Heavenly White Beings: Your Thoughts of Peace and Bliss

  • 2018

Channeled by Natalie Glasson, November 16, 2018

Heavenly White Beings

We, the White Celestial Beings, bring you blessed and peaceful blessings. We want you to recognize bliss and peace within your being, which are power and access to the inner truth.

We embrace you with a blissful and peaceful energy from the heavenly levels, and we support you at every moment in your exploration of the presence of the Creator within you.

The Creator can arise through the expression of numerous qualities. The Creator is everything and yet nothing. There are many of the Creator's qualities to explore and reactivate within the being and yet everything can be recognized as a complete feeling, sensation or knowledge within the being .

Recognize that as an expression of the Creator they are everything and everything that is the Creator, besides being expansive, it is unknown and incomprehensible.

Begin to recognize yourself in meditation or in silence with that understanding that allows you to part with your current identity and reality, if only for a second, to recognize yourself in a new way. This process also allows you to expand your focus beyond the current thoughts and perceptions that seem so real to you, freeing yourself.

Happiness and peace always exist within your being, you could say that energies are the makeup of the soul. When you free yourself from the thoughts and perceptions connected to you and your reality, you come to rest in the space of peace and bliss.

The sacred presence of peace and bliss is able to expand to support and nurture them, allowing them to approach their reality with a new vision or understanding. In doing so, you are allowing the Creator to breathe through you and into your reality. In a sense you are giving energy and attention to the presence of bliss and peace within you that allows both energies to become alive and active.

To accept the presence of bliss and peace within your being is not to erase or eliminate all negative or limiting thoughts and perceptions about yourself, others and your reality.

Instead, it is to recognize and choose where to place your energy, attention and devotion .

If you are enjoying, energizing and empowering thoughts that limit and disempower you, then you will experience a reality that limits and disempowers you.

If you are directing your energy, focus and attention to the knowledge or belief that peace and bliss exist within you, then you will experience a reality where peace and bliss emerge and manifest .

Therefore, there is a need to choose the thoughts and perceptions about yourself, others, your reality and even the Creator that strengthen and support your existence of realization on Earth.

Imagine unwanted or limiting thoughts as habits, an automatic pattern. It can be difficult to erase an automatic pattern, as it often occurs without thinking. The first course of action is:

  • Be aware of your automatic patterns or your limiting thinking habits . Consciousness reduces the power of thought patterns and allows them to refrain from further affirming the limiting thought pattern.
  • Distraction disempowers even more thinking habits . When they put their focus elsewhere, they withdraw the power of thought habits. Each time they achieve this, they are disempowering the habit of thinking until it becomes impotent. The habit dissolves because they have stopped the energy that flows into the habit of thought. Because the mind no longer follows the path of the habit of thought, it simply does not exist anymore and therefore no longer bothers them with its presence.
  • Distraction can be anything of your choice . We White Celestial Beings encourage you to focus on the presence of peace and bliss within your being, however you can focus on anything you wish to experience within your reality. Your approach doesn't have to be the same every time and the focus doesn't have to be for a long time. It can be as fast and fleeting as the habit of becoming aware that they are entering the mind. In many ways thoughts are designed to flow through the mind. It is the act of changing the flow of their thought patterns that creates the space for them to focus on their interior, accessing the truth of their being and the presence of bliss and peace.

What you focus on, you become, and it appears in your reality as experiences and life.

  • Be aware of the space you are creating to recognize your inner truth. Allow yourself to be aware of the presence of the Creator within you, which becomes increasingly clear and available. This space may seem unusual or they may not even recognize it at first. Perhaps they will perceive that they feel relaxed or at ease. They will be able to recognize the presence of the Creator unfolding and occupying the space inside, since they can feel at peace and blessed. When you are able to feel this space within you, allow yourself to melt and seep into your energy and presence. In doing so, they further expand the space, balancing and aligning their entire being on all levels.

They may need practice to recognize the Creator's space within. Perhaps they have already been experiencing it for a while and now they are only bringing it to their full awareness and fulfillment.

The development space of the Creator within you can feel liberating, loving, gentle, powerful, truthful and transforming .

Getting used to energy will allow them to recognize it more easily in meditation and in daily life.

Recognize Peace and Bliss

Peace and bliss are sacred energies and expressions of the Creator that impact each person differently due to their circumstances, perspectives and thought processes. When you experience and recognize the presence of peace and bliss within being, it is important to put it into action within your being and reality.

There are two questions that you may wish to ask yourself:

  1. What does it mean to me to be the active presence of peace at this time?
  2. What does it mean to me to be the active presence of bliss at this time?

These two questions invite you to be in the present moment with the energy of peace and bliss within you, recognizing yourself as an embodiment of these sacred energies. They are also encouraged to recognize the impact of the energy of peace and bliss on their being and within their reality in each present moment they contemplate these questions. Observe how these sacred energies are expressed and put into action through you.

Take some time to contemplate one question at a time during meditation or in a moment of tranquility. As they become accustomed to experiencing energy, their flow and inspiration within and through their being, one or both questions can begin to be asked regularly throughout the day. Especially when they feel stuck, unbalanced, upset or confused.

These questions allow you to recognize that peace and bliss are already within your being, ready and available to support and guide you, you just have to focus on that energy.

We are present to support and inspire you always,

The White Celestial Beings

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TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Natalie Glasson (2018) Empowering Your Thoughts with Peace and Bliss by the Celestial White Beings. https://www.omna.org/empowering-your-thoughts-with-peace-and-bliss-by-the-celestial-white-beings/

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