You see what others cannot: 8 Signs that you are highly sensitive to energy

  • 2017

Every day, more and more people realize that they fall into the category of people with empathy (compassion), highly sensitive to the energy and emotions of the environment ambient.

The empathetic person is a person who has the ability to capture the mental and emotional states of others. These people have high social intelligence and are very good at helping others solve their problems.

Being in a position to recognize that you are sensitive to energy is important, because we often think that what we are trying and feeling was originally created in us. What if some of our thoughts, emotions and feelings are from people who are in the same room with us, or from people who are close to us?

To avoid that, here is ...

8 common characteristics of empathic and energy sensitive people

1- Feel other people's emotions, even when they are not around

If you are an empathetic person, you can collect the energy field of others, even when they are not around you. They may be on the other side of the city or the country, but you can still pick up your emotions . For someone who is sensitive to energy, it is important to have the habit of asking: "Are they feeling mine?"

You can save yourself from a lot of suffering if you can recognize if you feel bad because of some other energy field or it is on your own.

2- You feel overwhelmed in crowded places

He prefers small crowds or being alone instead of being in a large group of people where he can take all the negativity of others over himself.

3- You know things, even if you don't have proof

You just "know" things, but you have no logical proof for that. In other words, you have a very strong intuition and you are able to interpret the things that gives you insight into things that other people cannot see. If you are sensitive to energy, you may be able to look at someone, and see if they are good or bad, and if they should be avoided.

Perhaps you have told your friends that you had a bad feeling about your partner and later learned that you had been cheated.

4- It is sensitive to light, sounds, smells and touches

He doesn't like bright lights and you have a keen sense of taste, touch and smell . Being empathetic means that your mind and body are connected and that by nature it makes you more sensitive to all energies in general, including electromagnetic energy and sensory information.

5- People tell you that you are too sensitive

The people around him tell him that he is too sensitive . You feel more, think more and experience feelings on a deeper level than most people.

6- You know when people are lying to you

You can read body language very well, you are also able to have the mental image of emotions and psychological states of others. When people lie to you, you can notice the change in your energy field and the tone of your voice. You know they know they are lying and you have a good idea of exactly what is happening in your energy field.

7- It is difficult for you to watch violence on television

From time to time you feel bad when you see violence on TVs or in movies, since you are a person who puts yourself in the position of others and often thinks what it would be like if you were experiencing something similar.

8- Instinctively avoid energy vampires

Avoid people and the relationship with people who are sucking your energy . Since you have had experiences with energy vampires in the past, you know how to identify them. His energy field is developing a kind of shield and instinctively prevents him from meeting them.

Remember that you are highly sensitive to energy, it is more than an energy sponge . You have power, will and choice. Don't be afraid to use that power and regain control of your energy field.

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