Message from Mother Mileila: The mission of life. Channeled by Fernanda Abundes

  • 2018

Welcome to this joyful moment of meeting all of you

Well, sometimes we think that certain days give us the guideline to consider that it is one more. Remember that we do not measure or live through what time tells us, by this I mean that the opportunity to transform realities is not based when an event completes a cycle, that is, a year but when there is the will to transform it.

I have said that one of the great circumstances that can move any reality is the will, the true will to be able to transform everything that we often consider as complex but what is really considered as complex in the life of definitions?

The life of the definitions is only based on all those who can contribute to it and in this sense I mean human minds, nothing is completely defined, in itself, no reality is defined nor could we call it as complex, it is we who We classify the circumstances as positive, negative, complex, simple and what we classify as everything that happens in our day to day.

When we talk about the arrival of an important day we should not consider it as the one we celebrate on a specific day, but the important day is the moment by moment, the day by day; to the extent that consciousness reaches each of our days, there is no situation that can wait for special events or precise events but simply at the will of when it has become aware that this can occur.

It is also important to speak that the important days are those that turn out to be important Beings; Everything that happens in our day to day is because in the end it is a collusion with our great and great conscience, let's say that everything we learn every day is a product of what we need to transform in order to reach another level of consciousness and when I speak from another level of consciousness I do not mean precisely a higher one but a precise one. There are certain events that occur in our day to day that make us turn our eyes towards certain situations that we have neglected or even inward that we must polish.

The constant of polishing the interior results through certain factors that make us detonate to be able to focus our attention on it, that is to say that all those beings that even gather in the same space, at the same time, with the same purpose, have been conspired to be able to reach this moment, let us even say that it is an agreement to be able to share a learning, even the learning that you can share with me as a Being that is not superior but that is in another plane.

This constant of learning and sharing makes us understand then that nothing is accidental and that everything happens for a something, that "for a something" we do not need to understand it from the beginning, let's say that our soul is transforming through its constancy and its consciousness, the reality and the meaning of this reality.

You all have something in common at this time, a precise tuning that makes you exist, that makes you share and that keeps you learning, this is a life mission . The missions of life are not those that are great plans and are described in something very precise, but the mission of life results at every moment.

I have said it, a life mission can turn out to smile to the one who suddenly came absorbed in his thought and that simple smile made that thought turn the other way, that is already a life mission. The mission of life is to exist and willingly share the reality that you constantly need to transform.

Message channeled by Fernanda Abundes ( ) Puebla, Mexico February 7, 2018.

Published by Geny Castell, editor of the great family of the

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