Yeshua channeled by Pamela Kribbe: Incorporation

  • 2016

Dear friends:

I am very pleased to be with you and have my energy combined with yours.

You are radiant Beings of Light and you have no idea of ​​the strength and beauty that you show daily in your life. Even though sometimes the picture is dark and sometimes you feel exhausted trying to move forward in your life, you are always brave. You need to be aware of the incredible value and power that you show day after day; You continually bring more and more Light to Earth, only with your presence here. By anchoring in your body, you spread your Light on Earth; you are the Living Light on Earth; and your body is part of that incorporation.

You incarnated here with a purpose, with a deep intention; You are here for yourself, to flourish internally and to experience and deeply know each part of yourself. But you are here also for Earth, to inspire and nurture this Planet with your Angelic Light. Your body is composed of the same elements of the Earth and of the vegetable and animal kingdoms; That is what you share with them, you are not separated from the life around you.

By itself the body is wonderful; Consider all those cells in your body that know both their individual role and their joint work in a unified whole. They give expression to a higher power; and that higher power is you, the Soul that lives in your body . Your Soul is the one who inspires life and gives it to you. Thanks to the choice of your Soul, the body she has chosen for this life has come into existence, this body in particular with everything that gives you pleasure, as well as with all the painful and heavy.

Now we will take a look at this body; and we will feel the wonder of being incorporated, although it has not always been easy for you to experience this incorporation. And one of the reasons why it is difficult to experience the wonder and beauty of the body, is that your culture is the result of a tradition that has separated you from the body. In your culture it is not common to see the body as a living intelligence, as a field of consciousness with which the individual Soul is intimately connected. This vision of the body has not been taught for many reasons; and one of them comes from the time before Christ.

It began in the time of the Greeks, when a way of thinking emerged that you would not now describe as rational thinking. A way of looking at the World emerged in which the ego became the center, in which the ego sees itself as something different from what it perceives. Then nature; and with it the body, they slowly came to be seen as objects that exist independently of you; so the external to you could become your object of study; and this was the beginning of the development of science .

Subsequently, modern science emerged in the Western tradition of the 17th century ; and the dualism between the egoic consciousness and the world of the body and nature was further increased. A dualism emerged that saw matter more and more as lifeless, saw the body as a piece of clay; as if it were something that did not possess a living consciousness.

The emergence of medical science was possible only through objective study. It was thought that the Soul or the individuality of the person was something irrelevant; It was thought that it was not important because the body was seen as a material entity, the same in all people. This objective view of life makes it possible to classify types of diseases and invent medicines; a whole science can be developed from such a dualistic vision of the World. I do not say that this vision is wrong, only that in your culture it has become a tradition that still exists.

In today's times you can also see that tradition in a very different way in your cosmetics industry. Look how beauty is experienced in your culture, it has become something objective; There is a certain image of beauty that can be measured: Such and such dimensions are ideal for a female body or for a male body. The complexion, the texture of the skin and the facial features, even when they change over time, are always objectively evaluated as something outside of you, as something in which you owe It is based to make judgments.

Sickness and health are also judged in those terms ; if a body is sick, it must have something bad; and consequently it must be fixed; Here the body is seen as dead clay, or as a certain type of mechanism. So you are living in a dualistic tradition; and that which is most intimate to you, that in which you reside day after day, your body; It is no longer something with which you are connected naturally and intimately. You have been alienated from your body .

On Earth there were earlier times in which there was a quite different view. As seen through modern eyes, then people lived in a kind of mythical era in which they believed that all things were connected to all others. . You could talk to trees, animals and plants; and all those non-human creatures carrying something significant. There was a vitality that flowed through animals and trees and plants; and all were interconnected.

However, that naturalistic view also had disadvantages, because people who believed in it could sometimes fall prey to what we now call superstition and fear: Fear to the forces of nature and the gods that were hiding in and behind her. That was an earlier tradition; and science and the rational way of thinking that is the foundation of science, put an end to that tradition. Unfortunately, the objective scientific vision has led your culture and your perception of yourself to a denatured schizophrenic division.

Just think about how different the vision you can continuously experience from inside your body is: How does it feel inside? Are you hungry or thirsty? Do you feel relaxed or tense? Do you feel pleasure or pain? There is a constant internal feeling of what the body feels. From the opposite point of view you see and judge your body from the outside, according to what should be according to a body image that is perceived externally: What should the body be able to do? At what point of its development should it be? What should its appearance be?… Does it meet those external standards that have been imposed on you?

When you have a disease, you usually go to the doctor who represents the objective and scientific dualistic tradition . A doctor who can tell you what you have wrong, what medications are available; And that prognosis is made based on the type of symptoms you have. However, all this is done without you having made any connection to the energy field that is your body.

The doctor neither pays attention to that energy field nor connects with it; He simply looks at the symptoms and makes a diagnosis, then classifies them to determine where they fit in the larger image he has acquired, in order to take the necessary actions based on that knowledge. At the same time, your body keeps giving you signs that are unique to you, which sometimes do not fit into the general rules and ideas you get from outside, such as a doctor.

It is extremely important that you regain awareness of the body from the inside; and that you allow your body to be the criterion for actions related to it. If you are sick or have physical ailments, you must go inside; and from there find the basis to manage these ailments and these symptoms. Only later should you look at the outside World, in which something might serve you; such as a doctor, an opinion, or something you read.

However, these external contributions are only secondary. First is the internal connection with your body; and to do it, you must first have different beliefs from what your culture tells you. You must completely abandon the idea that the body is a mechanism, as a matter without consciousness. You must really believe that your body can be your guide; that can give you answers ; that in itself has a natural intelligence and wants to serve you; That is divinely inspired.

I want to ask you to take a moment to connect intimately with your body right now. You can do it by paying attention to your breathing, feeling how it flows through your chest to your abdomen; and then direct your attention to your feet . Focus your awareness on the soles of your feet and feel how they touch the ground. Feel not only the bones and skin of your feet, feel also the energy field that is in and around your feet; This energy field is not easily noticeable, but you can do it. You may feel a little tingling, or maybe something else, but anything you feel is useful.

Then look at your hands with the same attention; Imagine that your hands are full of awareness that becomes perceptible because of your attention. Let your consciousness go to the tips of your fingers; and feel that in your hands there is something more than mere material form. Feel a vital energy presence in your hands and around them; and maybe you also see or feel a soft glow.

Now I ask you to allow your attention and consciousness to spread throughout your body. But don't turn this into a great effort, this is not a mental exercise; It is to focus your attention on something that is already there. A living body is not something you have to acquire, it is not something you have to earn; just feel, from head to toe, the living field that already surrounds you; try to feel and perceive the whole of your energy field and your body as a living entity.

Imagine that this silent energy flow that is always there in your whole body, wants to tell you something. The first thing your body wants to tell you is that he is consciousness, the living Light that wants to serve you. Your body is there for you; it gives you the ability to express yourself; and would like to be at your service. And if you are suffering from pain or illness, then let's observe how that happens .

By itself the body always seeks balance, all the cells in your body are oriented towards that end: They work and build for balance. Even when you get older and your body loses vitality, all cells are focused on creating balance; it is possible to age in a very funny way, without a lot of pain and effort; This is possible from the body itself, even when the body has genetic loads. In your body there is such an incredibly powerful vital energy that it allows you to heal and balance, even when the imbalance has been extreme.

Have faith in your body's ability to balance and heal itself ; The forces of nature are very strong. Just look around you, the sea and the Sun; be certain that your body is built with the same living matter and with the same awareness of those natural elements. Just think of the ocean, feel the eternal swell and the inexhaustible renewal of that movement: The self-cleaning power. Or think of a great ancient oak that has witnessed everything: winds, rains, sunrises. Your body is also very strong because it is made of the same elements.

Now, it is true that a Human is a very complex Being; as Alma you have had a great deal of experiences in earthly reality, some of which have produced negative emotions; feelings of anxiety, sadness, pain, anger, as you call them. These emotions can act on the body; and over time the body becomes unbalanced; Emotions are also very powerful forces, their energies are very strong and can affect the body creating blockages in the energy level. However, the awareness of your body that I mentioned before serves you in this case because the consciousness of the body sees the Soul as its Master .

When the Soul is constantly experiencing anger or some other depressing emotion, eventually the body will absorb it in its consciousness and surrender to it, so to speak; Then emotions can take control of the body and express itself in the form of ailments or diseases. The body continues to do its best to restore the natural state of equilibrium, but if emotions permeate everything; and the person does not have the ability to feel and transform them, the result can be illness.

It is important that you realize that the origin of an illness is almost always emotional; the ones that create the greatest damage in the body are the emotions that you experience in life, the spiritual pain that you accumulate. And there are reasons why this is so, it is not that there is any external judgment about the emotion and your reaction to it, but it is important that you know your inner emotions so that the body can help you face them. By reconnecting with the natural consciousness of your body, which seeks balance, you can detect which emotions are depressing or blocking you.

I want to ask you to do just that right now. Before we connect with the living energy field of the body, that underlying current that is always there; and with the natural intelligence of the body. Now imagine that you also have an emotional body . In esoteric tradition, body consciousness has been called the Ethereal Body, while the emotional body has been called the Aura or astral body ; and it extends beyond your physical body.

Now let's imagine for a moment that around you there is an energy field composed of the energies of emotions and changing moods ; imagine that it leaves the body more or less 3 feet (91.44 centimeters). Try to keep the first impression of that body that comes to mind without thinking much about it ; because I'm going to ask you a few things about that field.

You are in the middle of that energy field: Is it peaceful or are there tensions in it? And if there are tensions: Where do you feel that you are Are they located in the energy field? Are they in front of you or behind you? Let your attention go to that place in your emotional body that you feel tense because of the pressures of the external events of your life; and simply allow it to exist; You don't need to try to fix it, just find out where it is.

Then bring your attention to a place of your calm and calm body; in your energy field find a place where you are at peace. Perhaps memories arise spontaneously from a time when you felt relaxed, or from a situation in which you felt joyful. Feel that energy for a moment.

Finally, imagine that you are a magnificent angel. You are behind you and envelop both your Aura and your emotional body, as well as your physical body and the etheric field it contains with your Light and its wings. The T - ngel embraces your whole Being with loving respect . And since this magnificent angel you are is full of wisdom, compassion and strength, you feel understood, loved and supported.

The incorporation of your Soul, which is your body, wants you to be well; strives for balance; and in a sense it is also your guide. And on the other hand there is the T - ngel that protects you and takes care of you; and that is there for you without conditions. This Angelic Being is your Higher Self, you are T . And in the middle of the 2 is your astral or emotional body, in which emotions can get stuck or blocked.

Try to accept it as it is now, let it be as it is now; and have respect for who you are; because among the Angels, you are among the brave. You have made this trip for yourself, but not only for yourself. You have come here descending into the deepest darkness; This is how convinced you are of the Light that has everything in the Cosmos, of the Light that infuses everything. The smallest branch and the smallest leaf of a tree, the smallest beetle and the tiny blade of grass, are imbued with living Light .

Feel that both the forces of Nature and the spiritual powers of Heaven are with you to support you on this path: The process of transforming heavy emotional states into Light, knowledge and understanding. You are not alone, we are next to you. And remember that your body is your friend, your ally; and together with the You-Angel, they want to help you flourish. Accept the truth: That you are brave, that you are mature, that you are a beautiful Being. Believe in your wealth and the treasures that are available to you; and you will discover your experience with a lighter heart and with relaxation in your body. There is healing for you ... Believe it!


TRANSLATION: Jairo Rodríguez R. Energy and Spiritual Consulting

AUTHOR: Pamela Kribbe


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