Energy health: benefits of Radion Therapy

  • 2018

Today we are going to enter the world of Radion Therapy . Within healing to improve energy health you can find many alternative therapies. Be that as it may, this has proven to be one of the most effective and that offers the best results for healing.

What is radionic therapy

Radion Therapy is an energy health treatment that controls and balances energy remotely by means of dynamic devices and radionic drugs, with the aim of healing physical, emotional diseases and blockages in human development.

Radionics are also used to balance the energy of animals, fields or geographic sites, such as houses, shops or offices.

This is a discipline that aims to cure diseases by restoring people's energy or vital frequency according to the theories of Albert Abrams, an American doctor who died in 1924.

Basis of Radionic Therapy

Albert Abrams was a very controversial doctor in his time, perhaps because of his revolutionary theories. In his time, many elements of the international scientific and medical community tried to discredit him.

But Abrams founded the bases of radionics, a discipline that continued with the work of Dr. Ruth Drown, an American chiropractic, and was later studied at De La Warr Laboratories in Oxford.

In 1960 Malcolm Raes brings new discoveries in radionics instrumentation and Dr. David Tansley institutes a new basis for the diagnosis and treatment of Radionic therapy based on the innovative theory of energy fields .

According to Albert Abrams, each person is surrounded by an electromagnetic field and the frequency of this energy is different in a healthy body than in a sick body. The imbalances of this energy field produce ailments, emotional imbalances, diseases and even death.

Radion Therapy attempts to detect and treat these imbalances to regenerate the frequency appropriate to a person's magnetic field. It is not a traditional medicine, but aims to cure at a distance using the energy patterns that represent medicines (homeopathic, plants, trace elements, stones, gems, salts, mantras, etc.).

Another difference of this treatment is that it not only helps to heal the physical problems of a person, but also the emotional, problems of couple, family, etc., animal health problems and also the energy blockages of the geographical location.

Benefits of Radiation Therapy

The experts in radiology affirm that the application of this therapy is very extensive, being possible to treat through it a great variety of health problems in humans, animals and also on Earth, for example, in the elimination of pests in crops.

Some of its benefits as human therapy are:

  • It supports the treatment of various diseases and health problems.
  • Promote the abilities of a person.
  • It helps to eliminate the obstacles that prevent personal improvement.
  • Harmonizes the couple, helps to treat sexual problems or infertility.
  • It helps to resolve family conflicts, improves communication in the family.

Radiation Therapy and Dowsing have some points in common, since both can detect at a distance the energy frequencies of a person or object.

Dowsing claims that these electromagnetic fields can be perceived and managed remotely, and for this reason you may encounter health problems or energy imbalances even when the symptoms have not yet occurred.

Now that you know this alternative therapy better, it is in your hands to take advantage of its benefits and advantages. If you think it may be the solution to your problems, do not hesitate to put yourself in the hands of an expert. Remember that your health always comes first .

Seen in In Good Hands, by Pedro, editor of the White Brotherhood

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