How to connect with your own Guide by Archangel Zaquiel

  • 2018

Greetings my dear ones I am Shakiel, we have talked a lot about the way in which the human being can awaken his gifts again. And today we come to talk specifically about how to connect with the guide that accompanies each human being in his life journey .

First we will talk about the function of these guides. They are the ones who deeply love that human being they accompany. They have passed their evolutionary process and now they can accompany the human being in their way of life.

Almost always the human being is not aware of his company, and only occasionally can he feel a hint of his presence. These accompanying guides have been named with different names depending on human culture. Many of you will know them as the guardian angel.

It is not an adequate definition because it distances the human being from its guide. He / she is not something distant or not very accessible and according to your religions the angels are. That is why we want to give some light and joy to these processes and normalize them in your consciousness.

We feel that some of you get angry, because you feel it is better to think of an angel, a winged person who has never been human and who flutters around you sometimes (laughs). It is a beautiful metaphor, and as such it is perfect, but only as a metaphorical image.

Did you know dear human being, that many of the guides that have been with you since your childhood are family?

The family is something large and extensive on my side, which is also yours. The family is the souls that reincarnate with you again and again, and when they take a break, those who have evolved most choose to return as accompanying guides for you, for a period of your life. They are no less than the winged angels that you have imagined, they are much more because they are family, friends, close and feel a deep and sincere love for you. You are undoubtedly in the best hands.

These accompanying guides will be with you from childhood, until your evolution is greater, at that moment a change is made and another guide appears, one that is more related to the vibration of that moment of your lives.

Then for a while you can feel that you have lost something and you don't know what. Notice nostalgia of someone you can't explain. That is the transition period between guides. You must not worry my dear human being, they continue to love you and continue their work from other planes.

Each moment of your life requires a different help, and that is why your guides are changing throughout life.

And now you are wondering how you could have a clearer awareness of your guide, and that is why today I have come to this place of connection. Communication with your guide will strengthen your confidence that you are a spiritual being, and not just material. It will also remind you that you come from other more subtle planes and that your stay here is limited, because you choose to return to your true home.

This connection will bring you more joy to live, a more life energy contribution. Then you will value more every moment you spend as an experience that helps you evolve in this material plane.

First we talk about the benefits because it is necessary that you can feel everything that can change your being and your life. Since growing that relationship with your guide will require time and effort on your part. At the beginning you will not notice it, you will strive but nothing will happen. Then you will feel cheated, you will reproach yourself for believing in these spiritual things that nobody sees. Yes, my dear friend, we already know that process and it is correct. If humanity were totally connected with its divinity, this school of life would be different, but you are on Earth, the place where the most advanced souls walk hand in hand with those who are still in their first steps. Where the deepest cruelty is neighbor of the most supportive love. That's the Earth and that's why you chose it as a place to take off your evolution.

On other occasions we have taken steps to learn to channel. Now we will explain the steps so you can connect with your companion guide.

The first will be appropriate and beneficial for you to establish a comfortable routine for you. Create a space of silence every day, or when you feel it is the best moment.

Let your mind release the images of the day, allow them to come out so there can be a space for communication with your guide.

You may need time simply to learn to empty your head of thoughts, images, feelings ... It's perfect, don't fear, you have all the time available to connect with your guide.

The impatience will invade you at times, it will be good for you to learn to calm her down, so that nothing speaks for you. When you get your mind, your past, your worries, and your projects to be silent, then you can start connecting with your guide.

Imagine that it is in your presence, sitting next to you, sending you much love. Keep a little time each day feeling that love, just let yourself be loved .

The frequency of your guide will help you further calm down, and begin to sort the thoughts in your head by giving them harmony.

Today's human being has a multitude of loop connections in his brain. It is similar to a virus that causes the systems to go around again and again, trapped in some parts of the brain.

With this exercise your brain will harmonize and you will have access to some new parts such as the pineal gland .

This gland makes it easy for you to connect with your dreams, visualization, imagination and intuition, which is partly necessary for communication with the other side.

When this process occurs, you will feel your mind much more liberated, open, attentive and relaxed. Then it is time to start communicating.

Start by sending your feeling of love to your accompanying guide . Remember that it is there for you.

Then when you feel comfortable with this process choose a question you want to solve, about something that interests you in your life. In that state of relaxation you send that question with your relaxed thinking.

Then every day he returns to the exercise of simply receiving love, without more.

One day, sooner or later, you will have the feeling that you already know the answer. It will be an internal sensation that something is in a concrete way, and your doubts will have dissipated.

This is the process, my dear human being, there will be more communications. For now it's perfect like that.

With love and devotion, your friend Shakiel

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