impatience there is always an element of anger. Anger for this reality, because it is as it is.
As soon as you recognize the energy of impatience as a form of anger, you are there halfway. Because you often think that impatience is very virtuous. That you only want things to be better, and that it is therefore respectable to 'push' reality.
But essentially, your impatience is a form of anger and in anger there really is always misunderstanding. Not being able to accept things as they are can always be found to be a consequence of not understanding why things are as they are.

The first step in dealing with impatience is really recognizing the core of anger, feeling it.
Then you may ask yourself: why am I angry?
Frequently, in this anger there is an implicit fear that "it will never be better". In your impatience you say: "it is now or never". En el deseo de conseguirlo más rápidamente, siempre hay escondido un temor a que no suceda en otras circunstancias.
Este miedo se hará patente cuando tú te liberes de la cólera.
Existe una pieza de vacío, de soledad en ti con la cual te estás confrontando cuando te liberas de la cólera. Hay una especie de 'agujero negro'. A eso es a lo que le tienes miedo.
“Estoy enfadado con algo fuera de mí porque tengo miedo a algo dentro de mí”.
Este es el por qué de la cólera.

Cuando tú te liberas de la cólera, tienes que vivir con restricciones, con la imperfección de las cosas. La imperfección de como es esto. Aquí puedes encontrarte con tu propia soledad, o una sensación de vacío y falta de sentido.
Esto puede parecer muy amenazador, pero si tú realmente lo aceptas, sin luchar más, puede aparecer en juego una energía completamente diferente. Es la energía del amor.
El amor es: vivir con la imperfección. Amar al otro con todas sus fallas, amar la realidad que te rodea con toda su imperfección.

Todos ustedes encuentran la invitaci n del amor en su camino.
El amor a menudo es tan diferente de lo que ustedes piensan que es.
El amor tambi n significa: ser capaz de dejar a los otros a su suerte, porque ustedes saben que el proceso interior de crecimiento conoce su propia din mica, su propio ritmo.
Esto es lo que realmente significa respetar a alguien. Dejar que lo ella vayan con amor .

Desde la perspectiva del amor, pueden incluso observar belleza en la dificultad por la que alg n otro est pasando. Esta belleza puede ser percibida cuando ustedes realmente comprenden y respetan que todos estos pasos tienen que ser tomados, y que el alma los ha asumido para realmente vivir a trav s de esas dificultades, partes dif ciles. A veces una y otra y otra vez.
Pueden observar a un ser querido cercano o lejano, revolc ndose en la infelicidad, y pueden ser un espectador pasivo y mantener la fe en esa alma? Eso es amor. Pueden ustedes quedarse sintiendo la naturaleza divina en el ser de esa persona, aun cuando l mata, roba, y estafa? Eso es amor.

La irritaci ne infelicidad que ustedes regularmente sienten con las cosas que no est n resueltas, no es amor. Es una reacci n comprensible, pero eso no es amor.

C mo hacer para tratar con la impaciencia? Perm tanse sentir su tristeza causada por lo que no est completo. En cuanto a la soluci n que no est a la vista, debido a la imperfecci n. Perm tanse sentirse triste por eso.

T nos hablas de que el motivo de la impaciencia, de esa c lera, es la soledad. T incluso hablas de un agujero negro. Cu l es la ra z de esto?

Dentro de todos ustedes existe ese agujero negro, del cual se echan atr s cuando ustedes se entregan a la impaciencia ya la c lera. Es un hoyo negro, un lugar vac o donde todo se desmorona, es decir donde ustedes no se sienten conectados, sino solos y sin sentido.
La soledad, el abandono es un gran tema para todos ustedes y es debido al miedo a esto que ustedes a veces tambi n est n preocupados por el bienestar de otro o por el bienestar del mundo.

La ra z de esta soledad o desolaci n ha sido parcialmente tratada la ltima vez en la canalizaci n El dolor del nacimiento c smico (ver el sitio web). A la larga, su dolor est basado en la separaci n original del hogar, de la conciencia original, de Dios. Pero no ir m s lejos en esto ha sido discutido en aquel texto.

En ti (al hacer esta pregunta) hay un particular miedo a estar en tu propia fuerza. Tan pronto como t te liberes de la gran preocupaci n por los dem s, y de la impaciencia que juega una parte en ti (especialmente con respecto a aquellos con los que sientes mucha empat a) t sientes ese agujero negro. Pero al mismo tiempo, yace en eso una invitaci na realmente ir y estar en tu propia fuerza, ya encontrar una gran satisfacci n, la tuya. Hay en ti un recuerdo de una asociaci n entre dolor y estar parado sobre tu propio poder. Esa es la ra z del problema para ti. Le temes a tu propia fuerza. Encontrar tu propio poder nuevamente es la clave para liberar la c lera y admitir la felicidad y la creatividad en tu vida.

En el mundo m dico hay mucho conocimiento, mundial, que podr a ser til a muchas personas, pero que no se pone en pr ctica debido a cuestiones de poder. Por ejemplo la plata y el oro coloidal, recursos simples pero muy poderosos. Todo gira alrededor del poder. Esto me pone muy triste y enojado. C mo puedo resolver esto?

T eres un ngel, agitando sus pu os hacia el cielo. Porque t est s tan enojado por todo lo que ves.
La luz del cielo brilla sobre todo y cada uno aqu en la tierra. Pero todo y cada uno tiene libre albedr o, y est involucrado en un proceso de desarrollo de la conciencia, que hace posible que haya un tremendo e injusto sufrimiento, frente a tus ojos.
El eslab n que necesitas en tu conciencia para llegar a una básica aceptación de esto, es una verdadera comprensión del libre albedrío.

El libre albedrío es algo asombroso. Supone que ustedes tienen la habilidad de llegar a estar completamente separados de Dios, del Hogar, de la fuente original. A raíz de esta separación hay un profundo deseo de descubrir, de investigar, de crear. En la base de la oscuridad más profunda está la creatividad más profunda.

Querer investigar todo, incluyendo la profundidad más profunda, viene de un impulso creativo -divino-.
Cada alma individual tiene el derecho de nacimiento a investigar todo. Y en cada alma también está la motivación para conocer todos los extremos. No sólo desde la mente, sino especialmente desde la experiencia, desde el cuerpo físico. Porque ¿de qué otra forma pueden ustedes experimentar algo tan profundamente si no es siendo materia, si no es experimentándola físicamente mientras su conciencia está velada y ustedes no tienen conocimiento de sus orígenes?
Es un motivo que está presente en cada alma, un motivo al cual ustedes necesitan respetar.

Mírense a ustedes mismos y sientan por lo que ustedes han pasado y lo que han experimentado con eso. Vean cuántos desvíos han tenido en la mente, en el corazón y en el deseo. Y vean cuánta sabiduría y belleza, que antes no estaba ahí, ha venido finalmente a existir en sus almas al tomar esos desvíos.
Porque ese viaje completo a través de los extremos de la dualidad no es por nada. Ha conducido a una creación interior que es tan rica que ustedes aún no han podido desentrañar lo que han logrado en este largo viaje.

Pueden ver a todo este proceso en el cual están la tierra y la humanidad, como un gran experimento de creatividad. Y el motivo detrás de este experimento es la alegría de la creación, la alegría de la experiencia.

Cuanto más se hunden en el plano material, más difícil es contactar esa alegría y creación. Sentir eso al fin y al cabo, es la fuente de todo, de todo lo que ustedes experimentan en su realidad, del dolor y de la negatividad también. Al fin y al cabo, la alegría de la creación es la base de todo.

¿Cómo pueden ustedes sentir eso? ¿Cómo pueden ustedes hacer contacto con esto?
Miren hacia arriba, no hacia abajo. Sientan la energía cósmica que es su hogar, y sientan que todas las cosas tienen significado, incluso en las horas más oscuras.
¿Pueden ustedes imaginar que todo lo que vive en la tierra crea su propia realidad? ¿Qué todos los seres concientes han utilizado su libre albedrío para atraer hacia ellos una cierta realidad?
Si ustedes pueden realmente sentir que el libre albedrío es efectivo en todas las realidades, que es la propia creatividad de alguien lo que atrae hacia él lo que sucede, entonces ustedes comprenden que no hay una fuerza externa que tenga poder sobre alguien. No existe poder fuera de ustedes que pueda impedirles ser quienes son, entrar en contacto nuevamente con el núcleo divino. No hay fuerza externa, en esencia, no hay víctimas. Hay siempre libertad de elección.

Incluso los 'impotentes' tienen libertad de elección. Aquí también el tema es ser capaz de tener respeto por esas elecciones, sin importar cuán doloroso pueda ser.
Sin importar cuan inhumano podrá parecerles, quiero invitarlos a que disfruten la vida. A mimarse terriblemente. A darse todo lo que necesiten. Aquellas instituciones de poder médico y todos los problemas que están asociados con ellos, no son su responsabilidad.

Ustedes tienen algo hermoso para compartir con esta realidad, pero eso no reside en su energía luchadora, está en quienes ustedes son. En la pureza de su ser.

¿Entonces, Jeshua, lo correcto es solo ser y no hacer? ¿Qué sucede con las personas en África, no deberíamos hacer algo por ellos?

La Compasión, la compasión real que est verdaderamente llena de amor, no es piedad sino respeto.
Los niños que ustedes ven padeciendo hambre en la televisión son todas almas diferentes que han hecho elecciones, que tienen una larga historia detrás de ellos, de la cual el fragmento que ustedes ven en la televisión es solo una pieza del rompecabezas. No estoy tratando constantemente de justificar su sufrimiento, el tema es que hay una profundidad en eso, una dimensión detrás del sufrimiento, con la que ustedes no están actuando justamente con su enfado. Su respuesta de indignación es demasiado corta de vista.

Más aún, me gustaría decirles algo acerca de este infame 'no hacer nada'.
A ti en particular yo realmente te recomendaría literalmente ¡no hacer nada por un tiempo! (laughs)
Pero en general, quisiera decir esto con respecto al 'no hacer'. Lo que quisiera invitarlos a hacer es: conectarse con el flujo de su intuición, y sentir qué ritmo de acción se siente correcto para ustedes ahora. Ese ritmo con frecuencia es mucho más tranquilo de lo que ustedes piensan que quieren.
Al estar sintonizados con este flujo interior (la voz del silencio) la sincronicidad entra en juego: ustedes sólo actúan cuando se sienten obligados por su intuición y todo sucede de un modo suave y flexible; sin resistencia.

Este flujo es en esencia la conciencia Crística, aquella a la cual Gerrit se refirió como el silencio en su ser fuera del tiempo, del espacio y de la dualidad. (Ver el ejercicio más abajo)
Cuando ustedes sintonizan con ella en su ir y venir diario, ustedes hacen mucho menos.
Las cosas van a estar mucho menos atareadas y abarrotadas en su cabeza, en sus emociones, y también físicamente: en lo que ustedes hagan.
Entonces ustedes están siguiendo el ritmo natural de su ser y eso crea tranquilidad.

Sin embargo, algunos de ustedes son tan adictos a 'hacer', que 'no hacer' les crea tensión. Es entonces importante examinar aquellas tensiones porque, en realidad, hay miedos que yacen en la raíz de ellas. Estos asomarán cuando ustedes 'no hagan nada'. Antes de que ustedes puedan realmente estar a tono con su flujo interior, emergerán emociones bastante intensas, que tendrán que ser plenamente abrazadas por su conciencia antes de que se puedan disolver.

En este momento yo tengo una paciente que está tan desesperada que tiene la intención de suicidarse. ¿Debería yo entonces respetarla tanto que debería decirle: está bien, es tu elección?

Tú deberías saber que tu amor, donde el amor significa: permitirle a ella ser completamente libre en su elección, puede llevarla a un punto de cambio.
La energía de querer cambiar y querer mostrar otro camino, de querer llevar a alguien a un cambio de pensamiento, siempre genera resistencia, siempre.
En efecto, tú entonces le dices a alguien: tú no estás bien en el camino en que estás. Yo te amo, realmente, pero…
La energía del amor incondicional, donde nada tiene que ser hecho y todo es permitido ser, puede de hecho invitar a alguien a tomar un paso hacia delante, a liberar un cierto temor.
Y entonces, respondiendo a tu pregunta, te digo: sí, libera.
Tú no te das cuenta que al liberar, estás dando mucho.
Tú no te liberas de la otra persona, sino de tus deseos, de tu esperanza, de tus ideas acerca de lo que está bien para el otro.
Lo que le das al otro al soltar estar cosas es algo asombroso.
Es amor.

Ejercicios de meditación

Previo a la canalización, dos ejercicios fueron hechos por Gerrit, a manera de introducir al tema de la canalización y como un medio para investigar alguno de los temas hablados a un nivel interior más profundo, no verbal.

Exercise 1

Siéntense o acuéstense en una posición confortable. Relajen los músculos de su cuerpo. Dirijan su conciencia a los músculos de sus hombros y cuello, y liberen toda la tensión que hay ahí. Hagan lo mismo con los músculos de su abdomen, de sus brazos y de sus piernas.
Luego presten atención a sus pies y sientan su conexión con la tierra. Sientan cómo la tierra los transporta y les da quietud cuando ustedes lo necesitan.
Hagan un par de inspiraciones lentas desde su abdomen.

Luego dejen que su conciencia vaya a un momento o período en su vida en el que se sintieron muy mal. ¿Qué situación surge primero? Vayan ahí. Piensen nuevamente en esa etapa, donde se sintieron realmente infelices y desesperados. Sientan otra vez cómo fue, cómo se sintieron por dentro en aquel tiempo.

Y luego vayan a la energía de la solución. Pregúntense en este momento: ¿cómo conseguí salir de eso? ¿Qué fue lo que más me ayudó? Puede ser algo que haya venido de alguien más, o simplemente desde su interior. ¿Cómo salieron de su punto más bajo? Nombren la energía que más los ayudó.

Luego dirijan su atención nuevamente a sus pies, a su respiración, y vengan totalmente de regreso al ahora.

Exercise 2

Siéntense o acuéstense en una posición confortable. Relajen los músculos de su cuerpo. Dirijan su conciencia a los músculos de los hombros y del cuello, y liberen toda la tensión que hay ahí. Hagan lo mismo con los músculos de su abdomen, de sus brazos y de sus piernas.
Luego presten atención a sus pies y sientan su conexión con la tierra. Sientan cómo la tierra los transporta y les da quietud cuando ustedes lo necesitan.
Hagan un par de inspiraciones lentas desde su abdomen.

Revoquen en su memoria a alguien de su entorno directo, alguien con quien ustedes estén encariñados y en quien ustedes estén muy interesados. Alguien cuyo bienestar esté realmente cerca de su corazón. Podría ser su pareja o hijo, o un colega o un amigo. Dejen que esa persona aparezca ante ustedes en su imaginación, y realmente admitan su presencia. Luego pregunten: “¿qué necesitas de mí?” o “¿cómo puedo ayudarte de la mejor manera?” Hagan esta pregunta, luego sólo escuchen. Escuchen lo que el otro les está diciendo o dejando que ustedes sientan. Sólo déjenlo venir a ustedes.

Luego dirijan su atención nuevamente a sus pies, a su respiración, y vengan totalmente de regreso al ahora.

El propósito de estos ejercicios es tomar conciencia de lo que es verdaderamente útil en una situación de crisis o dolor emocional. Esto puede ser bastante diferente de lo que podrían pensar que es útil (tanto para ustedes como para otro).

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