It is important that there is an equal relationship between men and women

  • 2017

Greetings terrestrial beings,

Hatshepsut speaks to them; I lived in Egypt for many years and for a short time I was a pharaoh, although I was a woman. However and for that to be possible, he had to make some changes and look like a man; In spite of that, I could not understand why women were not allowed to be the same as men and unfortunately, that is a thought that has been maintained over the years and even exists today in day.

Currently, women's energy is in motion, being something for which I feel greatly grateful

I must say that I do not underestimate men, since they turn out to be as necessary within the Universe as women are, however, there must be a relationship of equality between the two, where there is mutual respect and similar conditions for each.

Women must carry the masculine side inside them, just as men must wear the feminine side inside. The moment both parties are balanced, they have the opportunity to possess all their strength ; it is necessary to reach the balanced state they had at the beginning of their existence, since in this way they will be able to achieve everything they want.

I found myself in need of getting my masculine side to get where I wanted and after that, my feminine side had yielded, which is not really good, because an energy imbalance occurs.

The body requires a good energy balance to remain safe and healthy, since this energy flows around the chakras creating a constant flow

The most important organ that is responsible for balancing the body is the heart; when a person allows his masculine side to predominate more over the feminine, his heart is not balanced and the same happens when he allows the feminine side to dominate.

Balance is essential, so we invite you to consciously feel that part of your interior in which your imbalances are found, to try to fix them. In addition, by allowing themselves to reach their hearts, it will help them fix everything that is wrong . Your hearts will show you how to act in different situations.

On some occasions, it could be your feminine side that has to appear in order for you to be able to listen more to those around you, while also being able to use your intuitive abilities to a greater extent; while in other situations, it is their masculine side that has to manifest itself in order to defend themselves and begin to work their hearts so that they develop a greater intuitive capacity, through which they have the possibility of moving even mountains.

What I am telling you is very true, so much so that it has been constantly demonstrated throughout history. They always usually admire those people who manage to do great things while they are in this world, but many are not aware that these people were in balance with themselves, so they had great energy and determination that allowed them get that for which they came to Earth.

This is where humanity is heading and finally, there will be a relationship of equality between men and women, where both parties will be respected and honored in the same way. Upon reaching this equality, your planet will experience numerous wonders, which can be affirmed by many of you after having found your inner balance.

I thank you for being with me today, and I say goodbye with a lot of love.

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