Adama's Message: Every night we transport ourselves to the Great Temple of the Almighty

  • 2017

It is the ideal moment! Can you feel dear beings of Light, can you feel how Perfection manifests at this moment? I speak to you, Adama, your brother, surrounded by that vibrant Perfection known in Telos, which I have brought with me to this world with the purpose of wrapping, touching and encouraging each of you.

All beings on Earth, you my beloved brothers and sisters, are direct children of the heavenly Light, who have dared to walk over the entire length of this world in order to bring to other human beings the torch that burns with The flame of love . The night before, while your physical bodies were resting, each of you was called to the Great Temple of the Almighty, a place that has known you since long before you decided to come to this world. Upon arriving at the temple, all of you were located in the middle of the circle that has the central chamber and remained there throughout the night, while your brothers and sisters in Telos, who are priests of the Most High, covered and cared for you in a really special way ; providing a very subtle care to the inner energy of their bodies at a sub-atomic level.

Surely they wonder why this is and the answer is very simple: Because they are ready for this! You are all prepared to awaken to the One Consciousness, to know the reality of Life that is inside each one of you, to understand the Power and Energy that is inside.

You are ready to be welcomed in the Upper Plane!

You all symbolize a completely unique and especially perfect vibrational frequency . Each of you symbolizes the course of life, which Life wishes to express through you hearts of light, in order to give you greater perfection, compassion, understanding and love while you are within this dimension; since being what they are, they are connected with each of the beings that make up the incarnated humanity within the Earth . For each one of you, there are billions of beings that are connected in perfect harmony with your heart, in the most truthful, honest and complete way you could imagine.

This is because all of you have an almighty heart within you, an omnipotent heart which symbolizes the True Life within your planet ; a heart that represents Life as the Source of everything imaginable that has been created within this world. Therefore, this Life guides you to your Perfection after having gone through a long learning process in each of the vibrational frequencies of separation and non-love.

In this way, it is permissible to say that all of you have done an excellent job with your feelings to be able to understand those frequencies of separation

Therefore, all of you are invited to make a firm decision, a decision that is not only magical but also absolute, since it gives you the opportunity to fully receive your Light; which means that in making this decision, they choose to love themselves unconditionally, knowing and accepting what they are, a Divine being who has incarnated in this world to experience the vibrational frequencies of division, separation, fear, doubt and not -love.

The divine perfection of your being must not only decide with determination to realign yourself with the vibration of Love, but you must also choose to realign it with your inner Light, so that both energies, Love and Light, will allow you to receive both Sacred Love and the Harmony that emanates from each of the memories, emotions and limitations, which has made them what they are and transformed them into beings of Light full of the purest Love . However, they must first accept and welcome the person they are now, that they accept their current glory, with virtues and " defects, " since the being they are now is the result of that great and powerful experience. of Love who have lived within this world full of separation frequencies.

All of you, dear hearts of Light, have within you the wisdom necessary to understand the incredible, magical and powerful superior reality that awaits you

You are all a portal through which you can exalt and welcome with much Love that reality that is now part of each one. In the same way, they have the possibility and ability to use that knowledge and wisdom, to bring to this world not only understanding, but also compassion, by opening their hearts and providing his Love to every being that is part of creation, to every being that does not know the great wisdom of Life, both in this and in the other Universes .

Then, I can say that each of you, the night before visiting the Temple of the Almighty and being located in the middle of the room, received all those energies that we have been talking about throughout our messages to humanity, energies that They seek to nourish the body of each of the beings that are part of God's people, from the greatest to the smallest. Therefore, you must understand that it is time to focus all your attention towards the Sacred Heart that is inside each one, with the purpose of opening it at the time of receiving in consciousness the reconnecting energies that will allow you to know the Truth and set aside the blindness of the false reality created by the fallen beings that inhabit this world.

Take the time to remain silent and feel these energies, focus on the Light that is within you and the spiritual awareness that you have about yourself. Upon receiving this message, my dear hearts of Light, understand that each of you is part of the Creative Source, that you have the ability to change the world you inhabit by transforming the frequencies around you and are free to experience and feel deep inside of you

You are the ones who generate all the energy that is within you by opening your heart to the Light and Love; you are the ones who generate the manifestations that you want to perceive and those that make you grow in yourself, since your heart is Sacred and gives life to everything that surrounds you and even awakens what is inside you and you do not know.

Dear brothers, the temple of the almighty in which you were the night before, has the name of each one of you, since the most high has the great conscience that allows him to know all his children in the most intimate and profound way. the creative source has created within the heart of each one of you a sacred temple in which the purest essence of the sacred and divine energy that is inside is preserved, that is why the temple of the almighty is named after each one of the beings that make up his people.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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