Sananda and the Flame of the Resurrection

  • 2018

Greetings, beloved earth beings, Sananda speaks to you.

I am the one who thought louder, who saw higher and who felt taller. I am here today to welcome you to your paradise, to the dimensionality of which you have always been a part. On this occasion I come to you with simple words, which you can see and feel inside; words that speak about the Greatness that dwells within all of you; that same Greatness whose only purpose is to grow and flourish until it reaches its maximum splendor.

The Resurrection Flame is currently working within the Earth, always at the service of Infinite Love and each of the possibilities, have you understood these words? I wish you to record them in your hearts, since for all those of you who manage to accept them all will be possible; and it is that within it is Life, which is not only adventure and creativity, but also exploration and joy, in addition, of eternity, abundance and unlimitedness.

Each of these phrases implies a greater awareness, energy and frequency, through which they can understand a little more about the beings they really are. That is why on this occasion, I want to invite you to relive again that potential that is within all of you, to allow the Eternity of your spiritual beings to resurrect within you . I also invite you to open your hearts to the universe of possibilities, where you will have access to joy, magic and enlightenment. It is quite easy, they just have to believe it, they just have to open their hearts consciously, believe it and welcome it in the same way that a little one would, that is, with total confidence. Let the phrases I have told you reason for you! Since they have in their hearts many fears, distorted beliefs and densities that keep them limited to this dimension.

You are Pure Energy, which develops, lives and acts within a universe of energy, do not hesitate!

I invite you to imagine that they are a great and shining sun, which illuminates everything around you and continues to grow over time; a sun capable of melting each of those false beliefs that do not allow them to get out of the illusion of the third dimension. You are Pure Energy, which develops, lives and acts within a universe of energy, do not hesitate! That is why I invite you to cultivate that reality in your interior, that you literally relive it and allow it to dwell within you, believing that everything is possible for beings of Pure divine energy, who are constantly growing, evolving and expanding within a world composed of energy in which everything is possible.

And today, my dear brothers, by working together we find ourselves reliving the " magic of possibilities " within your hearts; reliving the magic of adventure, joy and exploration. Isn't that the main purpose of his reincarnation within this density? fully explore the world of false beliefs, distortions, frequencies and density .

You are a vibrational frequency within an immense ocean filled with multiple vibratory frequencies; But before continuing, I must ask those questions that so much they want to get out of my mouth so that they reflect on a deeper level: Are they really satisfied by the vibrational frequency they experience in these times to be part of that ocean? Are they happy to be able to use their vibrational frequencies? Are you happy to experience the incarnation on this vibrational frequency?

Do you want to feel this vibrational frequency? Are they really satisfied?

Today I have good news, which is that you have the ability to change this vibrational frequency at will. You are works masters ; they are the beings that fully experience that universe of frequencies in which they inhabit; It is you who are able to change it, manipulate it and live it in a different way, filling it with joy, light, confidence and faith through the conscious choice you make by opening your hearts and allowing a world of possibilities to open before you.

They must be in harmony with those thoughts that are responsible for guiding their perception, those that guide them and open the door to new vibratory frequencies. In this way, they can become the masters of works that they really are ; Remember that each of you is a guardian of that vibrational frequency that you experience inside, which gives you life and power. It is up to you to choose the emotions, thoughts and vibrational frequencies that you want to use at this time to make changes and experience a real impact within your world.

I must confess that this consciousness had its origin about 2000 years ago, at the time I was walking around his world. It was then that I understood that I was the one who chose and agreed to experience one or another vibrational frequency, that I was the one who decided what I wanted to live and feel through the vibrational frequency that was inside me, within my personal universe. And that was when I decided to change, transform and transmute to live in a different way, since I was aware that all my choices had a great impact on every aspect of my life, as well as in the life of the beings that They were around me, since each of the existing beings are connected by a strong divine bond that is impossible to break. Remember that each one of you has the potential to make great changes within you and finally live Paradise within the third dimension; so if you want to seek the experimentation of those beings that belong to this dimension, we want to provide you with the extraordinary tool that the Resurrection Flame supposes.

A great Llama that not only knows them perfectly, but also has the opportunity to use it to end all the barriers they created

Even if they still don't know its vibrational frequency, it is inside, waiting for attention and full confidence in it. That frequency only wants you to believe in it and allow it to manifest through you, thanks to the force of Love. And I speak of Love, because the Resurrection Flame n consists mainly of a Flame of Love, which enlists the path they must follow to reach the expansion of Perfection and Beauty, a path through which they can reach creativity and from there, go directly to reconnect with yourself, recognizing their spiritual beauty and the connection that links them to the rest of the Universe.

The Resurrection Flame gives them the opportunity to appreciate the third dimension through their multidimensional eyes, having a multidimensional understanding of it; which allows them to know the role they have within the planet and within the entire Creation. And it gives them the possibility to understand and accept that they really are one with the Great Creative Source .

Now I say goodbye with love and blessings to all of you.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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